Chapter 89: Good Riddance

"Thank God, he's gone." Isla sighed with contagious relief.

"Nah," Joan shook her head, "you get his phone number and talk to him."

Isla's eyes widened, "How am I supposed to do that? He's obviously in a rush. Why else will he get takeout?"

"I'll get it for you."



Just nice, she was called three days later.

"It has been confirmed," James spoke, the smiling man she met at the restaurant gone, "Fr. Greg wasn't the chief celebrant at your wedding."

She wasn't surprised. "Then who was?"

They were all present as three days before, including James' secretary and the Priest who had never uttered a word other than a quiet greeting.

He showed her a photo.

"After going through the footage of that day, the day before, and the day after, we suspect this man as the culprit. He has never been seen in the Church before that day. He was seen entering the Sacristy just seconds after Fr. Greg did but he was never seen coming out. Upon closer inspection..." He showed her another photo. It was a
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