Diary of a Billionaire's son

Diary of a Billionaire's son

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Johnson's family is one of the richest leading personalities, in the entire country. Terrence, an heir of more than twenty companies in the said family, is popular in the entertainment industry. His luxurious life attracts everyone, that men felt jealousy over him. No one knows his inner attitudes regardless of fans' expectations, until then, assistant Jirah comes along in his way. Jirah, who came from a middle-class race, also adores him deeply, changes the man's perceptions and lifestyles as well. They become partners in many aspects, a dog-cat relationship. Likewise, there are few instances that the two hated each other because of misunderstandings. Conflict happens when a video controversy spreads throughout social media that the celebrity's reputation is suddenly ruined. Jirah has a lot of insultments and rejections received from the guy but who knows, after all, Will Terrence's dumbness turns him to realize his admiration for Jirah? Do they have a happy ending? Destiny will decide for them all.

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nice story
2023-10-11 12:09:02
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McMoon Ate_Destiny
i added this on my lib, because i think it's gonna hit soon!...
2021-08-26 15:04:49
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this is a good story
2021-08-15 10:39:05
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more chapter, please...
2021-08-11 22:20:48
62 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Grandma, can you read me these words written in Daddy's diary?" asks a boy who is silently turning the pages of a book he is holding. "Okay dear, sit properly and I'll read you a story in that diary," an old woman says while wearing eyeglasses.     Once upon a time, there was a boy named Terrence. He was raised by a wealthy family surnamed Johnson. His parents owned more than twenty companies all over the world. Tall, handsome, having a white complexion, smart and talented were the big shots perfectly endowed by God to him. Aside from that, Terrence's chinito eyes seemed to be his best asset. At the age of ten, he usually engaged in acting and performing arts on stage. His mother spent him in workshops every day until school ended. Although he attended all of those activities related to the art
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Chapter 2
"Congratulations," is a word Terrence repeatedly heard from staff and brand owners he endorses. After attending a conference about the endorsement, the selection of the cast for his upcoming movie was scheduled.     "Randy, how much time is allotted for this audition?" he inquired of the assistant while pointing his finger at the scheduled plan book."   Just an hour sir," an assistant answered.    The actor thought for a while in the allotted time how he would manage, before requesting the assistant to pick up his spare clothes.  
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Chapter 3.1
"Jirah? Where are you?" asked her mother. "I'm with Gwen, mom," she answered. "Okay, go home now. We have something to tell you about your dad." She was suddenly nervous about what her mother had said. In previous times, her mother would only call when she was ordered to do something, or to buy her fruit, but in that case, she felt differently. "O-okay, mom," she replied. Jirah w
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Chapter 3.2
In the morning, Jirah woke up early to cook breakfast and to prepare the stuff she needed for the reunion. She had compiled Terrence's pictures on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media accounts. It was tiring for her, but still, she managed to make an effort for the man she adored most.All her doings at that time caught the attention of her parents' eyes. They even said to her, "Jirah dear, why are you so obsessed with this actor?" her mother asked.She just smiled and answered, "Mom, It's part of growing up. He's my idol and that's all." Her father asked, in addition, "Did he appreciate you if he saw that banner?" Jirah smiled again and answered, "Dad, even if he can't see this, I know he will appreciate his fan's efforts
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Chapter 4.1
"Terrence," she called him.  "I'm sorry, I don't know... I'm just focused on my banner," she added. The actor moved toward her with their faces very close, and he whispered to her, "You're great at acting. Keep it up."Jirah giggled more about what he said to her. Even though she didn’t understand what the actor meant, her face still blushed as they both stared at each other. The young woman could not control her nervousness about the person in front of her, so she lowered her gaze to the man."What do you mean? I'm acting?" she said to him in a loud voice. "No, I'm not," she softened her tone, as well as she saw that the actor's gaze was still fixed on her. The man just smiled and was about to speak to her, but someone called and his phone rang."You're so beautiful in my eyes, my love," Terrence's phone ringtone. Jirah quivered, even more, when he heard the song because they were both set to the same call ringtone. Then, t
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Chapter 4.2
Then the young woman reacted absentmindedly and said, "A loaf of bread and a bottle of water."The second time around, Jirah got the correct answer. She was just guessing based on her past life with the little boy, but fortunately, the coincidence told her that something strange was about to happen. Until then, the actor was amazed at her and decided to throw the last question for confirmation of his suspicions."The last one... What is the name of my childhood best friend?"Everyone was intrigued by the actor's hidden secrets, but no one could bear to answer correctly. At that time, Jirah made many guesses, but all of them were rejected.A second later, the actor just stood up and returned the floor to the emcee without revealing the last question's answer. He left the crowd with no clue about every mind's inquiries that brought them to spread the issue.Jirah, on the other hand, was also disappointed in her idol because she didn't answer the last
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Chapter 5.1
"Aaliyah, you're here, " a staff member called the newly arrived actress. Actor Terrence immediately saw the woman standing in front of him while talking to the director, so he asked one of the staff. "Is she the new one I can work with, in the movie, Jes?" "Yes, you don't know?" he replied. "Definitely no. That girl is even more modest than a turtle if she moves," the actor bucked. Terrence doesn't like Aaliyah because when it comes to women, he would find an alibi, so  that his love team would not continue to work with him. But, the woman appeared to him as a famous actress, so she had no more whining about it. Aaliyah is the daughter of a veteran actor on the JCI TV network. At the age of thirteen, she applied for an audition and took the lead role in the film, "The good daughter." She followed in her father's footsteps to become popular not only in beauty but also in all aspects whether a
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Chapter 5.2
"How could you be so naughty, hah?"  While he pointed his finger to the assistant. "What's wrong with me boss?" she asked with no idea why her boss got mad at her. Later, Mangxie came along as he heard a loud yell from the actor. "Boss, I'll talk to her first," Mangxie whispered to the woman to come for a talk. The boss got so irritated that made him go outside the office to calm himself on the rooftop. As the two remained in the room, they communicated wholeheartedly and listened to each other's advice. "Jirah, I think you have no idea why our boss annoyed you. Listen, as I had told you yesterday, you must do your job nicely and please set aside your issues with him, it doesn't help your job. If you want this job, try to hold on and just do your duty." "But I'm trying..." Jirah insisted. "Look, I know your deep understanding about him was, he's reciprocal when it come
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Chapter 6
"Boooooss!"Jirah's scream startled them all. At the same time, as she shouted out loud, she immediately rescued Terrence. The cord tied to the actor's back was broken, so he fell and, fortunately, Jirah's body became his landing mat. The entire team immediately acted on the accident. They first rescued the actor from lying down, followed by his assistant, who saved his life. The impact of the actor's downfall was strong, so Jirah could hardly move because all the forces of his boss fell on her. As Mangxie sat Terrence down, he couldn't help but ask his assistant. "Mangz, how is Jirah?""I haven't checked her yet. She was unconscious when they put her in the tent.""Do you think she's okay?""Hmm... maybe yes, maybe no. You fell hard on her back, so she lost consciousness."The actor was obviously worried, but his heart was still hard-hearted. Even though his body was able to walk and look at Jirah's con
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Chapter 7.1
"You're so beautiful, my love," Jirah's phone ringtone sounded.  The assistant woke up to the sound of her phone ringtone after taking a short nap. She immediately looked at the number of who had called her and, to her surprise, her boss had already made fifteen missed calls, whereas Mangxie had only made five missed calls. She could not answer their calls because she had just slept in the canteen. She was exhausted after cleaning Terrence's entire office. She wasn't used to doing those things because her mother didn't normally let her help with household duties in their home. After reading the text message from her gay friend, she hurried to the place where the taping session for the movie was held. She almost gasped when she presented herself to the actor. "I'm sorry, boss. It's too late for me. I forgot to look at the clock and fell asleep in the canteen," she stated.  "Jirah, what's the matter with yo
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