Chapter 9: She would find her family

She would pet him and clean his wounds and then send him back with a kiss; so that every time, no matter the injuries he sustained on his body, his soul wasn’t broken. He still felt happy, like a normal eighteen year old adult living a normal life with the best friend he loved.


Joan stood in front of the school's clinic door, glaring at it. Koty was in there and also his latest bodyguards; Francis, Beck and Jude. Koty was fine, he had come to the clinic for something and she found out and followed him. She had to speak to him whether his friends wanted her to or not; they weren’t his parents.

The door opened and Beck stepped out first. His calm look changed to an accusing one when his eyes met hers and he glared daggers at her, stopping his movement.

“I have to speak to him.” She spoke regardless, arms folded. It seemed like Koty was directly behind him because he turned back and said,

“Colton, no. You’re not speaking to this girl.”

“This girl has a name.” she interrupted rudely
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