Chapter - 05

Everyone was very happy to see Austin Williams after a long time and the most happy person was Sabrina Flores. She just ran to Austin and hugged him. Austin hugged her back.

"Brother Austin, I miss you so much. Don't you miss me." Said Sabrina.

"Mn. I miss you too." Said Austin.

"It's so nice to meet you again." Said Elaine Thomas.

"Me too. Hope you are doing well." Said Austin.

"I am doing well. Adonis helpes me with my patients. We will start a new research soon." Said Elaine.

"I am sure about it, Elaine." Said Adonis Williams.

"Don't worry. I think it will happen soon. We will be together in research or other matters." Said Elaine.

"I don't think so." Said Ashley Williams who just joined them.

"Here come the play boy." Said Sabrina.

"Hi baby, did you miss me." Ashley said and winked at Sabrina.

"I don't have time to waste on you." Sabrina said while rolling his eyes.

"Aunt is calling us to have dinner. Let's go." Said Ashley.

"Mn.... let's go." Said Adonis.

Then Adonis went with Ashley. Austin signaled others and they also went to have dinner.

The dinner went smoothly. They talk about many things. But the marriage proposals were irritating for the Williams siblings.

Adonis loved Ethan, so he didn't want to marry now. Austin had his own plan, so he wasn't ready for the marriage. Ashley knew that Adonis loved Ethan, so he didn't like the idea of the marriage at all. That's why they were irritated. But Ashley did his best to divert the conversation about marriage.

After dinner, they all went to their respective rooms. Adonis messaged Ethan before sleep, knowing very well that he wouldn't get any reply from the alpha because Ethan was in his mission. He wouldn't contract his family or friends other than the headquarters. Then Adonis fall asleep.

But Austin couldn't fall asleep. He started to think about what happened today. His mind went to Adonis's regular patient, Ethan who was actually Ellis. He didn't know why but he was interested in him. He wanted to know him. He thought he was interested in him because he wanted to make sure that the alpha was good for his twin brother. Yes, that's right, there is no other reason. Then he also fall asleep.

On the other hand

Ellis Martin went back to 'Phoenix Mansion'. He thought about his next plan about how to approach Adonis. He spent the rest of the day with his teammates and practice with them. He had dinner with them.

After dinner, he went back to his room and called his parents and talked with them sometimes. Then he fall asleep.

And about Ethan Wilson, he went to the mission after dropping Ellis in 'Phoenix Mansion'. He had no idea what his twin brother Ellis was doing behind his back with his crush. He had no slightest idea what his brother was up to and what his secret mission was. Ethan just thought Ellis wouldn't create any trouble with his playful nature and his so-called secret mission.

Next day

Ellis and his team members went to shopping in a shopping mall. They were free today. So, they thought about hang out together. They enjoyed shopping especially Ellis. Because he loved shopping. He would buy new clothes and shoes every month. You could say, he was a spoiled rich kid. Well, his parents were both successful businessmen and he also earn money, it's normal for him to waste money. But he didn't buy only for him. He also bought new things for his family and team members. Ethan also liked to shopping, so they went to shopping together.

Today Ellis bought some new clothes for him and Ethan. He also bought his mother's favourite snacks and his father's favourite drinks. He decided to sent them through driver. He wanted to buy something for Dr. Adonis but dismissed the idea because he didn't know what would Adonis like.

After shopping they decided to rest sometime before going back. They went to a cafe and ordered their snacks or drinks.

"Today Ellis will treat us." Said Noah Ward.

"I always treat you anyways." Said Ellis.

"Then it's on me." Said Jerry Edwards.

"No need. I will pay. Order as much as you want." Said Ellis.

"That's the benefits of a rich friend." Said Rain Lewis.

"Yeah, He is a rich spoiled kid." Said Cici Rose.

"Hey I am not a rich spoiled kid." Said Ellis.

"But you are rich Ellis." Said Noah Ward.

Ellis was about to say something but cut by someone.

"Officer Wilson?" Said a handsome young man.

"Dr. Williams!" Ellis was surprised to see the handsome young man as he didn't expect to met him.


In Williams Estate

Williams family was a joint family. Austin's family and Ashley's family lived together in Williams Estate. Even if it's a joint family who lived together but most of the time their mansion would be empty.

Austin didn't stay home as he stayed at military base and rarely came home in holidays. Adonis and Mrs. Williams spent most of their time in hospital. Ashley spent his time fooling around and just came back home late night. Ashley's father's lived in Australia for business and rarely came home. Ashley's mother and Mr. Williams stayed at home most of the time. They also went out sometimes with their friends and today was one of that day.

Austin was left alone in their mansion. Adonis and Mrs. Williams went to the hospital. Mr. Williams and Madam Williams who is Ashley's mother went to meet their friends. Ashley's mother is a housewife and manages Williams family that's why she is called Madam Williams. So, now Austin was left alone. He was bored and thought to go out. He called Ashley to accompany him, but Ashley said that he had a date and felt sorry for not accompanying him. Austin sighed.

Austin went to take a shower and dressed up casually. Then his eyes fall on his walk-in closet. There were all his old clothes which didn't fit him now and he didn't brought much clothes with him. So, he decided to go shopping. Then he changed into a white shirt and black pants. After that he left the mansion.

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