Divorce My Best Friend, Carrying His Baby

Divorce My Best Friend, Carrying His Baby

By:  BELLA  Ongoing
Language: English
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Marrying her best friend was a dream come true for Kelly, but everything truly has a limitation. Pierce is Kelly’s first love, but as his best friend, she knew well there was always another woman deep in his heart. Lexi Gilbert. The woman Pierce could never forget even if he had already been arranged to marry Kelly. *** Kelly finally realized their happy marriage of the last three years was just a beautiful dream when Pierce asked for a divorce just because Lexi returned. She could only be his best friend even if she was carrying his baby. *** Since their friendship had become a cage, Kelly chose to set him free, as well as the miserable herself. But why then, it was Pierce who became the one who refused to move on? To make matters worse, her devil stepbrother also domineeringly stepped in at the same time, asking her to be his. *** Her Prince Charming vs. Her Devil Stepbrother? How could Kelly save her heart in this battle of love and hate?

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Naiby Seguías
Love it so far!
2024-06-27 17:58:07
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Catrina Spertino
Enjoying the read
2024-06-08 07:38:19
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It had me hooked within the first page, and it kept me going almost to the point where I am at now. So many abs and downs and twist and turns, making me think more than I really want to. I’m totally enjoying this book.
2024-06-04 13:18:16
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one uup
so the dude that dumped her for his first love it's supposed to be her prince charming and her step brother supposed to be the devil really this is how you write stories y'all are so bad with this it's horrible.
2024-06-22 05:44:41
default avatar
she's so pathetic and weak. I hate this book
2024-06-02 12:58:48
204 Chapters
Chapter 1 Sinking Feelings
Kelly's POVWas it a blessing to marry your best friend?I was not very sure what Pierce thought but marrying him was a dream come true for me. And now what was more exciting, we were going to welcome our first child.“It’s a good thing you’re cautious. You could’ve lost your baby, Miss Monroe.” The GYN told me seriously as she could see the shock in my eyes.I subconsciously touched my belly, and still couldn't believe a baby was lying there. Had I heard it right? I was pregnant? I was pregnant with a baby for Pierce! My best friend and my first crush!On the way out of the hospital, I couldn’t wait to tell Pierce about our baby. I wondered what his reaction would be. Would he scream in happiness? Would he kiss me and all? God! I couldn’t contain my happiness.I cupped my red face as I fantasized. But the moment I felt the cold from the simple ring on my finger, my wildly beating heart calmed down. I almost forgot that Pierce wasn't the type to be keen on having children, especially
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Chapter 2 It Never Rains but It Pours
Kelly’s POVI got off the bed and tried to leave but Pierce grabbed my hand. I immediately wiped the tears that rolled down my cheeks before he could see them. He stood in front of me and looked at my face as I tried so hard to look down and avoid his eyes.I felt my heart breaking into pieces. I thought… I thought I could make him fall in love with me within those three years together. I thought his feelings would level up and would see me as a woman rather than just a best friend. I was stupid for hoping and dreaming so high.I failed. No matter how hard I tried, his heart belonged only to his first love Lexi.“Kelly…”I sucked my breath and swallowed the pain as I looked at him. I faked a smile, “I need to wash up before eating.”He stared into my eyes as if trying to figure out what I was thinking. I know he knew me too well so I tried so hard to hide my pain and smiled at him.He sighed and let go of my hand. “Okay. I’ll wait for you here. Let’s eat and go to work together.”Toge
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Chapter 3 Stiff Upper Lip
Kelly’s POVI entered the studio wearing just two-inch red heels and a red dress. Everyone was looking my way as I walked along the hallway. They’re all greeting me with a smile but my face remains stoic, not showing any emotions at all.The conversation with Pierce this morning was still lingering in my head, but I couldn't let it affect my work.I couldn't fail my work after I failed my marriage.I took a deep breath to adjust my condition. However, when I entered the photoshoot room, I could notice everyone was in chaos.“We can’t! She’s not answering her calls. What should we do? The Vice President is coming today. She’d get mad.”“We can just tell her the truth. She’s nice.”“Not in this situation, Lily! She’d scold us—”“What’s happening here?” I asked as I graced the room.The staff were now looking at me with worried expressions and I knew then that there was a problem.“G-Good morning, Miss Monroe.”Miss Monroe. Of course, no one knew that Pierce and I were married except for
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Chapter 4 Left High and Dry
Kelly’s POVI was playing with the wedding ring on my finger. I told him to go home early but he didn’t come home completely. He wasn’t even answering my calls.Well, now Lexi was back, this house was probably not home in his eyes anymore.My eyes turned to my pregnancy report on the table. What a mockery. I was still naive to hold a glimmer of hope that things would be different if I told him about the baby. But forget this baby was out of his plan.Sure, Pierce was not the kind who would force me to have an abortion. But he couldn't cut out his obsession with Lexi either. He might stay in this loveless marriage if his parents asked. But all I had would only be an empty shell. That's not a Father what I wanted for my baby.I wiped off the tears collecting at the corner of my eyes and collected the report. It was 5 am already when I looked at the clock on the wall. I tried to dial his number again, but still busy. What was he busy with? Was he busy making love with Lexi? He must have
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Chapter 5 Down In the Dumps
Kelly’s POVI was lying on the bed, n*ked under the white sheets. I’m watching Pierce intently as he watched me too while caressing my hair with his fingers. He was looking at me with care, with admiration. My heart is fluttering. He’s my best friend but I feel like we can be beyond that. I’m in love with him. So much in love with him that I feel like I would die if I lost him.“Why are you staring at me like that?”I swallowed hard as I felt the discomfort between my legs. I gave myself to him last night. After we got married.“What if I get pregnant?”He doesn't love me the way I love him. He only married me because of his grandparents. His grandmother is sick and our families are friends. We have been arranged to marry and I never thought he’d agree to this marriage.He gently caressed my cheek as his eyes softened. “Kels, you know I’m not ready to be a father. I’m not even ready to get married. I just did this because of my grandparents. I know you have the same reason?”I felt my
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Chapter 6 Bear the Brunt
Kelly’s POVI walked out and went to the bedroom. I grabbed a pillow and blanket. I turned and was about to leave when Pierce entered the bedroom and looked at me.“Where are you going?”I looked at him sharply. “Why do you care?”“I care because you’re my wife, Kelly!”A sarcastic laugh came out of my mouth because of what he said. I looked at him with rage. “We’re divorcing anyway.”“Kelly, you can’t just run away like this. We have to talk about the problem.”“I don’t have a problem, Pierce. It was you who had a problem and you created it, just to remind you.”He grabbed my wrists and kept me in place when I tried to leave. His jaws were clenching as his eyes bore at me angrily. “My father is angry, Kelly. He’s accusing me of cheating on you.”I tilted my head, “Are you not?”His forehead creased. “I am not an *sshole, Kelly. Did you see me kissing her or fcking her? I still have my sanity with me. I won’t go intimate with her as long as you’re carrying my name—”“Frankly speaking,
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Chapter 7 Cutting You Loose
Kelly's POVI slowly turned around and I'm certain I paled when I saw two people standing a few meters away from us. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Pierce still on the floor, looking at the newcomers with a shocked face."G-Grams…" I mumbled as I felt my throat dry.She shook her head as she laughed nervously. "I must be hearing things. How's everyone? I missed all of you, so we paid a visit.""Grams…" Pierce pulled himself up and walked towards his grandmother.She was the one who raised him so he loved her and respected her so much. I cupped my mouth when Grams ignored Pierce and looked away.I took a deep breath and gathered all my courage to speak again… "Grams, I'm sorry…"She looked at me with tears in her eyes, "D-Did my grandson hurt you, Kelly?"I shook my head, "No, Grams. He's the sweetest. I-I just…I just feel like I need to let him go because we're not really meant for each other.""Kelly…" I heard Mrs. Anderson sobbing.Grams shook her head and caressed her cheek. Gra
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Chapter 8 She Signed The Paper
Pierce’s POVShe signed the divorce papers. She signed it without thinking twice. In front of me.A bitter smile spilled as I downed another glass of brandy.I should be happy about that when I was the one who asked for the divorce. But…but my heart felt so heavy ever since Kelly signed the papers.Kelly and I had been friends for over 10 years. The day she transferred to my high school, I accidentally bumped into her by the lake. She looked like a frightened kitten, carefully hiding her true self behind that thick antique eyeglasses. That was interesting.I didn't realize that nerdy transfer girl in everyone's eyes would be the daughter of my mother's best friend. With that, we grew to be friends. Best friends.Kelly changed a lot after graduation. When I came back from the first vacation alone with Lexi, I was surprised to find that my best friend was far different. Taking off her heavy glasses and changing out of her baggy hoodies, she learned how to dress up. She was always a fast
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Chapter 9 Sly As A Fox
Kelly’s POV“What’s the problem?” I coldly asked Hayley after I reached the studio. She’s now panicking. Her assistant called me saying there’s a problem involving Lexi, our new model and our professional make-up artist.She swallowed hard. “Miss Monroe, Miss Lexi refused to do the photoshoot today. She had an argument with our make-up artist and she insisted on finding a new one.”I sucked my breath and started massaging the bridge of my nose. I saw Lexi sitting comfortably with a frown on her face.Pierce and I were in the middle of divorce proceedings, but cutting the bond between us wasn't as easy as it could have been, especially when we both valued the family and the company.Still, working with Lexi was the last thing I wanted. I really wanted to tear the face of that evil witch, but business wasn't child's play. I'd got a whole bunch of employees under me waiting for their paychecks, and I'd got to stay professional.Without further ado, I walked towards Lexi and stood in fron
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Chapter 10 A House Without a Home
Kelly’s POVLooking back at them would just hurt me more. I restrained myself and my chest was clenching again but I won’t let this pain drive me nuts.I was about to go to my office when someone called my name. When I looked at the person who called me, my mood instantly lightened.“Chris!” I called happily.He was smiling sweetly as he walked towards me and when he got the chance, he pulled me for a gentle and warm hug.Christopher Parker was my college suitor. The last thing I heard about him was he’s become a professional model and actor and he’s built a name in the industry. He’s finally a big star“It’s really true that you’re working here,” he said and examined my whole. “God! You’re still as beautiful as ever.”I felt my cheeks heated. I playfully smacked his arm and smiled at him. “What are you doing here? I’m the Vice President here.”He nodded and smiled widely. His eyes were twinkling in happiness. “I know. How are you? This is Pierce Anderson’s company right? Are you fina
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