Divorcing him: Mr billionaire doesn't want our baby

Divorcing him: Mr billionaire doesn't want our baby

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Clause 7 : on no account should children be brought into this contract, the result of which would have dire consequences. Guess what Vivian Cross did? Vivian Cross was once at the top of the society's scale until unfortunate events took place and she lost all that she had except one. Desperate and in need of help, she lunges herself into an unexpected contractual loveless marriage with a man she once had the hots for but does true love really die? And when things go awry and she is forced to pick between a life of luxury and a forbidden baby, what does she do when she realizes that the man she thought was just distant actually doesn't want her and to prove it, brings his first love back into the picture knowing fully well that it would hurt her beyond reasoning. This game of cat and mouse, will it go on forever or will Nate Stuart finally realize that he had all that mattered in his home?

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Janice Moore
Lovve it but could you update more chapters? I NEED MORE!!!!!
2024-07-15 15:00:13
22 Chapters
“Congratulations, Mrs. Stuart. You’re ten weeks pregnant,” the doctor announced, flashing me a genuine grin that reached her crinkling eyes. Her words hit me like a bomb, a cold sweat broke out on my forehead. Pregnant? How? This can’t be!“I’m…carrying a child?” I stammered, the words heavy on my tongue. My heartbeat pounded so loudly I could hear it in my ears.“In fact, the baby is in perfect condition,” The doctor confirmed, each syllable stretching out as if in slow motion. “Your husband must be proud.” She closed the file with a satisfied nod, but her words blurred together. Blood drained from my face, my hands turning cold as ice. The room spun slightly, and I gripped the edge of the examination table to steady myself.All other sounds in the room faded into the background as one name rang out in my mind: Nate.The smell of latex gloves and astringent hand sanitizer wafted through the air, making my stomach churn. Memories flashed back to the one night he came home drunk.
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VIVIAN’S POVI forced myself to leave my comfort zone and kissed my mother on the head. It was time to perform my wifely duties, but as I crossed the threshold of the hospital’s entrance, my body shook. This dinner was a trap, and I could feel every part of me begging me not to go. Not to allow Nate or his mother to discover the deadly secret I was harbouring.As I contemplated calling a cab to avoid the dinner altogether, my eyes caught a familiar figure. The skies darkened abruptly, releasing heavy raindrops that soaked me within seconds, causing me to shiver uncontrollably.“Hurry!” Ethan frantically motioned to me, but I remained frozen in place as the rain intensified.Realizing I wasn’t going to move, he ran towards me, enveloping me in his arms while shielding us both with his umbrella. The warmth of his body comforted me instantly, and for a brief moment, I allowed myself to lean into his embrace before pulling away. What was wrong with me? This was Nate’s younger brother.He
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Vivian’s POV“Your mother’s condition is worse. We need to transfer her to a higher care room.”That message consumed my thoughts throughout the night. Despite the hospital's reassurance that my mother was stable, worry gnawed at me, especially considering the high cost of advanced care. As Nate’s wife, I could easily cover it now, but what if that changed? My hand instinctively went to my belly.Nate and I had been avoiding each other since our last encounter. It didn’t bother me much; we were never cheerful buddies before, and even though we worked at the same place, I could easily evade him as I was his secretary.I placed my hands on my head. The office was unusually noisy today, or maybe I was just easily irritated, secretly pregnant and reeling from a text that threatened my fragile sense of security. My eyes glanced at the stack of colour coded folders that contained my data preparation for tomorrow’s presentation with the board, I just needed to make a few adjustments and I
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VIVIAN’S POV“This next slide shows the quarterly growth projections…” I suddenly faltered, my words catching in my throat as I prepared to transition to the final slide.Something was off. The numbers didn’t match the data I had meticulously prepared. How could that happen? A chill ran down my spine. This meeting was crucial. I can only force myself to keep going, hoping no one else would notice. “Excuse me,” Eve’s voice suddenly cut through the room, “But aren’t those numbers wrong?” She announced loudly, her tone dripping with malice. When she whispered to me yesterday, I never believed that Nate could give her an acute position in the company until I saw Eve in the same boardroom with me. But that wasn’t the most pressing issue right now.Heads turned, and a murmur spread through the room. My heart raced as the board members’ eyes fixated on the screen.“What is the meaning of this, Nate? Do you allow substandard employees to deliver presentations with incorrect data and then
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VIVIAN’S POVI looked at Ethan and tried to beg him with my eyes, but he refused to look at me.“Vivi was just saying that she was—” Ethan started to say, and he finally looked at me. I held his gaze, pleading for secrecy.“What is going on? Vivi, why are you in the hospital? Did Nate do something to you? Is that why you called me?” Tracy’s eyes darted between Ethan and me, the atmosphere thick with tension. Her questions made my heart race.“—Due for an ultrasound. I was just saying how happy I was for her and how I was going to rip Nate to shreds for picking a crappy hospital,” Ethan improvised, and the tension in the room dissipated.“Oh?” Tracy asked, a smile forming on her face as she walked towards me, her hands gently cradling my neck. “In that case, we should all rip Nate Stuart to shreds for his crappy taste in hospitals,” she said with a light smile.Ethan cleared his throat. “I believe I am no longer needed. Take care of Vivian; she deserves only the best,” he said, still n
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**VIVIAN'S POV**The world was on hold, noises were muted and it was just the three of us and I have never felt the world should open up and swallow me instantly.“Nate, you don’t understand. Its not what it looks like,” Tracy said, her eyes blazing with fierce determination. The air was thick with tension as Nate’s eyes bored into mine, a reflection of fury and coldness.“I believe I asked my wife a question,” Nate said through gritted teeth. Tracy scoffed, drawing both our gazes.“Your wife?” she asked mockingly and Nate’s eyes turned to slits.“What is that supposed to mean?” Nate suddenly demanded, his attention snapping to Tracy. I tried to nudge her subtly, desperate to prevent her from saying anything more. Tracy wasn’t supposed to know the truth. It was supposed to remain a secret, bound by the contract.“Isn’t it obvious?” Tracy spat, her once bubbly nature now replaced with fierce protectiveness. I reached for her shirt, trying to nudge her to let this go but she stepped for
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VIVIANMy eyes fell as Nate turned his neck sharply back to the road, his eyes sharp and his knuckles more white than ever and his jaw ticked with a fury I had never seen and suddenly I realized my mistake.“Wait, Nate…” I said, my hands suddenly waving trying to get his attention but it seemed more like he had increased his speed with the car.“I didn’t mean that,” I tried to say it calmly “it was an accident with tracy, I swear!” but the more I spoke, the more it sounded as if I was trying to be defensive.“Nate!” I said but the Nate went went on another gear plunging the car into a higher acceleration. “Please!” I screamed as I held the door of the car for support, Nate began to slow down and I tried o breathe.“You did this on purpose!” he thundered suddenly and I caught myself shaking my head in disagreement.“You knew and You told others, how many have you told about your situation?” he asked, his eyes momentarily looking at me and the coldness that surrounded his eyes made me
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VIVIANAnd before I could control myself, I started to battle my sobs and whimpers.“You don’t understand,Nate” I said, my walls breaking down indefinitely as I hugged my eyes.“i didn’t plan any of this. I didn’t plan for it to happen, You have to believe me,” but Nate scoffed.“This…” I took a huge gulp of air “Thing, is the last shred of any living family member I have left. The only person asides from my mother who is sick in the hospital” I said, trying to release myself from whimpering or crying.“I held on to this baby because I don’t want to be in a world where I am already alone, I want to have someone to care and love and take care of and that would appreciate me as a human being, not as a commodity,” I strained but Nathan didn’t budge, he didn’t fall for he bait.“That is a stupid reason and frankly not reason enough to do something quite as nasty as this. You are under a job Vivian. This is not a charity event center. Buckle up” he said and I started to see the outline of
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Vivian my body takes with sobs and snort travelled down my nose with speed as the brunt of the conversation settled on my mind. I didn't want any of this to happen a nd yet, I knew that there was no way I would ever allow myself be ruled by whatever Nate had to say but at the same time fear filled my stomach. I could be causing more horrors going against him and Knowing Nate he was capable of a lot of things. my hands shook as my phone began to go off, my eyes glanced at the caller Id and I didn't want to answer it. suddenly a knock came from the door "Vivi??" Tracy's voice was harsh and very urgent and deep down I knew that she wanted to check up on me but I didn't want to be checked up on. the dooming feeling from the consequences of my own actions weighed down on me, so heavily that I couldn't move my body. "Vivian!" she hit her hands on the door, a subtle reminder that my penthouse had more than just a lift... "let me in, please Vivian. are you ok?" she asked and I sniffed
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VIVAN I grabbed the bed frame for support , the phone slipping from my hands . my phone began to ring all of a sudden and my throat was dry, I didn't need to look at the caller Id to know who it was . Mr Alexander was the Stuart's family's personal lawyer and he had been the one that drafted the contract in utmost secrecy. secrecy that I swore to and secrecy that I had also broken. my body raked with sobs — he didn't even take up to an hour. He brought my world down and his car tyre tracks aren't even cold on my garage. My phone's harsh ringtone cut across the deafening silence of the room and despite my silent sobs, I grabbed the phone knowing fully well that Nate was just going to keep on calling till there was nothing left. "H—Hello?" I said and sniffed. "Mr Alexander has contacted you. Be at the office tomorrow and for your sake, don't be late." his monotone voice went dead along with the line click. I threw my phone on the bed and drowned in my sorrow, my
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