Fated To the Alpha Mate ( Book 2 )

Fated To the Alpha Mate ( Book 2 )

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The Sarah Sauders Story Continuing, Book 2 The story of the wolf who had to run away from an Alpha, only to fall into the hands of another. "I wasn't going to stay in that place. Living like I was dead. Without feeling it, without really showing myself. Living as a submissive for an Alpha who was already dead to me. That wasn't like me. I was dominant, as dominant as they. One of the first things I learned was that wolves have an intuitive knowledge of order amidst chaos and they have the ability to change, intact. I ran away. That was my way of changing. One dark night, I left it all behind. I'd rather live out there as a loner than live in a pack like that. And that day I broke free. At least that's what I thought... Until I heard that howl rip through my being."

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Jacky Abramowicz
what is book 1 to Fated to the Alpha Book 2?
2023-08-30 11:28:11
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Day Dreamer
fantastic great book
2023-08-28 04:14:09
43 Chapters
SarahAnd suddenly everything was happening too fast... James was so tense, I could tell he had been injected with an insane amount of adrenaline straight into his chest. Liane was next to Amelia on the sofa, and seemed to be suturing her neck. I had imagined that James would bring Amelia here, but not in a situation like this... I looked at the whole situation around me happening as if I was watching them in slow motion, for a brief moment I blinked and looked at Stanley. I saw him with his eyebrows furrowed, frowning." By any chance, can you explain it to me? " Stanley said with his fists clenched and only then did I notice Lucas there. He stopped, looking at the two of us with wide eyes. And then Stanley asked again, in a serious tone. "Can you please explain to me exactly what the fuck happened?""I could ask you the same thing." James replied." This is not the time for this. " Ethan approached them. "I'm sure they'll explain later." Lucas sighed." We saw her and Abell fighting
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JamesI was sitting on a chair next to the bed. The heat was starting to take over my body since I had even forgotten to take off my jacket. I ripped it off and realized my hands were still dirty with dried blood.I had lost track of how much time I'd spent staring at that face across the bed. Quiet, inert. Trying to capture any micro movement on her pale face. Watching her chest rise and fall normally under the coverlet, and if by chance the color would return to the fingers of her hands. It would be great...I heard footsteps in the hallway and then three knocks on the door. Sarah's scent soon reached my nose."Come in." I said and the door opened slowly. I saw her come in with a plate in her hand."I thought you'd be hungry." She smiled, but the smile soon faded as she glanced toward the bed."Thanks." He left his plate on the nightstand and walked over to where I was standing."Want to talk?" I sighed and looked back at Sarah. She looked pained as she looked back at me. Do I look
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SarahI woke up to a faint noise coming from the hallway. It seemed to be quite early yet. I looked to the side and saw a beautiful, slightly tanned body wrapped in the sheets. I carefully crawled over to him and kissed his back. It was supposed to be just a kiss so as not to wake him up, but his smell and his delicious heat ended up urging me to slide the tip of my nose over his skin and leave more kisses along the length of his back. It didn't take long for me to hear a husky murmur coming from him. Which got me a wide smile."Don't tease me first thing in the morning, my female..." He spoke quietly. "Even more an Alpha."I'm sorry I woke you up." I ran my hand down her back and down to her lower back. "I couldn't resist." I whispered in her ear before squeezing her delicious ass."Hmm." He murmured, moving his arms. "And you think I can resist if you continue like this?" He turned his head to look at me and I realized that his wolf was wide awake when I met his scarlet eyes. Which
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JamesSaying I was calm was something I couldn't. My body shivered every time I moved from side to side. I could feel what was going on behind the bathroom door. I could hear that cry. And the only thing that kept me from going in was Stanley, who called out to me just in time."Let them. I'm sure Sarah will help. Everything has its time." I felt my chest tighten as I reached the living room. Stanley had just made some coffee."Yeah, the same amount of time you didn't give at that moment..."I regretted it, okay? I already apologized." I sighed when he returned a hostile look. I raised an eyebrow and poured myself some coffee as well. It'll be good to keep me awake today.Oh shit, tomorrow I have to go back to work."What happened?" I asked and he took a deep breath."Sarah is a little too provocative."I don't want to know anymore. Spare me that." I looked away and heard a soft chuckle come from him. However, a tired laugh."Actually, that's not it." He said. "It's too frustrating to
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StanleyWith everything that had happened, I had completely forgotten that lunch was today. If it weren't for Liane reminding me, I'd be lost. I was thinking about not going at all, but when I mentioned the idea to Sarah, she made a priceless face."No, you have to go. You're the Alpha, your pack will all be there and I'm sure this is a great opportunity to talk about what happened with Abell and the alliance with Bruce." I studied his face with a smile. She was sitting in my armchair in the bedroom, completely instigating. I just wanted to spend the rest of the day with her."Then come with me..." I wasn't serious. Of course she would refuse as she has until now. She looked at me and I sat on the edge of the bed next to her. Her mouth opened to say something, but closed again.Stop torturing her on this subject Stanley, I know you're anxious for her to be known and seen, but just let it all happen naturally."I'm just kidding." I gave a short laugh and squeezed her knee positioned be
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I walked back into the living room and ran my eyes around the room. Soon I saw Sarah together with Liane. It seems that the pregnant woman was introducing her to others. I held back a laugh when I saw her all embarrassed. Oh, I wanted to take her from Liane again for a moment, but I felt a hand grab my arm and I turned. It was Mark, and right behind him, a girl. Mandy."Wow, how unexpected." I smiled and turned to them. "So long Mandy..." I had greeted her parents earlier but hadn't seen her yet. "How are you?" a cute smile."I'm fine." I looked from Mark to her."I'm glad you came." She will be great company for Mark. Even more now."Stanley, where is Sury?" Mark asked looking around."Ah, that... She's busy. Best not to look for her right now." I looked down the hall. "But tell me, how are you doing at school?" don't get in trouble over there." Mark smiled and looked at Mandy."Do you think this one would be capable of getting into trouble?"No, I'm just worried about you influencin
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"Of course my love, sleep." He opened a wide smile. "Sleep a lot."Ah. I see." William replied laughing. "If that's the case, that's fine. I'll explain to the others later." but she'll get used to it. I'll talk to her."Thank you." I nodded and Stanley took my hand before saying goodbye. William nodded and we headed for the door before the others noticed.He seems quite agitated. I swallowed hard. Sleep... Ahem.Once in the car, I asked what he had done to make William so happy like that. And his answer made me laugh."So that's how it happened..." I said imagining the scene. I would never imagine that Sury was William's partner. That was why he had protected her from me so fiercely that day we met. Makes perfect sense now." But have they known each other for a long time?"About six years ago."Six years? And even now they are not together?"The two of them have always been very close since she arrived, but last year she entered wolf maturity, and it wasn't until then that they realiz
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MarkOkay, calm down... You're almost always late, it's not like you're going to get hurt just because of that...Today I woke up and Philip had already left. In other words, no ride. I didn't even have time to eat. I grabbed my things and ran out. School was far away, but I probably won't get as tired as I used to since I'm a wolf now. I felt my smile break out as the icy air entered my throat.Come on, faster...I grabbed the strap of my backpack and almost flew past the people. They looked at me confused and scared when they saw me pass so fast near them. I could even say I wasn't enjoying it, but then I'd be lying. I was making the most of it all and my legs were stronger than ever. However, I decided to slow down when I almost ran over a gentleman who left the store just as I was passing by.Of course I received a curse from those who arrive stuff their mouths.When I got to the front of the school, I saw the gate closed. There were still people coming in, but they were beyond th
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JamesAfter the party, I had to help Amelia to William's car because I had too much to drink.While I had my back turned, she must have downed a whole glass of wine and poured herself more, because I didn't even notice that I was drinking that much. Only when she started laughing at what Alex was saying and leaning her head on the counter laughing so hard. Which, by the way, was an incredibly loud and infectious laugh. Until then I was enjoying it, but when she leaned her head on the counter and stayed there, I realized that she was already too tall.William, Alex, and the rest ended up trapping me in there with her for some reason I didn't know. Stanley and Sarah were long gone and I just wanted to fall into bed and pass out. I still had work to do tomorrow, and by the time we got home, it was late at night.I draped her arm over my shoulder and led her into Sarah's room. Which apparently was hers now. Amelia was all limp and squishy in my arms, completely different from the distant
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SarahWhen Stanley parked, I asked them to get off first. I needed to have a word with Amelia first, as I noticed that she was very withdrawn and awkward around James. I didn't even see the two exchange a word this morning. Either she's confused, or James may have gone a little too far yesterday and tried something. I don't believe that was it, but I don't know how he would have handled it if he had actually recognized Amelia as his mate. So I need to ask her about it.When Stanley nodded and got out of the car with James, I turned to look at her in the backseat. Amelia looked back at me and then placed her hands between her knees."I wanted to ask you something. Do you mind?" I smiled taking the belt off."No, you can ask. Did I do something wrong?" She frowned."No, imagine! You're a sweet Amelia." I waved my hands. eyes."No, no, no! It wasn't that. James brought me from the party after I had too much to drink. He was a sweetheart, actually. It's just..." She looked away. he looks
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