CHAPTER THIRTY-TWO- A spiral of life.

"About?" I swallowed, not in anyway liking the intensity in the words that just fell off her lips.

Ming sighed deeply, looking around to see if anyone was looking in thier direction before lowering her head and whispering one word, one name, that had my brows going up and the extra mile. "Isabella."

"You know... The doctor?" She said.

"What about her?" 

" I can't really pinpoint it... But there's something up with her. " She looked like she was in deep thought, there was little wrinkle between her brows as she stared down at her fruit punch and spoke low tones. "While I was blanked... I saw something".

With those words, I sat upright now full-fledged, interested in what she was saying and so was Faye.

The way Ming's fingers shook when she said those words, ever so slightly i would have missed it if I was not trying to observe every bit of her movements and reactions,

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