CHAPTER THIRTY ONE- Her signature smile.

MY HANDS MOVED fluently on their own accord around the scrawny sketch pad now covered in scrambled up images. I had the picture in my head yet whenever I tried to put it down to paper it always came out so wrong.


I nearly screamed out of frustration at the remedy then I stopped for just a moment to take in my hand work. It was a rough sketch indeed. The darkened lines bind with the edges of her skin put me at an edge, it wasn't even real... Yet I was jolting. This is my doing, my work, my drawing, of a creature that had hunted my dreams for so long up till now.

The hollowness in the depths of it's eyes made my stomach clench. Knowing fully well that it was inside of me and it could probably see exactly what I was doing right then....or not.

I remember the empty look in it's eyes like I was staring at it live all over again. But I refused to be consumed by the thought, and just

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