Elise and the Dragon's Son (Magical Journey Series Book 2)

Elise and the Dragon's Son (Magical Journey Series Book 2)

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Elise is once again zapped into another time and place, together with her brother and two friends—and this time, it is in Transylvania, wherein they meet the real Dracula. But this is not their only problem. They also have to face the Jinn, a powerful being that Dracula’s brother has procured by a warlock, and some strigoi—the origin of vampires… How can Elise and her gang be able to destroy their powerful enemies? Will they be able to return to their present time and place just like they did when they journeyed to the Land of Magic?

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Chapter 1: Tribute
Sighişoara, Transylvania, 15th century.           Vlad III’s first cry rang at the devil’s hour, at 3 A.M., in December 1431. The snow was constantly pouring outside of the one-story concrete house where he was born, while the German-speaking Saxon merchants were having a meeting on how to make more money.
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Chapter 2: Blood and Power
One night in 1448, Vlad was summoned by the old sultan. He saw his brother was seated next to the old sultan’s throne.“You shall prepare for Wallachia early tomorrow morning. I am officially freeing you with an army to take the throne from the Dăneşti clan,” the old sultan declared in a strong, hard voice.Vlad knew better than these words. His eyes transferred to his brother. “Radu, will you come hom
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Chapter 3: Dragon Dreams
Weekend. Present time in Belmont, Wisconsin.Elise woke up with her heart beating so fast, and bullets of sweat were scattered on her forehead. She wiped away her sweat by the back of her hand. She had a bad dream. She was staring at the eyes of a dragon, and she was immobile.She got up and went into the bathroom. She switched on the light and stared at herself in the mi
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Chapter 4: Flowers
Elise went into the library by herself to look for a book, which she needed for her history class. She had to be quick so she could still attend her next class even though she would be late. She had no time to go to the library later when her classes end because of their daily rehearsals in cheerleading.She did not notice that Kent was spying on her inside the library. He just followed her but was hidden by a bookshelf next to the one she was checking out.
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Chapter 5: Final Warning
Present time, Belmont High School Library.Kent and Elise looked at each other. They realized this was the final warning of the visions that Elise saw. The book was the evidence and the key, the same case that happened when she had the book “The Pharaoh’s of Ancient Egypt” before they were sucked into 3100 B.C., in Ancient Egypt.Kent’s color went back to normal when he realized that E
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Chapter 6: The Shia Warlock
Meanwhile, Radu, who was in Turkey, was speaking with a Shia warlock in his private quarters.He saved him from Mehmed’s soldiers who were about to execute him for spying in 1450. One look at the old man and Radu could tell he was not a kind of person who could do a spying job. He then ordered the soldiers to release the old man.He brought him into his private quarters then and investigated the old man himself.
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Chapter 7: Cruel Punishment
The messenger Vlad asked just left him. He was excited to learn more about Radu earlier and that was sudden, especially when he heard that the messenger had just arrived from Turkey. However, when he heard the news, he felt rage.He learned that Radu had apparently already turned against him since years ago especially since he left Turkey, for his brother had converted himself to Islam around the same year.He did not know th
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Chapter 8: Summoning the Jinn
Turkey, devil’s hour.While the royal house servants were sleeping deep into the night, the warlock old man, Mahmoud, found a quiet place that he used once when he performed a ritual of his Sihr against the old Sultan Murad II to avenge his daughter. The place was just meters away from the servants’ quarters of the royal house.
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Chapter 9: The Beggars
Vlad toured around his city with a handful of soldiers with him. Some people when recognized him by sight would turn away and would avoid to be in his way because fear. Others, however, would bow down to him in respect or admiration.Sometime later, he noticed some beggars on the streets. They mostly pestered some people so that they would give a penny or anything like food. He thought of a way how to solve this problem.By t
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Chapter 10: The Second Journey Begins
Present time, around mid-morning in Belmont, Wisconsin.The five of them got together at Kent’s house. His mother was surprised but was happy to welcome them all.Kent and Mazoi were at the library waiting for their three friends to come as agreed.
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