The Climax

A note from the author.

We have just reached the climax. Demon host has finally come to an end right here.

And I know there are so many things that have not been sorted out, so many mysteries to be solved. And you all have questions, which is why I am currently working on putting up the second part of this series "Demon's possession".

This book was originally meant to be a triology series but after much consideration, I finally decided to split the first part in two, which is now "Demon Host" and "Demon's possession" because it was getting longer than I had expected, in the process now making it a four book series.

I would be taking a little time off to focus on my other ongoing books till they're completed so updates on the second book might come up very slowly. I hope you all can understand.

In the meantime I have already published a draft of the Demon's possession here on GoodNovel so feel free to add it to your libra

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