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Devil's Vale, a story of Life and Death, Vanity and Conflicts, Relationship and Romance. ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇ Abigal, a handsome young boy got adopted by his classmate William Goshai's family because of an incident in school. Lizzy a caring mother got separated from her baby girl Heaven due to her husband Sandy's past mistake. So with the help of her genius brother Mete she made a robot which was exactly like Heaven in all and named it as Nevaeh (Reversed form of Heaven). •Do any accidental circumstance bring both Heaven and Nevaeh a chance to see each other?How will be the variation in situations if they meet each other? •And what happen if Heaven get a chance to know that Lizzy was her actual mother and not Sophia?How will be Sandy's family's reaction to it?¤ What will happen if Abigal get a chance to know that he was really a vamwolf (vampire-werewolf hybrid) because of a curse ? And the curse will completely affect him in his 30 th birthday? •How Heaven negate the birth curse of our Abigal by hiding her dark secret? Do they fall each other? •Does our Nevaeh get a chance to fall for our multi billionare William Goshai? How a robort can pair with a human? •Does William get a chance to know about his brother's curse? Do he help him to negate the curse by time travelling? Do fate has any hidden play in this four's lives? #family #brotherhood #Love #sci-fic #curse #rebirth #fighting spirit #Time Travelling

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keep going, author-nim~ if you have any socmed to keep up with your readers, please let me know. thank youu
2021-07-21 17:48:41
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🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭all of this time it was here n I thought it's on web novel . 🤧🤧sorry for starting late yet I'll read it . 👀hope u still remember me 😂
2021-01-29 00:30:21
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Muhsina Ashraf
l am not into vampires and werewolves.. but your's is awesome author. l feel like something pulling me into it like a magnet... Really loving this work???
2020-11-08 10:34:54
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this is interesting really... I hadn't been able to read this before..I guess I will read it better wishes Han????
2020-10-14 00:06:41
user avatar
Very intresting... nice story... please update more chapters??
2020-10-13 00:05:00
42 Chapters
The Glambour forest, also known as the Devil's vale was situated in the western part of Patasia continent with mysterious supernatural secrets. lt was the earlier meeting place of different nations but now everyone was scared to cross that place due to it's dark secrets. History saying that hosts, sightings of the reaper, wolf packs gathering, vampire hideaways–all present in this forest at one time. Popular rumour about the forest was the paranormal activities of the non human creatures of there.Once approximately in early twentieth century, a pregnant lady and her husband were trapped in this mysterious forest because of the broke off of their black classic british sports car. The man who got down from the car to check what happened had heavy coal-black mustache and he was in tweed suits with a smoking red and black wooden tobacco pipe. Where as the
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"Sandy..Sandy...!! What happened? Why are you not replying? Isn't Rose with you?", the phone which was fallen already made such voices...Sandy who was still for a moment was running now towards Rose, who is bathed in blood on the other side of the road. The street vendors and travelers were looked at him pitifully.Luckily there was no one there to capture that view with enthusiasm in the camera's eyes.When he reached near Rose she just opened her eyes abruptly and then closed it in the same speed with a long breath.With a trembling hand he checked her pulse in her wrist band...but unfortunately he didn't felt anything.The ambulance came suddenly because of someone's kindness. He took her 'the red Rose' in his hand and put into the stretcher with a extreme hope.The emergency doctor who came in ambulance checked her pulse, then opened her eyes with her han
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The atmosphere was calm and quiet like the other days. The school bell rang, "Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem!!!!"When it rang, the students and teachers started to show a hurry to go to their respective classes. The gates of the school were closed by a well dressed man so called  principal to remind the late comers to be punctual next time.A handsome attractive younger boy with solid orange mixed golden coloured eyes (Yeah! approximately we can say amber coloured - rarest type) with pale gloomy face was sitting in the gallery of school without minding the bell by thinking something deep. From his appearance one could say that he was about ten years old and his clothes were well stained due to some unknown fact.At the same moment, another handsome same aged young boy passed him in a hurry by looking into his watch. Eventhough the boy was handsome but not much as the earlier one. Like the former, his peculiar attractive
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A vague house was in background. The crickets were chirpping, the birds were twittering and some special type of foams are spreading in the atmosphere by polluting it. Lizzy who was sleeping suddenly woke up. But when looked into the surrounding, she understood she was not with Sandy but in a vague, unfamiliar mysterious home. ln this unwanted polluted environment she felt suffocated. Also she smelled an unclear lyrical music in the air. Suddenly she heard a call of "mom". She saw her Heaven standing there in a white frock with her innocent smile.When Lizzy saw her Heaven calling her by stretching her both little hands for a hug, she ran near her. When she reached close to her, she saw a large tough male hand with a red stoned ring in middle finger shutting her daughter's mouth and snatching her from her by giving a kick. She heard the roaring of him, 'Oh! my daughter Rose has returned to our worl
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 Sandy's mom started to read again and again the writings in that little baby white in pink colour t-shirt which they gifted her by holding it in her hand." HELLOGRANDMAWhere Are UAm Waiting."She then hugged it and asked, "Wow!! it true? Do you have baby? l can't believe it."He nodded his head with embarrassment."Thank you, my boy... For this big surprise. l always wished for this. By the way is it a girl or boy? How many month old?",exclaimed his mom.She stood from her seat and ran to the second room of Lizzy and Sandy's home."She is not here? Then? Oh, is she in that room?", asked his mom to him while hurriely walking to other room."Mom, relax. By the way how you confirm that she is a girl?? There is a chance for boy also", asked Sandy with curious."There is a chance. But l know she is a girl.
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▪︎□[][]After One Year Later[][]□▪︎The sky was dark, grey cloud covered and dull. The temperature was freezing cold with no snow.Lizzy was driving her old model car  hurriedly with a sad expression with a vacant mind especially like something bad has definitely happened to her.No Sandy and no Heaven was there beside her in the car. She was alone.She looked into the photo frame which was hanged in the front of the car.It was her little Heaven's photo...while driving she touched on it with her other hand and gave a flying kiss on it.Even though she was driving, her mind was somewhere. Really she was in out of control.There was no much people in road side. Usually there were joggers and walkers, lovers hand in hand, families having picnics etc..But today there were no...Did they understand Lizzy's mood and run away?Luckily, by the grace of
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Sandy was passing near Lizzy's room in his home. Although they had not been in contact for a year, he looked into her room as he always did.Today he felt something different when looked into the room. He secretly touch on the ring which he had kept as locket in his chain from past one year. Actually the ring was Lizzy's, the ring which he had given her on their wedding day. Lizzy had gave him that ring back on the day he gave Heaven to his brother without looking her feelings by pointing that it was all over in between them. After that she didn't tried to speak him or consider him as her husband. Though if they came accidently face to face and if Sandy open his mouth to speak anything she act as she didn't see him and went without giving a glance to him.So Sandy just looked to the room from outside and went to his room to took some office files."Uncle, do you se
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"Dad, l didn't do anything. My mom got angry again when l was just having fun with my uncle. Why pop she was doing like this. Am l her child?", the baby girl whose face was red like tomato asked innocently by crying to her father with a fear in her face."Hey, don't cry my little one. l 'm not angry my sweet heart. Come here my little lady", the man who was made a dispute with Sophia a while ago said to little Heaven by wiping her tears.Yeah! this man lsaac was our Sandy's elder brother and our late little Rose's father. He was a business man and almost fifty years old.lsaac took the child in his hand and hugged her. The child laid on his shoulder like an obedient one.He patted on her back and said, "it's okay! it's surely all become right one day my little lady."..Abigal and William were playing in the foot ball court.William asked Abigal with curious while playing, "Hey du
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"What happen Shyma? why are you in tension?", asked Sheethal.Sheethal, a predatory lady who was Shyma's neighbour for years. Her main hobby was always taking a closer look at Mete and Shyma 's house to find out what's going on there and in between them.  "Who told you am in tension?",asked Shyma in a tone which was variant from her usual by pretending she was normal while cutting vegetables for lunch ."No one said. But l saw", said Sheethal by increasing Shyma's curiosity."What you saw?", asked Shyma by widening her eyes with a fear."Were you both beaten yesterday?",asked Sheethal again."Nope",replied Shyma with a sigh."Then where Mete brother go in the midnight without changing his pyjamas?", asked Sheethal by raising her eyebrows."Huh! what?", asked Shyma and at the same time accidently she cut her finger instead of vegetable. Th
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10. ::::FLASHBACK 1::::
While driving Lizzy thought about her and Sandy's first date.▪︎▪︎▪︎☆●■Flashback■●☆▪︎▪︎▪︎Lizzy and Sandy was in a park.The park was nothing like those of the smaller towns. There were a good ambience for lovers and newly weds. Also there were miniature formal gardens for the elderly that had retired there for the quiet life. They had benches, ornamental trees, flowers year round and water fountains in clear lakes that were stocked with Koi carp. Both Sandy and Lizzy was sitting in a brown coloured mat under the tree in a corner. ln front of them there were different types of food items. Today both's facial expressions were strange and weird. Both peeped one other and from their style, we could say one was waiting another to start their conversation.There were an eerie green glow in the sky tooo.At last Lizzy gave a start with a vacant face, she
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