184 — The end.

My eyes take a while to adjust to the brightness, but slowly, the blur goes away. I move my hands, feeling a weight on one of them.

I blink a few times heavily, looking down carefully because I still feel a little dizzy, and see that Julian is sitting in an armchair next to the bed, holding my hand.

He senses my movements and slowly opens his eyes, looking directly at me, taking a few moments for him to understand that I’m wide awake. When reality hits him hard, Julian’s eyes widen and glisten with tears.

He doesn’t say a single word, just leans in, taking my hand in both of his, enveloping it in his warm palms, something I’ve really missed over the last two weeks. He rests his forehead on our hands, his tense shoulders immediately relaxing.

“You really scared us, you know?” Julian grumbles, then looks up. I can see the deep, dark circles under his eyes. “You’ve been unconscious for two whole days!”

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Excellent read!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
I am so confused. The last few chapters are rushed, and the story is definately incomplete. what happened to Mrs Smith and Laura?
goodnovel comment avatar
Ana Sousa
Lived the story but I feel it’s incomplete with Laura and Mrs smith. Would love a bonus chapter

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