Chapter 91: I need you

The problem was that he just couldn't accept the reality that she wasn't his any longer. It felt unreal.

He clicked the call icon. Still, he wouldn't leave her. If he ever left her, it would be because she asked him to.

Switched off. He dialed her line again. Switched off. Third time. Switched off. He ran a hand down his face.


Isla knocked on Vincent's front door.

"Tommy, Tommy" She cooed when Thomas answered the door.

"Thomas, how many times have I warned you to stop answering the door!?" Charlene shouted from somewhere inside.

"Calm down, Char," She chuckled, entering the lavender-scented home.

"Nice morning, Aunt Isla," Thomas greeted respectfully, seemingly oblivious to his mum's worries. She laughed, ruffling his hair then stuffed a hundred-dollar bill in his hand. He beamed.

"Buy as many chocolates as you want, ok?" She whispered, ruffling his hair one last time before going into the kitchen where Charlene was.

"Oh, my love," She cooed, seeing the five-month-old baby in a movi
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