Demoted To An Omega

Demoted To An Omega

By:  Honeybeehive  Completed
Language: English
15 ratings
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Prologue **EXCERPT FROM THE STORY** "As the new Alpha of vengeful eyed pack, I thereby pass my first judgment on Ciara Acacia Jones,You are therefore demoted to a omega." He said with so much hatred, anger and rage using his alpha tone. I felt my wolf, Tavia, whimper and cowered back in fear under his voice. ______________________________ Kill her.... Kill her... "Wait, can i see you privately?." I said to Alpha Xander. ____________________________ "No, you cannot mark her, I am your mate,,,What will happen to me if you mark her,"I said while crying. "You cannot do this to me, please!!!.." I said begging him. "I have to do it for my pack......our pack."He said before leaving. **** Being born an omega is different from being made an omega. Meet Ciara Acacia Jones,a beta's daughter who was demoted to an omega and was blamed because of a tragic incident that claimed lots of lives. Will she survive the pain? Will the truth be revealed? When she meets her mate, will he accept or reject her? Will, she ever finds happiness?-Does she deserve it? Find out in this thrilling story The Spin offs Alpha's Slut Mate (Leo and Rose Story) Mated To The Alpha Called Legend Is Now LIVE!! (Legend and Leticia's Story) CHECK IT OUT AND DROP YOUR REVIEW

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user avatar
Amazing story! Short but straight to the point! It will keep you on the edge, the end was great and overall a really highly recommended book!
2022-08-02 11:37:17
user avatar
It was a good book, a little fast paced, but good.
2022-01-02 15:25:18
default avatar
So far good story.
2021-12-01 11:23:40
user avatar
Princess Galaxiana
this book is lit. interesting and fast paced. ride on honey
2021-11-08 07:47:41
user avatar
Kim Kèlǐsīdì Nà
nicely written
2021-10-29 21:20:02
user avatar
Lordyap Yap
so far so good...though a little bit dragging
2021-10-29 18:03:50
user avatar
This is my first ever written book so please expect errors and some pacing in it. thank you for giving my book a chance really appreciate it......
2021-10-29 15:01:01
user avatar
Dawn Marie Meece
I can’t wait for more chapters to this book. It’s really getting good. I hope it’s updated really soon.
2021-10-22 13:19:53
default avatar
It’s a good story. However, the grammatical errors detract a lot and can make it confusing to follow along. I hope you get a chance to edit it.
2022-01-11 08:21:11
user avatar
Melissa Wilson
The book is interesting, but it does seem to be dragging. I hope there's some justice for our main character.
2021-10-25 00:02:41
default avatar
The story line is kind of all over the place for the second half. Lots of loose ends. The writing is okay, with a good editor it would be much better. The imagination is there, just needs some refining.
2022-03-20 09:19:05
user avatar
Shaina Reynolds
It's a good story; at times, the storyline was hard to follow, but all in all, I liked it.
2022-01-19 08:36:43
user avatar
Lisa Schmidt
the ending of the book was a little lack luster went by really fast without much depth but the book was a pleasant read
2021-10-29 05:50:54
default avatar
I must not be reading the same story as everyone else. It wasn’t terrible, but with SO many errors it was a really hard read. I understand the authors first language isn’t English so the translation was off in certain places and you have to guess at the interpretation. There were several plot gaps.
2022-03-23 11:15:25
default avatar
The last few chapters were so bad it was hard to read and follow. The book stayed strong and then just fell flat…
2021-10-29 06:19:48
128 Chapters
Chapter One
** CIARA'S POV** Hey… kick… will… punch… you… slap… get… kick… up.I was woken up by the severe pain from the beating of the pack members. They saw that I already woken up and yet they decided to keep beating me until I began to see black dots… I fell unconscious again.**I opened my eyes sharply immediately I felt the sting of hot water on the injuries on my body. I opened them to see a pair of green eyes piercing into my blue eyes as if they were trying to find something in it. I instantly knew who those pair of eyes belonged to ; Beta Lucas, I saw him holding a bucket in his hands.‘Wait, how did I get here?’I was at my house, well, more of a small room.The pack members must have brought me to the pack house but where are they now?.‘None of my business'I rose up to my feet quickly knowing I would receive another round of beating if I was not quick and then I met  anger written all over the Alpha Xander's face.‘Ah!, I’m in so m
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Chapter Two
**CIARA'S POV**After I stopped by the lake, I looked at my reflection in the lake. I shifted in to my human form and bent down then I started crying.10 years of being bullied... 10 years of bearing pain and insults... 10 years of being misunderstood... 10 years of striving to survive... 10 years of being in pain.I wonder why I am still alive. After several beating from the pack members, not just only them but  became an object for training for the pack warriors.The feeling of being hated, neglected and being in bondage , or rather captivity.Run away... I have considered that several times but I just could not leave. I mean if I leave here, I turn rogue." Urgh! Never" I spat.I cried, shouted, screamed and yelled. When there were no more tears to shed, I stood up sluggishly and wore my almost torn clothes, they were dirty but who cares. I sighed.As I was walking, I started remembering the hurtful past event that I did no
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Chapter Three
**CIARA'S POV**As we got to the class, I dropped their bags and went to sit at the far end of the class because that is where I was told to always sit.Not minding the stares from my classmates, I settled down and brought out a notebook. The teacher came in and taught. I had two more classes then I left to prepare for Nicole's homecoming party.As I was leaving, it started raining and I did not have an umbrella or money to board a cab. I walked home under the rain despite being drenched by it. Well, unfortunately for me, I caught a cold. Then I remembered that I have to prepare for Alpha Xander's younger sister, Nicole, homecoming party. I jerked up disregarding the pain I was feeling immediately. I sneezed and rubbed my nose then I headed for the packhouse. I started preparing for the party which will be held tonight.After I was done with the cleaning, I helped the decorators, I washed and cleaned the wine cups and bottles.*The party already starte
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Chapter Four
**NICOLE'S POV**My eyes stared in to the crowd searching for my brother. Well, I caught the beta, Lucas, kissing a lady. Awww.I kind of mind linked him, he turned and narrowed his eyes trying to locate me and then he finally saw me. I smiled and he returned with a little smile of his. He started coming towards me with the lady."Good day." I said."How was your journey?" He asked."Fine." I said.I introduced him to my friends and he introduced me to the lady. I found out that she was his mate."Where is my brother?" I asked him."He is on his way here." He replied"Alright." I said."Enjoy the party girls." He said before leaving us.**XANDER'S POV** "Where is my sister?" I asked Lucas."Over there." He replied pointing to the direction. I went over there and met her with her friends, a smile crept on my lips. As I got there, she saw me and ran to jump on me. I was quick to catch her."My
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Chapter Five
**CIARA'S POV**Waking up this morning, I was not feeling well. Like I was having this weird feeling in my guts. I shrugged it off and went into the bathroom."Oh moon goddess, make this day trouble free day for me." I said joining my two hands together and closing my eyes.After I was done with my dressing, I carried my little school bag. I remember it was given to me by a pack member, he wanted to put it into the trash can but then he kind of remembered that there was an omega that could use the trash instead, I collected it since I did not have a choice.After preparing breakfast, I left the pack house and headed for school. On getting to school, i met a lots of students, some were chatting while some were reading, sometimes i wished we had not gone for that picnic, i wished i had not agreed to persuade the Alpha. I wished i could be with my friends just the way everyone is, have best friend , hang out with your male friends, go to night clubs an
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Chapter Six
**CIARA'S POV**"Oh, i am so dead." I said to myself while running home.As i got home, i was so scared. I heard Xander's voice and at that moment I knew my death day already arrived, finally. I could feel his Alpha energy radiating from afar. I was shivering from the inside because of fear.But why should be afraid since it like a wish come true?I am finally going to meet my parents. I smiled a little.He broke down the door and came in, I curler up into a ball and shuddered."I warned you, didn't i?" He shouted at me."I told you to stay away from her, didn't i?" He yelled at me."If anything happens to my sister, i swear on my parents grave, I'm gonna kill you." He said.After he was done, he left then i saw a guard come drag me to the dungeon.On getting there, I saw Xander with a whip that has sharp edges. The guard threw me inside the dungeons, i felt flat on my tummy. Ouch!The lashes of the w
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Chapter Seven
**XANDER'S POV**"I never knew you went through something like that." Eunice said and smiled pitifully at me."It is okay, I have been facing it, that is why i must protect Nicole at all cost." I said. I have been fighting an inner battle with Killian. He wants to mark his mate but I don't want to force her."I want to mark you." Killian said after pulling the last string and finally won.She was taken aback by his husky voice."What was that?" She asked. I cannot reply her because our handsome gentleman, Killian, is attending to her.“Hi, I am Killian and I am his wolf." He said and smiled at her.Dummy! I scoffed."Ohh, hi." She said shyly. She calmed down a bit but I could sense her nervousness."Should we go for a run?" He asked after a while."Run?" She asked."Yeah, run in the woods, you know." He said with a smile. Gosh my wolf has been whipped which is now affecting me."Okay, how
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Chapter Eight
**CIARA'S POV**"How will I get these injuries treated?" I thought painfully. No one wants to associate with me like I am some plague. I could not cry. That is if there are more tears in my eyes. I chuckled bitterly.I carried myself into my bathroom and had a cold bath on my colored injuries. Ouch! It hurts. I could not take the pain from the cold. I wore my clothes and was about stepping into the room, my vision suddenly became blurry. Before you know it, I blacked out....*****************I found myself in the most beautiful place I have ever seen. A place with a beautiful waterfall with different colorful flowers and tall trees, the beautiful view of a rainbow during sunset, beautiful butterflies moving around freely and giving it a unique kind of peace. Then a butterfly came to my side, as I wanted to take it into my hand, it flew away. I started following it, trying to get to perch on my index finger but it kept moving away. Then it stopp
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Chapter Nine
**NICOLE'S POV**"Wakey, wakey." I heard Eunice call out from my deep sleep.I opened my eyes slowly."Sleepyhead." She said as she opened some package of food she had brought for me."I brought you some food." She said as she begin to serve it into a plate for me."You are quite happy this morning." I said and smiled.She smiled. I looked around and saw my brother also."Oh brother, never knew you were here." I said.He smiled."Ugh, looks like they've already reconciled." I thought."No longer fighting, huh?" I asked and raised an eyebrow.Xander went closer to Eunice and gave a small peck on her cheek."What does it look like?" He asked and smirked.Wait, did i just see something on Eunice's neck?"How are you feeling?" Xander asked."I am fine." I said, still looking at her neck. She noticed it and covered it. A shade of pink appearing on her cheek.I moved my hands to her neck, i removed her hands t
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Chapter Ten
**XANDER'S POV**I finally marked her. My mark looked so beautiful on her neck."So beautiful, MINE." I said, pulling her close to me."MINE." I repeated again putting my head in crook of her neck. I licked it while she shuddered and moaned.If she was a werewolf, i would have been carrying her mark, but since she is a human, i still have visible love hickeys that she planted me during our sensual love making."So are you ready for your Luna ceremony?" I asked her."Yes." She said, almost immediately."Alright... Let's prepare for it." I said. Then i kissed her.**CIARA'S POV**Beep... Beep... Beep...The sound of the machine beside me slightly brought me out of my state of unconsciousness.I opened my eyes a little but closed it back sharply due to the bright light of the room. I tried opening it again slowly.... Ever slowly until i finally opened it completely. I looked around me, i was still on the hospital but i was no longe
Read more Protection Status