Chapter 90: Switched off

She threw her phone aside with a satisfied smirk, "he asked for it. Imagine telling me to apologize after openly stating he didn't take it to heart. A hypocrite, that's what he is."

Joan didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"Yes, he said he doesn't mind but it is only normal for you to apologize when you do something wrong to show you are truly sorry."

"Well, that should be my choice, not his." She stubbornly refused.

Joan raised her hands and dropped them in resignation.

"Good riddance," Isla whispered.


"You were out all day."

Were the first words she heard upon entering the house at about 7 pm.

"Yes. I'm home early. Is there a problem?"

He was at the foot of the stairs. He looked sad and beaten but he was one hell of a good actor.

"Sorry," She changed tactics, putting on a smile, forcing ill feelings out of her heart, "good evening. How was your day?"

"It was trashy and boring without you," He replied in a monotone, "I went out to see my family when you left for Church and I got
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