Entangled: Could Love be a mistake?

Entangled: Could Love be a mistake?

By:  Moon Heart   Updated just now
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"Tell me,who are you?" His voice ran through my veins, yet; My hatred for him increased, I blamed the universe for bringing me closer to him. Why should I be rejected and be played? I wanted to feel death and I wanted to stay, I just have to be in between. I needed to know, Where was the moon goddess leading us? I turned the next page of my book, I really need to see.

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Nathan Emorey
Great read
2024-07-10 07:42:43
17 Chapters
Chapter 1 The Rejection
Amelia stood before Alpha Gideon, her father, her fur shimmering under the moonlight like silver silk. Her eyes, a piercing shade of amber, reflected the wisdom of her spirit, while her sleek coat, a blend of charcoal and snow, spoke of her lineage as the alpha's daughter.Her father noticed she was wrestling with her thoughts.“Are you okay?” “Yes, father.”“I'm okay but nervous, father.”“I can't believe you've grown so beautiful. It's a great evening, Amelia.”“I get it.”(Both) “The moon gives you great peace when you smile.” They laughed.The scent of pine and freshly fallen snow mingled in the crisp air as the members of the Silver Frost pack gathered in a circle, their breath visible in the chilly evening. There were so many figures late that evening in the areas and the pack house. It was cold and bright. Every werewolf in their form, howling. The full moon whispered such defense in their favor and every heartbeat of the m
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Chapter 2 The Encounter
Amelia had grown accustomed to the rhythm of the forest, the rustle of leaves, and the calls of distant creatures. For months, she had lived in solitude, hiding from the world, seeking solace in the embrace of nature. But today, something changed. As she crouched beside a small stream, cupping her hands to drink, her ears caught the sound of footsteps. Her heart quickened, and she froze, every muscle tensed with apprehension. Were they from her pack? Had they found her? She listened intently, the murmurs growing louder as the voices drew nearer. They spoke of an Alpha, one filled with rage, heartless and cruel. Fear gripped her, and she struggled to control her breathing, hoping against hope that they weren't here for her.Damien, Alpha of the Dark Moon Pack, prowled through the woods with his packmates, his senses attuned to every scent, every sound. The whispers of his companions filled his ears, painting a picture of a tyrant ruling over his
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Chapter 3
Damien's heart was like an encased ice meant to preserve a flower, prowling the corridors of his mansion like a predator on the hunt. The revelation of Amelia being his second chance mate did nothing to thaw the coldness that had settled in his soul. If anything, it only fueled his determination to keep her within his grasp, to assert his dominance over her in every way possible.Locked away in a room, her every move monitored, Amelia's world had shrunk to the confines of her prison. Damien's iron grip left her feeling suffocated, her attempts at escape thwarted at every turn. He was relentless in his pursuit, his presence a constant reminder of her captivity.As Damien approached the door to Amelia's room, a wave of conflicting emotions washed over him. He knew he should confront her, demand answers to the questions that had been plaguing him since her arrival. Yet, every time he drew near, the intoxicating scent of her skin would assail his senses, rend
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Chapter 4
“What's your name?”“Amelia.” She said bowing her head her eyes popped out like a reservoir that's preparing to lose control. Damien stood up and walked around her He scoffed and rubbed his hand through her hair inhaling every scent he got.“Look at me Amelia,” he lifted up her chin, I'm your alpha now and you listen to me.You do that and you get to stay out of the dungeon but if you don't, then you stay in their till you're ready to listen”“Stop doing that thing.” Amelia responded“Stop doing what? He said sternlyAmelia, not minding how his voice affects her, replied instantly.“That thing you do to look cruel.”She knows he's her second chance mate. Why does he have to act cold?“You've become so comfortable telling me what to do.” he picked her up from the chair and dragged her to the entrance of the door.“Ethan.” Damien called out.“Yes Alpha.”“Get her out of here and take her back to the dun
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Chapter 5
Damien was lost in the thoughts of the night he had with Amelia. He could remember the way he flipped his hand round her waist. He saw her in her wolf form and it strengthened the scent he had control over once. He was moved with her glow in the dark night and her soft ash eye. Her beauty he noticed at that moment and walked towards her himself. Amelia stared at him as he moved close to her “You've suffered so much yet you still look beautiful under the night sky.” He whispered in her hears.“You're drunk Damien.”“No I'm not.” He said flipping her hair back and forth. He took her hands and watched her reaction. He has longed to move closer to her so close. He lifted her up from the corridor and took her to his room.Amelia wondered how she didn't stop him. Is it because she suddenly felt wanted?Damien had her head in his hands holding it and rubbing his palm on her cheeks. He sniffed her and her scent got him held. He dropped his hands
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A New Chapter
Amelia’s POV “Oh! Really? Really? You think you can just come in here and do whatever you want, have you forgotten I’m the alpha and you have to listen to me? Amelia, get your butt out of here.” Damien spout angrily. His voice beckons fury, I could feel the whole room tremble, Ethan could not do anything and I just stood still maintaining my order before things go wrong again. Damien took a few steps close to me, in his bathrobe, looking so handsome, and with each step he took it was pleasing and enticing. I almost forgot his fierce words, and that stopped when he finally got to me. “Didn’t you hear me? Get out and back to where you should be, and one more unnecessary act, I’m throwing you into a punishment that you will regret ever talking back at me.” I shivered at his words, maybe I made a mistake trying to talk him into releasing me. He never will, I guess. I mean, I feel so stuck, I want to stay and I can’t even make my own choices around here. I feel so suffocated. “You
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The Journey 1
Damien’s POV The sight of her not being in the room ached me, I don’t know why I felt like she’d run away. And her absence in this room turned me off. “Where the hell did she go to?” My hands flipped the mirror down, breaking it into pieces. My fury rose not seeing her immediately. It took about thirty minutes before Ethan showed up. “Without her? I swear, she’ll regret doing this!” “Calm down, my lord. She was just having fun with one of the damsels around.” “What are you saying? I want to see her here right now.” I took his hands, and said slowly and slowly. Ethan might have been the only one who has seen my miserability, His face comforts me, my childhood friend does a great deal as he shows love, and comforts me. “I’ll bring her here now.” “Yes, please. Do so.” Ethan left the room swiftly and I sat quietly on the bed waiting for this girl that tortures me with her disappearance. “My Lord, I’m so sorry. I just thought she needed a walk, since she’s unfamiliar with the pac
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The Journey 2
Amelia’s POVThe morning came so swiftly, I felt like I hadn't had any sleep. Her voice brought me up from my sleep.“Rise and shine, you have to start getting ready.”“Did he tell you to do this too?”“No, but he might have. He told me to get you ready by sunset today.”“I see.”“Come on, you’ll be fine.” She encouraged me like I had last night. Cassie’s presence has given me a lot of risen feelings to stay and get used to the pack house interests. I might have learnt a thing or two, like giggling and ignoring the crippled arrogance.We rode through the dark cold night, my face felt so pale and argued. I watched the silence fading with Ethan’s voice over my head.“Are you okay?” His face looked so questioning and quite different from the real question he asked me. I just sniffed the blunt air and ignored him like he had ignored me all through. I’m not suffering that hard, I just couldn’t compare the hard feelings I’ll get if I was actually back at home. Ethan turned back and looked
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The Journey 3
Ethan gave Damien a curious look, waiting for his answer. He was sure he’d accept her but Damien was quite unpredictable and made his decision as he wanted to. “I can’t say yet, I may give her a chance but not sooner. I can’t risk the pack in the hands of a fragile Luna. One that will stay and not run like my mum did. “You mean someone that will be able to fight alongside you?” “Yeah, a bit of Keila’s affectionate and concerned behavior.” “Amelia looks comfortable here though, have you asked her yet? “Ask her what?” “What she was doing behind that tree that night we were on patrol.” “I have, she refused to say.” Ethan gave a faint smile causing Damien to turn to him strongly. “Do you know why she’s not talking?” “Not so, but you’ve not given her the chance to speak on that and you’ve claimed her.” “If I lose a captive, I lose ten percent of my respect. No one dares to trespass into our pack. That is a rule everyone knows.” Damien said with a firm utterance, like
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Gone too far
I never expected my mother to ask me such a question in a hurry, she might have been curious but would want to keep the question for later. I coughed and hinted Ethan to take her inside and watch over her, the others followed.“You didn’t answer me, Damien.”“Just a girl I wanted you to meet.”“Don’t tell me….”“No, no, I’m not sure about that yet, I’m still thinking of what to do with her, since she’s not even having any qualities of being a Luna.” “Of course she does. Bring her to me, let me see her well and touch her.”“Mum, I’m not ready for this. I just wanted to keep an eye on her, that's why I brought her along.”“I’m interested, she’s beautiful.”“Yeah, just the beauty and then she’s not even anything close to being a warrior. You know how I do my things.”“It’s for the best, and the freedom of the people in the pack. The last time everything changed was four years ago, now all we do is plan a war.”“Yes, and that’s why I need to check through her properly before I do anythin
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