Chapter 93: You may kiss your bride

She stood stiff and rigid, even her breathing was controlled. His hand ran through her straightened hair.

"I'm sorry, Bernadette, I'm sorry. I'm here, you can lean on me. I'm sorry."

She tried to pull away but he held her back so she stayed cold. Vincent and Frederico watched with narrowed eyes.


"The PDA can be saved for later. We have a brother in surgery." A cold voice cut through the moment. She jumped away from Merlione, looking guilty and nervous as a drenched fish.

"Vincent," She called in greeting, trying to match his cold look. He eyed her up, also Merlione who came to stand protectively by her side.

She wondered why she felt so nervous and guilty. Perhaps because she knew she needed the approval of King's family.

Frederico stepped forward, looking unbothered. "We heard the news. What happened?"

"He called me," she answered smartly, "he called me just before he lost consciousness."

"How did you know where he stays?"

"He told me." She was less nervous now but there was someth
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