Chapter 88: Matchmaker

She thought of going to see King but the memory of Vincent's cold face crossed out the thought. She visited Isla instead.


"Surprise, surprise." Isla's eyes were wide as she ushered her into her modest penthouse in the early afternoon of a Monday. The house was pretty small but comfy.

A set of mismatched couches in the middle, an eating area to the right, a TV at the center, a few flowers in antique vases kept at strategic corners, and a treadmill close to a door she assumed led to the room.

"I checked you at work but I was told you wouldn't be at work for the rest of the week. Is there a problem?"

Isla laughed, passing her a glass of water after she sat on one of the couches, "Must there be a problem?"

"No, but one doesn't just take a leave from work, do they?"

Isla wrinkled her nose. She looked pretty. Her long red hair was now shoulder length and she looked very relaxed at home in pajama shorts and a too baggy T-shirt.

"Ok," She plopped down beside her and tucked her legs in, "I
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