Chapter 153


I really shouldn't have involved Zane. I don't fucking know what I was thinking handing the phone to Zane, but damn if I had any resistance when it comes to this man then, I am fucking lying.

That's what this marriage is about, right? Honesty and devotion.

As much as I have my love to give Zane, I need him to know that I am honest. Oh, yeah! He could trust every version of me starting with the honest one.

"What are we going to do now?" I inquire my brows drawing upward in a frenzy manner.

A long breath was drawn and I stopped breathing, waiting for the other pair of slippers to fall.

"You need to act like everything is okay, London. This is nothing but a plot for that son of a bitch to have you in his claws again," Zane says.

If he thinks that is going to make me feel good, well, he has a long time coming.

"Oliver has the upper hand here, Zane. He has my brother. How would you feel if it were one of your brothers that was being held hostage right no
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Maria L Garcia
Great update! Keep up the good work and your story line is awesome. Writing is exceptional. Thumps up to you.

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