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What Elena Lockser wanted was to secure a job in Aiden Inc, which was her dream company and nothing else. She encountered Aiden Crooks, the CEO, also, the man she had been running from all her life, as her interviewer. Aiden Crooks, aside from being the CEO of Aiden Inc, he was an Alpha werewolf, and a single father. He never believed in a second chance mate until he met Elena in his office. Will they get the true love they deserve when obstacles arise to drive them apart?

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34 Chapters
Chapter 1: Meeting the obnoxious Aiden Crook
“Drat!” As if my day wasn't shitty enough because of how late I had woken, an idiot splashed muddy water with his sleek red Audi on me. I didn't see my first ever interview to be this exasperating and exhausting, since I have never had a proper job before. This could be my first job or not, which solely depends on what would be the outcome of the interview. Luckily, the bastard that sped by me had only splashed water on my legs. I brought out the flask filled with water I always carried about and made use of some liquid in it to rinse my leg before stepping to the front of the company's gate. My jaw slackened, and a smile brightened my face as I gazed at the magnificent glass-walled, seven-storey structure which stood in front of me. Aiden Inc. was in the heart of West Vale, and it was hard to miss. It stood near another grand building, which was used as a bank. This side of the town, which was commonly known as District One by the locals, filled with grand corporations which we
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Attraction at first sight
“Is that all?” The girl whose name on her tag reads Kate asked. Her eyebrows puckered, and a small smile played on her lush lips. Her brown eyes darted here and there as if she was frightened I would pounce on her any moment. People often have that impression whenever they come close to me. Except for those that knew how harmless I was. Perhaps it was my six feet, two inches height or the scowl I frequently spot on when I noticed girls were throwing a suggestive wink my way. Whichever it was, I didn't care. What I loathed the most was handling interviews with any applicants interested in the company because the people I frequently leave in charge, most especially Ellen, were too soft-hearted and terribly sympathetic. Thus, accepting the wrong people. It had always been like this since I opted to take care of the family's business. I was the oldest of five children, making it a good choice to take rein of things. Naturally, I was business orientated, whereas my other siblings had
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Weird dream
Elena Groaning, I stretched out my hand whilst searching for my phone, which was on the nightstand. I shielded my eyes as I saw the name on the screen. “How long had I slept for?” I questioned myself, gazing at the clock on the chipped wall, which reads 10: 45 PM. So early to be awake. I wouldn't have much time to sleep anymore, and I hoped that the reason Renee had disturbed my precious nap was for a good reason. I sat up on the small bed, which barely contained the space I had stationed it in. It was close to a small wooden wardrobe next to the nightstand, and my reading table was in the other corner. I did a semi-stretch and swiped up the screen of my phone to answer the call. “Hey,” I murmured, rubbing my eyes. “I'm sorry babes, I keep disturbing you whenever you are sleeping.” She pleaded, making me wonder if she was ever sorry. She said this word all the time, and I was pretty used to it now. “How did the interview go?” “I don't even want to talk or think about it,” I
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ELENA "I still can't believe Aiden Crook is your betrothed," Renee muttered in between swallowing the cereals in her mouth. That mistake again. "Sold to," I said, correcting her slip. She shrugged, dropping the white plastic spoon with her in the cereal bowl. "What matters is you'll get married to him." I winced at the blunt reminder. I didn't know the reason he wished to get married to me, whereas he could get any woman he desired. Heck, if I began working now, I don't know when I would accumulate that amount of money. Still, I believe there was no harm in trying. The most aggravating thing was that he had fixed a wedding date, and I was sure my family weren't aware of it. That jerk and he wasn't even bluffing! "Over my dead body. I'd rather die than see myself married to the pompous idiot." "What do you intend to do about the debt? It's a hundred thousand dollars, baby." She drawled. Her green eyes stayed on mine as she cocked a brow. "Heck, he wouldn't mind if you ma
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Dinner/A new nanny?
AIDEN “So, big bro, will you tell me what that was about earlier today?” Ellen lifted her brows as she stared at me. “What?” I questioned back. Though I knew what she was talking about, I wasn't ready to tell her anything. Not in front of my three other siblings and parents, who now gazed at me with piqued interest. Nosy bunch of people! “That girl, she left your office in anger and almost murdered Claire with the look in her eyes.” Ellen shook her head, chuckling. Perhaps pleased with the scene. I chuckled as I imagined her and Claire going one on one. Claire would no doubt shred her into pieces, yet I wouldn't watch that happen. Anyone that touched her had me to answer to because she was my responsibility, even though she hadn't realized it yet. “Don't give me that look. All the other participants came out and didn't look as if they were about to murder anyone except her. Are you hiding anything from me? Your darling sister?” Ellen blinked her eyes continually, then pouted.
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Dreams and howls
Elena “Aiden…” I moaned out his name as his lips suckled on the soft flesh above my neck. His lips trailed soft kisses down and stopped on my chest. “You are so beautiful.” He mumbled as he observed me with hooded eyes. My nipples hardened under his scrutinizing gaze, and my hands itched to shred his clothing, so I would feel the skin beneath. However, I settled with calling his name. “Aiden please,” “Please what?” He implored, his eyes going dark. “I-I want you,” I sputtered, breathlessly, as he stroked my soaked pants. As if it was only the encouragement he needed. He slipped out of his clothes in a swift movement, drew me closer and tugged my pants off. He braced my thighs under his large hand, and he thrust into me briskly. I jerked awake and felt around for my phone. Except for the light of the moon that streamed in, which illuminated the room a bit, it would have been dark. My brain, fuzzy to where I was, and I blinked away the haziness clouding my eyes. I shivered
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Jensen's Return
AIDENWalking further into the woods, howling echoed around me, but it wasn't as intense as before. Today was one of those full moons. I was out hunting, not because I wanted, instead because of Elena. If I had stayed longer in the room, I might have ripped the gown off her body and taken her till I became satisfied. However, I didn't want her to hate me more than she already did, which could make it difficult to make her mine. I glanced away as Ellen shifted back into her human form. “I noticed some strange things around here a few minutes ago.” She mumbled, kicking at a tangled branch as we walked into the wood. “I do too,” I said whilst sniffing at the air. I couldn't pinpoint what it was, but I knew it meant danger. “Also, a strange scent surrounds your house. Did you take in anyone?” Her gaze drilled into mine for some seconds before she let out a grimace. “Don't tell me you have a human girl at your house!” “Couldn't you at least be reasonable and take the slut elsewher
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Elena I groaned whilst rolling on the bed. My body aches as though I had worked throughout the night, which I hadn't. Opening my eyes, I stared at the white ceiling illuminated by light from the sun for a few seconds before sitting up on the bed. Climbing down, I darted into the bedroom as I felt the powerful urge to urinate. I stood up from the toilet seat after doing my business, flushed, and walked over to the sink.A pout formed on my face as I stared at my reflection in the mirror. My skin was paler than usual, and my eyes seemed lighter, too. My hand went to the back of my back and I felt how warm my temperature was. Perhaps, I am having a fever and the reason I fainted yesterday. Sighing, I bathed my face with cool water, then dabbed it with a brown towel I saw in the bath cabinet. My vision caught a mark on the back of my neck as I was about to leave. I narrowed my eyes whilst surveying it. It was a crescent-shaped mark, etched on the right side of my neck, and I couldn't
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Meeting with the pack
Aiden “What is our next line of action? J. J Is back. He is stronger and faster than ever before. I don't know if he got his power from somewhere, but it was too much force to reckon with.” Ellen stated, grimacing. I had gathered my pack to let them know of the presence of the enemy in town, which I didn't need to tell because it was obvious. The return of J. J yesterday had caused a lot of havoc in the whole of District One.He had confronted several Omegas yesterday, beating them up to a pulp. They all succeeded in escaping his bite, as it was fatal to us all. J. J wasn't just any werewolf. He was a true Alpha and had his clan in the East. He was on everyone's blacklist because of his bloodthirsty nature. “He's stronger because he's been on a killing spree.” Sparkles' gaze left the phone she was on momentarily as she observed everyone in the room. It was an enormous hall, located inside the castle, which my dad had inherited. The castle originally had been here for more than fo
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Chapter 10- Make out with Aiden and secret
Elena I moaned out Aiden's name as he kept sucking on my core. My body quivered under his touch and I yearned for more. I panted whilst watching him with eyes glazed over with desire. He stood up from the bed and yanked off his clothes. Hovering over me, he lifted my body to his and thrust in. Gasping, I jerked awake. However, I let out a moan as I felt a hand at my centre. I blinked the fogginess away from my eyes and gasped when I noticed Aiden stroking me.I bit my bottom lip to see if I was in a trance. However, this was reality and not a dream as my lips drew out blood.“W-what are you doing?” I moaned whilst trying to clamp my legs together. But my treacherous body lifted itself to give him more entrance. “Please stop.” I panted as he increased the pace of the amazement he was doing to my body. I wouldn't deny the amount of pleasure I was feeling because it was my first time. And Aiden doing it to me makes it thrilling. It felt so wrong, yet so right at the same time. He
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