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What if your soul was in someone else's body? Will your feelings change too? Lee Umji, an editor and translator from Seoul, South Korean. She has a monotonous life that only goes to offices- apartments route. Static and boring. Suddenly, to her surprise, Lee Umji experienced a soul-to-body teleportation of Kim Hana, a rich woman who was in a coma for four years and living in New York. Kim Hana with all the complications in her life. This story is a fantasy type wrapped in romance and mystery. Will use two points of view. A. = POV 3 B. = POV 1 Are you ready to explore New York, Seoul and Tokyo, along with all the mysteries?

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Gift Odulesi
It's a good book. I only started reading it but it's nice. ?
2020-10-09 14:48:15
51 Chapters
A. SEOUL - 1
There was a sound of a keyboard being pressed, the paper printed from the printer and Park Jini's high heels. A twenty-five-year-old woman who was approaching Lee Umji's desk. A temporary translator and editor of the novel."What is wrong?" asked Lee Umji, fixing the glasses she was wearing.Park Jini frowned. "You didn't forget about tonight, did you?"Lee Umji took a deep breath. "I'm not in. I have a lot of work to take home," she said, glancing her eyes at the pile of foreign novels she needed to translate."Even though it's Mr. Ryeol's birthday today, delicious food will be served," Park Jini teased, glancing at Lee Umji, who didn't budge.As an ordinary employee. Your boss's birthday celebration will really help your stomach get good nutrition. Especially if the end of the month is like now.Lee Umji once again turned down Park Jini's offer. She really cannot and does not want
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I feel a strange thing with my body. Like something stuck to my face. My legs feel stiff even to move my toes. I try to open my eyes slowly, even though it feels heavy.
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A. SEOUL - 2
Lee Umji writhed in her sleep. It didn't take long for her eyes to open. She reached for her cell phone on the small bedside table. Check what time it is. “I woke up too soon,” she muttered, staring at the cell phone that indicated five in the morning. Usually Lee Umji will only wake up at six in the morning which will be followed by activities to prepare for the office. But she woke up an hour early. Lee Umji's head ached a little and her neck muscles were a little tense. She also did a little stretch follow by drinking a glass of water. She have plenty of time before leaving for work. Lee Umji decides to make kimchi fried rice instead of eating toast for breakfast as usual. When she finished making her breakfast menu, Umji decided to enjoy it while reading one of Mino's selected scripts yesterday. She decided to read the front of the script. Sort of like a prologue,
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I opened my eyes after feeling asleep for a long time. But I was shocked to realize that the room I was in was very different from before I fell asleep. I'm even sure that this room isn't the one in the hospital. But a room in a house. Is everything just a dream? This move, a completely different atmosphere. Suddenly the door opened. Bringing up the figure of Min Junho wearing casual clothes like never before seems formal. “Are you awake?”  Min Junho got closer and sat on the bed that I realized was twice as big as mine in the apartment. He smiled faintly then held my hand. I reflexively pulled my hand. Not used to being held. Maybe before that I was still confused, so he was free to hold it. “Get up, let's have breakfast.” Min Junho left to ignore the hand I just did. Meanwhile, I chose to follow his steps. I put on the fur-coated sandals tha
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A. SEOUL - 3
Lee Umji goes to the bookstore. She spends her weekend observing how the novel is currently trending. She also wanted to buy some books on the practical theory of her work. Wearing a long sleeve knit shirt and jeans. The summer air was hot enough. Makes the streets seem lonely with people who usually walk when the sun is rising like now. Not content just to the bookstore. Lee Umji also headed for one of the city government libraries. She only went there for a walk, because it would be difficult to find books, especially novels that were hot on the market. "Are you fluent in English?" Someone spoke to Lee Umji, who was standing reading a novel by Nicholas Sparks. Lee Umji turned to see a man wearing glasses with casual clothes plus a beanie covering his head. It looks very indie. "I am a translator," replied Lee Umji, bowing slightly politely. "What a coincide
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I woke up realizing the sun was shining. The bedroom window is open who knows who opened it. I looked at the clock that showed three o'clock in the afternoon. I was shocked and felt my head so heavy. "Am I sleeping too much?" I muttered. But the memory of Park Jini being drunk and being late asleep made me realize why I woke up for so long. I got from the bed to the bathroom to wash my face. Once finished and out, a woman wearing a formal suit is standing in my room. "Are you awake?" She asked with a smile. She also uses English with an accent that is usually used by fluent Korean people in Seoul. "Who are you?" "I am Miss's new secretary assigned by Mr. Min Junho on the orders of your father Miss." I smiled crookedly. Realizing that Kim Hana's life is so perfect. She has a husband who is rich, caring and handsome and now has a personal secretary.&nbs
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A. SEOUL - 4
"Lee Umji, WAKE UP!"Lee Umji opened her eyes and sat up spontaneously. She looked at Park Jini who was standing beside her. Meanwhile, she was still in bed."You went to bed too long to wake up too late.""It's because of whom I have to go out at night," replied Lee Umji going to the bathroom."Take a shower, I'll prepare breakfast."Lee Umji's head popped out of the door. "You're not coming home?"Park Jini rolled her eyes. "Later after breakfast. I'll send a message that I'll be late for the office."Park Jini made omelet, seaweed soup, fried chicken and prepared kimchi which she got from Les Umji's fridge.Lee Umji was fully clothed. Before heading to the dining table chair where Park Jini was already sitting there. She prepares the manuscripts that need to take her to the office. Put it beside the rice bowl. Afraid that she'll forget to bring i
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I opened my eyes. Immediately get up with a sitting position, still on the bed. I looked at the clock on the wall that showed seven in the morning. I took a deep breath. Even though the situation was like Kim Hana was getting used to me, it still didn't make sense and started to wonder why this was happening? I mean how come? I have a flashback that I went to the convenience store to buy preparations for my departure to Japan and then met Akira Jun. Then I go home and go to sleep. The door opened, distracting me and Yuna gave a brief bow before walking towards me. I almost forgot about her. "Are you awake? Get ready for breakfast." "I understand. Just wait outside." I immediately rushed to shower and get dressed. Every time I open Kim Hana's wardrobe, my eyes are always served by branded items that usually I can only see in magazines or a
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Lee Umji saw her suitcase being pulled by Ha Mino starting from the door of her same apartment to the elevator as it is now. Just as the sun rose two hours ago, suddenly she got a call from Ha Mino that men would pick her up to the airport together. Both? Not. When Lee Umji is in the parking lot, she sees a man getting out of Ha Mino's car. "This is my friend Kim Danso," said Ha Mino introducing a man named Kim Danso to Lee Umji. Kim Danso stretched out his hand. "I'll be your translator and arguably introduce interesting places in Japan." Lee Umji accepted his hand and smiling. "Lee Umji. Please you help." Ha Mino drove and Kim Danso sat beside him. Meanwhile, Lee Umji sat in the back. Lee Umji stared at the city of Seoul from behind the car window. For some reason every time she saw this city, there was always a strange feeling in her. As if she didn't stay
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I still remember the question Min Junho asked about Kim Hana, does that woman love him? Luckily at that time his phone rang, and he immediately rushed to the office. I went home with Yuna. Leaving my Rose 408 locker which is also my biggest question. I am now sitting enjoying lunch. Yuna told me that Min Junho had gone to the office early in the morning before I even got up. I assumed that I woke up early late, tired from the Seoul trip to Tokyo. But now I think I am in Kim Hana's body. "Today do I have a schedule?" That question seems to be my routine every time I meet Yuna. "Kim Yunsung invited Miss to come to his house, to be precise where you used to live," said Yuna. Right. All this time I only stayed at Min Junho's house as his wife. How was Kim Hana? Wouldn't all of that be answered if I visited Kim Yunsung's house. I immediately f
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