Dirty Little Secrets

Dirty Little Secrets

By:  Ivan  Completed
Language: English
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Where she’s been for the last two and half years was a mystery, and so was the reason she left in the first place. Now, though, she’s back in their hometown of Santa Monica, California, even if it means facing the boy(Conor) she fell in love with and revealing the reason she left. Conor has questions, and when his broken heart and her guilty one collide. Only one thing is certain: Chloe’s daughter will change everything

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I love love all of your books, but this one was truly amazing. Keep up the good work!!!
2023-10-04 08:29:51
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Jennifer East
I really enjoyed this book any update on the next series?
2023-01-26 12:19:18
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love the characters. couldn't put it down
2022-12-06 03:25:31
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are you enjoying the book
2022-11-11 11:40:28
130 Chapters
“Ouch! Shit!”I jumped back from the car and flapped my hand around. My finger stung like hell—and when I looked at it, I saw why. My nail had broken lifting a suitcase. Just another reason why coming back to Santa Monica was a mistake. If I’d stayed in Charlotte, at least all ten of my nails would still be intact.I sucked on my finger to soothe the sting and glanced through the back window of the car. Milka was still asleep, thankfully. If she was awake and caught me cussing there, she’d be shouting, “Mama! Bad!” and following it up with a few excited rounds of the bad word.I breathed a sigh of relief and moved back to the trunk. I gave the offending suitcase one last tug and it flied out of the car. The gravel crunched as it hit the floor, and I jumped to the side. I pulled the envelope the lawyer gave me out of the glove box and dug for the key. I found it hiding between the creased papers, and with another glance at Mila in the backseat, I walked to the front door.I hesitated,
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“Dadddddyyyyy!” Milka clapped her hands.I turned around sharply. She pulled herself up on the TV stand and stared at the screen like a lovesick teenager. But my heart was thumping double time, my palms almost sweating. It took a few beats of the music to realize it was just Dirty J(Conor’s) latest song on MTV and not the man himself walking through the door.I forced a laugh at myself. Shit, I had been back in Santa Clarita for ten minutes, and I was already thinking James Conor would burst my door down for the daughter he didn’t even know existed.I ran my fingers through my hair. Crap.My stomach twisted with the same guilt I had carried around for nearly two and a half years—the guilt of keeping her away.Milka shrieked when Conor’s face filled the screen. He was smiling, his voice crooning through the speakers and sending wave after wave of tremors through my body. The way it always had. He was living the dream, his dream. I could never take that from him.I knew what I did was f
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She tucked her ombré hair behind her ear. “You told Tina she wasn’t.”“I didn’t tell Tina a damn thing.” I opened my car door and got in, starting it before she could speak again.There was no way I could hold a conversation with her and not want to break down. I knew I wouldn’t get away with this trip to Santa Monica unscathed—but I thought I might be able to make it longer than a few hours without seeing the girl I spent my life attached to, my best friend.Without seeing his family. Milka’s family.I drove out of the parking lot and towards the house. I couldn’t think of it as mine yet. I didn’t know what I was doing with it yet. If I could move it to Charlotte, it would be perfect. . . . But I couldn’t. The house was here, and . . .I shook my head. I was not doing this today. There was plenty of time to make that decision. Right now, I had to focus on getting through today. On getting through this fucked-up situation I caused.I killed the engine in the driveway and got out as Le
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“How the fuck are we going to get home without being stripped naked by local fangirls?” Titus shoved his phone in my face. “It’s a motherfucking mob!”I focused on the image on the screen. “Who sent you that?”“Leah. Said she’s never seen them so bad.”“Must be after you, bro,” I muttered, pushing his phone away.“Shit, Conor. I can take pussy, but not that much pussy. Well, not in one go, at least.” He smirked at me.“We’ll just go through the woods,” Carl shouted from the other end of the bus. “Get them to park behind Chloe’s old place, and we’ll cut through.”I swallowed the bitterness at the mention of Chloe’s name. Obviously, though, I don’t hide it too well, because Titus nudged me in the ribs.“Still brokenhearted, baby brother?”I clenched my jaw. “She disappeared without a fuckin’ word. It’s been two and half years. She ain’t my favorite person, but I’m not heartbroke.”He laughed. “I’m messin’ with ya, man. Shit, doesn’t take a genius to see that you’re still hung up on her.
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I trudged forward with the knowledge she was really never coming back. That she was staying wherever the hell she was, and I’ll probably never find her again no matter how hard I try.She was gone. I should have accepted that two and a half years ago, but every time I came home I half-hoped she’ll be here, like a sad fucking kid hoping his lost dog would be home when he gets back from school.Home came into view with the gentle sound of waves crashing. Salty air overcame woodland as we moved closer to the sprawling property, expanded after we “made it.” I picked up the pace. Getting to the place I loved in this fucking town I hated was my priority. Being around my crazy-as-fuck family.Leah was waiting on the back porch, and the second she saw us, she jumped and clapped her hands over her mouth so she didn’t shout out. I guess she got the memo about the back-way homecoming, too.She hugged us, one by one, her hold on me lingering longer than on the others. The babies of the family, we
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“Crap. Crap crap crap crap!”I leaned against Milka’s closed bedroom door and slid down it until my butt hit the floor and I was hugging my knees. My hands were trembling harder than they ever had before.Seeing him there, in front of me, had shaken me right to my core. He looked exactly like a memory come to life, only better. Hotter. Sexier. Infinitely more . . . Conor.His hair was still messy, his eyes still startlingly blue. They still betrayed every emotion he hid in his words, and I saw them all. Shock, bitterness, disbelief, anger, hurt. Each one flickered in and out of his gaze until he heard Milka and shock took over.But it was his jaw I noticed most. The one difference in his face, the strong curve I had kissed every inch of. It was once smooth, perfectly clean-shaven, but now it was rough, ghosted with the shadow of a few forgotten shaves.He was still tall and built, though. His shoulders were wider and his biceps were more defined. His half sleeve peeked out from beneat
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Leah grunted in response, and I snatched the controller up and turned off the television. “No! No! No! Conor! No!” Milka screeched, waving her arms frantically. “Noooo!” I covered my eyes with my hand briefly. “Baby girl, you can dance later, okay?” “No! Conor now! Noooow!” Leah coughed. My head snapped around to her, and the second our eyes met, I knew she had just gotten the confirmation she was looking for. I took a deep breath and shook my head, telling her no, we’re still not talking, and grabbed Milka’s dolly. “Come on. Into the stroller.” She continued, screaming about “Conor now! Conor now, Mama!” I strapped her in and did a quick check of her bag to make sure I had everything I needed. Leah followed us out of the door and I locked it behind us. The sun was getting hot above us, a beacon of brightness in a clear blue sky. For the first time in a long time, the view was unencumbered by skyscrapers and high-rises. It was pure and free and completely beautiful. I breathed
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Thump. My heart pounded almost painfully, and it took everything I had to turn around. Because as much as I could stare at him all day, I didn’t want to.I didn’t want to look at him and remember lying on the beach. I didn’t want my mind to be flooded by memories of late nights in the woods. I didn’t want to remember my dad smiling knowingly the next morning but never wringing my ass out. I didn’t want to remember Conor’s touch or his kiss or his smile or fucking anything about him.Yet I turned, because his gaze was anything but avoidable. It was compelling, pleading, conflicted, like he wanted to drink me up but pushed me away at the same time.I swallowed, running my eyes up his body. I couldn’t help but notice the way his jeans hugged his hips or the way his T-shirt clinged to his chest and arms or the way a few teenage girls were standing feet behind him giggling into their hands.His gaze traveled from me to the only child in the park—mine. Ours. I watched as he stared at her ha
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He snorted and left me to it on the deck, ever the caring older brother. Reminded me not to deal with his health care when he was shitting in adult diapers.I dragged my eyes from the door and toward the beach. Since I left, touring across America, I thought the first thing I’d do when I got home was sit on the beach and take in the fierce rush of the white foam against the beach, the echoing crash of the waves against the sand.I thought I would breathe it in, the scent of home. Of the rich, enticing aroma of Mama’s cooking mixing with the saltiness of the sea. I thought I would relish it, that I’d close my eyes and relax as the stress of the tour washed out of me.I thought I’d stand in the farm-style kitchen, laughing with my family. That I’d sit out there on the deck with my sister and get all the gossip. That Mom would need another spice rack put up in the kitchen or a bookshelf in Dad’s office.I thought wrong.I got up to grabbed another beer and twirled the bottle, resting my
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Two and a half years. I couldn’t even fantasize what I had missed because of her.Leah wrapped her arms around me from behind and laid her cheek against my back. I turned and crushed her in my arms. She rubbed her hands up my back and let me cry into her.I was right.Chloe was unforgivable.My vision was blurred. My head pounded with emotion and a hangover, and I rubbed my temples in a vain attempt to ease it. Titus walked in the room with a glass of cold water and Paractemol, and I took them, throwing the tablets to the back of my throat before drinking the whole glass.“Thanks,” I croaked.“No problem. Mom wants to know how you are, but I won’t insult you by asking.” He smirked.I laughed bitterly and leaned back against the bed. “The fuck do I do, Titus? Two and a half years and she shows up in town, with my kid. Did she think I wouldn’t find out?”“She was hoping you wouldn’t,” Leah said softly from the doorway.“Did you know?” Titus snapped. “I swear to God, Leah . . .”“No!” sh
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