My thoughts were all over the place, i wanted to open my mouth to say something but the words did not seem to want to fall off, and just like Faye could read my mind she quickly said,

"I'll go get it instead." But maybe that was just her way of quenching her curiosity and number one reason for coming here to begin with, but either ways I was somewhat grateful.

Letting out an audible sigh, I quickly looked through the two dresses lying in front of me and picked up the white one, pushed it on and as quickly as I could straighten my hair with a little touch of lip gloss to my dry lips. Not exactly the look i was opting for but it would have to do. I did not want to keep him waiting.

A pair of neon heals later, i was standing in the mirror again, zoning on my look. Even though i have been on numerous dates previously in my life before a part of me still felt a little nervous, maybe this would not turn out as well...

I shook the thought out of my mind, strapped my purse around my shoulder a
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Jennifer Glitz Kennedy
Why end like this!

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