Escaping The CEO 2

Escaping The CEO 2

By:  KC Mmuoe  Completed
Language: English
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Cleo has lost a year of her life due to an accident and cannot remember the last year of her life , including ; Angelo , giving birth to her children and what has happened. All she remembers about Angelo is all the bad stuff he had done before the accident. To make matters worse; Marc her ex boyfriend who she remembers has been back in town for the past couple of years and she didn't know . Angelo is having a hard time believing that Cleo doesn't remember him. After an incident at the hospital that left Cleo shook because he had acted out of character again , he tries to make her pay directly and indirectly for breaking his heart, but only ends up regretting being mean to Cleo . He is still in love with Cleo, but his actions prove otherwise. Will Cleo remember Angelo and with Marc back in the picture does it change how things will end up , or can true love win at the end of the day?

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60 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Memory loss
CLEO The past couple of months have been the worst. I have lost a part of my life that was somehow important and I don't know how to get it back. I honestly feel lost; confused and afraid. I feel lost because; I have no recollection of my life before the head injury and being shot in the gut . It feels as if I am swimming aimlessly in an ocean full of Islands but I cannot seem to pick one to swim to ,and stay in until I get rescued. The confusion part comes in terms of being head of the communications department, being the bosses wife to be , and having kids with him . How the jelly beans did I become such a text book case? The part that scares me is never remembering anything at all. This morning I checked out of the hospital and called an uber to take me home. The day before yesterday which was Wednesday; Michelangelo came through to give me my phone, and my apartment keys .He even came with some chocolate cake to try and cheer me up, but I was moody and he picked that up. He lo
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Chapter 2 - Mad at Cleo and the world
Chapter 2 Mad at Cleo and the world Angelo I have never been so angry with myself and at Cleo. It has been the longest three months of my life, and I have tried to be there for her physically and emotionally. I brought her flowers; food ,books and even read to her at some stage, but still she couldn't remember me. I showed her pictures to try and jog her memory; Gio also came through to tell her about cuddles , she was sweet to Gio, and honest but still she didn't remember a thing . I don't understand how someone can just forget to love you , I honestly don't. I tried kissing her and she rebuffed me. The rejection pulled the last straw for me and it was short. She triggered something in me that had been dead for a long time . She brought out a part of me that was beastly and unruly. It resulted in me smashing three vases of flowers against the hospital wall. The fear that set in her eyes when I snapped somehow fueled my rage . It took Brent and the men that were posted outside he
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Chapter 3 - Half crazy
Cleo I was sitting across the table from Marc who looked at me all concerned. He had green eyes and brown hair .He had made me a cup of hot chocolate with and got me a thick slice of chocolate ganache cake. He owned the restaurant across the road from Massa & Stone, but I didn't know he did until he told me he had owned it for three years , and that he hadn't had any reason to be hands on until his ex wanted them to share custody of their child. Their marriage only lasted six months and after the birth of their child she took half of everything except for the restaurant. He started it after they were done with splitting everything. I had taken a sip of the hot chocolate that had a hint of cinnamon and ginger with mini marshmallows. We were sitting at the corner table . Marc was my brothers best friend. We had a connection. I had told him that I couldn't remember the past year; I was a mother to twins, and I was engaged. He told me he had a daughter with Sophia who happens to work a
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Chapter 4- Blue
AngeloSong : Dermot Kennedy - Moments passedI looked at Cleo and placed my palm underneath her chin and kissed her gently . She kissed me back and wrapped her arms around my waist. It felt so good to hold her and not be at war with her . I leaned down and whispered;"I am so sorry Bella."She hugged me and let me go. She looked at me lips swollen and skin flushed. I could tell because her skin tone had changed slightly and I could smell her perfume . She hadn't changed from using ; J'adore by Dior , she also used the blooming range during warmer days . Her stuff was still in our bathroom in both our penthouse and house." It's okay. I get that you are frustrated and hurt. I did say thank you for being with me during recovery. You just wanted things to go back to the way they were and they can't . If I loved you then ; I hope to still love you when a part of me comes back . "I nodded and kissed her forehead. "Okay."" Okay you'll give it time or okay I'm still moody?"I moved away f
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Chapter 5 - Jigsaw puzzle of a brain
Cleo One week later It's been exactly a week since my conversation with Angelo. I didn't know how to feel after the conversation we had last Monday , and going back to mass on a Sunday instead of Saturday felt strange. I had to wrap my head around a lot of things .First of all I wasn't with the girls group at church , all I was told was that I had said; my season with them was over when things got serious between me and Angelo . Oh and little miss sunshine Daphne told me I had changed and stopped being social. I didn't like her because she thrived on gossip back then and by the looks of things , she still does now... I was due back home for Sunday Lunch with my mother and the twins. My mother told me we had guest coming through for lunch and I said ;I'd be on time and bring some desert. The drive was an hour long and I didn't feel like driving. When I returned back home I called a taxi. I fell asleep along the way because of the pain meds I took for my headache made me drowsy. I ha
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Chapter 6 - Bella Mia is back
Angelo Bella mia is back 🌹💗💗 It took almost losing the woman I love, to realize I need her more in my life than she needs me. This has been the most trying week I've ever had. Sunday Lunch with Cleo; her mother,the twins, and my dad went well considering the bomb Cleo dropped. I gave her time and it seemed to work . She came back home with me to the Massa Estate. The twins also came back home with us. Gio was with his real father Bryan. Last night before we went to bed I scheduled a meeting with my dad. He said he would come through in the morning. Cleo wasn't due back until this afternoon. I told her I wanted to do lunch with her and she didn't protest. She gave me a kiss goodbye and left me with a minor case of blue balls. Gianna was officially the twins nannny and she was watching them. They are already a year old and Cleo went out out with Pia so it was an all boys half day today. I was in the nursery playing with Pio when he looked up and said ; papa . I looked at the door,
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Chapter 7 - Triggers
Cleo It starts with total calmness; peace , serenity and control . When you can't remember some parts of your life it can be a blessing and a curse. The blessing part comes when; you are learning to be a new person on a clean slate , and you get to start over. The curse is not knowing if you can trust the next person. I don't know who is out to get me ; who is following me , who is lying to me or who I'm going to remember next. Then ... then there is what I call a trigger; when that happens there is a ripple effect in your brain something clicks. The effect feels like glass cracking under your feet and you feel like you have nowhere safe to run, the worst that could happen happens and you find yourself in free fall mode, fearful of what's going to happen when you hit the ground . The feeling gets more amplified when you are unsure of what's going to happen next; you ask yourself if you're going to like what you see next, or what in my case am I going to like what I see when I have fl
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Chapter 8 - what are the odds?
Angelo Family; friends , tradition , love and passion. Five words that carry so much weight in the way I have lived my life . I am a combination of my mother and father through and through ... except for breaking with tradition. My friends and family mean the world to me. You cannot be my friend and expect me not to treat you like family. I have always been picky but anyone who doesn't know me would say that I am cocky. If you are my friend I treat you like family. I don't have that many but if I pick you ; you should know that I have thought about it intently and weighed all of my options . The last three have been ingrained in me since birth. The first day I laid eyes on Cleo ; was a day I will never forget. I don't know what happens when you fall in love and fall hard, but something in me shifted and as always, the need to possess ,love and cherish always follows. I have been in love before, but the depth wasn't deep enough to scare me. This time ;the depth of how much I love t
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Chapter 9- Rebirth
Cleo Rebirth There are defining moments in your that change the person you are. There is a life you have always envisioned for yourself ; and then there is the life the universe ,and a higher power that is supernatural intended for you. Both are intertwined in some mystical way . There is the law of attraction which simply means; you get what you ask for eventually if you ask with , Intent and faith. The waiting part is the tricky part. What you do while you wait your turn makes all the difference. It took messing up one too many times to realize that ; the waiting period is there for you to take necessary steps to attain what you asked for. The best lessons are learned after messing up. If you don't mess up you will never learn. Life is not life without its fair share of obstacles. The one thing life has taught me throughout the adversity I have faced was that; you don't always get what you always want, you get what you fight for. What you feed will always manifest. If you feed fe
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Chapter 10 - Happy Birthday
Angelo Happy Birthday Cleo Birthdays are meant to be celebrated. The gift of life is a miracle , and apart from the fact that you get to celebrated every year it should be named rebirth day. We always have a choice. Choice is closely linked to free will. Regardless of circumstance or situation, we should always be comforted by the fact that we are powerful. We have life ; death , and rebirth. We are all born with gifts. The sooner we realize that everything starts with ourselves, we can never learn to move forward. A stagnant river harbors filth. A river that flows always finds its way to the sea. Without life; there cannot be death and without death there cannot be rebirth. For everything that is lost , something is always found. There are many things that put life into perspective, and most of the time when some sort of awakening happens, we realize what's important, and what matters. It takes a part of you dying in order to live, and rebirth creates some sort of balance. This
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