Fighting Fate

Fighting Fate

By:  HF Wesson  Ongoing
Language: English
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Carrie Stewart is determined. Determined, not only to complete her mission, something she has been training for her entire life but also to ensure her mission's total success. So when this headstrong, snarky, sarcastic werewolf realises her Sister's new fiance is her mate, she is determined to resist the bond at absolutely all costs. she will not yield to the connection. Her family comes first, even if he is the best thing for her. She's stubborn like that.Lots of twists, turns, fairy queens, witches, a lot of almost dying, sexual tension, love triangles and one headstrong, impulsive, sarcastic wolf named Carrie

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47 Chapters
Of All The Wolves In Oxford.
I was tired, no scratch that I was absolutely exhausted. Training had been heavy, and my muscles ached as I moved. I flung open the door, headed to the kitchen and almost cried in pure happiness at the sight of the fridge. Food, I thought greedily, my dearest most loyal friend how I have missed your deliciousness. I scanned the shelves for something good to eat, my mind moving to upcoming events.Meg would be home soon, hauling in her new fiance. I hadn't met the bloke yet, they had been on a romantic cruise getaway all summer. Now that they were back, I'll finally be able to see him in the flesh. She sounded happy over the phone and I was happy for her, just a little too tired and sweaty to be excited right at this moment. But then, just as my eyes landed on the grapes, the most incredible scent filled the kitchen. Dark coffee beans dancing impossibly well with the soft freshness of a summer rain "No," I whispered. "No,
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Life Or Death And Flowers
BEN'S POV God, she was infuriating, running off after clawing at my arm like a pup! It was ridiculous. I had surprised myself in the kitchen, my wolf took over in seconds. Normally I have far more self-control, but her scent, my god her scent. It was intoxicating, a spring breeze, somehow mixing with the smell of full, ripe strawberries dipped in chocolate. My wolf went wild. We are mates, we have to be. I knew there was a lot to sort out, a lot to talk about, but for some reason, her refusal to admit to our bond made me furious. I shifted in my seat, unable to concentrate on the movie after coming back into the house. Megan had left, gone to see about wedding flowers. Something she had dubbed, a "floral emergency." I couldn't possibly care less about wedding flowers. They seemed the epitome of irrelevance. But Meg had been planning her wedding since she was in the third grade, I enjoyed being alive way too much to risk questioning her judgment on
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Beds And Betrayal
It was bright. Way too bright. I cracked my eyes open a little more and held my hand up to shield off the light. My whole body ached, feeling heavy against the thin mattress. I sat up a little, watching through the filter of my fingers as Ben's silhouette moved toward me. He stopped in front of me and I dropped my hand, letting my eyes adjust. His gorgeous eyes stared down at me, the supposed hero standing over his wounded damsel. 'Asshole.' I thought. "What the hell Ben?" I demanded, shifting a little in the thin sheets. My wolf didn't put up too much of a fight. We had something very important in common, pride. "You seem to have the roles reversed love, you ran into battle like it was a playground. I get to be angry about this Carrie, not you." I rolled my eyes easily, "It's my job, Ben. I would've gotten home and been fine. I've done it a hundred times over." He growle
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Chocolate Cake And Tablecloths
BEN'S POV "Stubborn, ridiculously stubborn, bordering impossible." Jace laughed quietly, "you did force her into a pack she doesn't want to be a part of." I growled, "Shut up Jace." I continued to pace in front of him while he played with a coin mindlessly between his fingers. "She needs to be protected, this keeps her alive." Jace nodded easily and switched the coin to his other hand, "fine, just don't expect her to cooperate with you." I growled and he laughed again, "what the fuck is so funny?" Jace caught the coin with a metallic snap and looked up at me, his mouth curving into a grin, "I'm imagining her clawing you're cheek." My fists tightened, "And why is that funny?" His smile widened, "because, if anyone forced you into something you didn't want, I think yo
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Pubs And Punching Bags
Carrie left immediately after dinner. I ached to be near her, god knows what the stubborn woman was up to now. Stay I told myself, your fiance is here, you're meant to ache for her. Megan began squealing about napkin colours, it pushed me to the edge. I made a lame-ass excuse and left. If allowed her scent all the way down the street and around the corner to a gym. I sighed at the sight of a girl with chocolate hair weaved into a plait, wearing tights and a crop top, beating the crap out of a punching bag. Every word said the punching bag went swinging. "Stupid"Hit"Controlling" Hit "Son of a, " "Carrie!" I called. **************CARRIE'S POV I turned, he stood watching me, a mixture of anger and amusement dancing in his eyes. "Leave me alone Ben," I said, fixing my plait. His eyes followed my move
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Fights And French Kisses
I flew into the ring, transforming into my wolf as I slid under the ropes and straight into the champion's space.He was a pitch-black wolf with startling blue eyes, we circled each other slowly, then I flew at him, he stepped to the left and bit my side.I spun around my teeth sunk into his shoulder.It was a never-ending faced past dance. We couldn't outdo each other. As soon as one of us gained an advantage others would find one of their own. We swirled around the ring, a mindblowing blur of movement and adrenaline.My wolf was tiring, I needed to transform. Apparently, the Champion had the exact same idea. We became human as if on cue.He pulled me underneath him by my sneakered feet and locked me down by my forearms. His hair was the same pitch black as his wolf's fur and his eyes were the same sparkling blue. We stared at each other, panting. I arched toward him slowly and crushed my lips to his.He responded immediately, his lips moved perfec
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Windy Weather And Witches
That morning was overcast and cool, whether I had always loved.Quickly, I pulled on my skinning jeans, boots and a light grey jersey. Then I brushed my hair into a high pony and wrapped a scarf around my neck for good measure. Armed with a scribbled note, reading a vague excuse, I left the house, leaving the note on the dining room table for Meg to see.The aim of today and the aim of many days to come was to avoid Ben. Hopefully, Meg's wedding plans would keep him occupied for most of the morning. That particular thought brought a sharp pain to my chest and my wolf howled mournfully. I shushed her and buried the feeling, increasing my pace as I walked along the pavement.By seven I was swaying as the bus rumbled beneath me. Eventually, we screeched to a stop and I stepped out, breathing in the slightly salty air. A small wooden sign read, "Welcome to Rosaline."I smiled, I had missed this place. I used to come here with my dad when I was small. Meg used
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Mind Links And Missing Persons
I began walking through the woods, still feeling irritated and confused.  My wolf ached to stretch her paws and I rolled my shoulders, ready to let her take over.Within seconds I was running at super speeds, my paws hitting the ground in a warm heavy rhythm."Carrie?" I spun around but there was nothing."Carrie? Where are you?"I looked all around me but the familiar voice had nobody."Ben?""I'm in your head Carrie, it's a mind link."I growled angrily, "Is this another spell?""It comes with being apart from a pack."I snarled, frustrated that he wasn't there to glare at."Get out of my head asshat.""Where are you, Carrie? Are you safe? Is everything okay?"I rolled my eyes, "that's none of your business.""Stop being difficult, where are you?"Indignance filled me, hot and burning for justice."Leave me alone Ben."He snarled, "Where. Are. You?"
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Blame And Books
I was still pacing. It had been over an hour now, Ben was talking intently to someone over the phone in the kitchen. I heard him hang up and walk into the lounge. My stride didn't falter and I didn't glance his way. "Carrie." I didn't reply. "Carrie." I kept going, trying to block his voice out, frantically trying to plan as I paced. "Carrie!"  His hands were heavy on my shoulders, keeping me in place and forcing me to acknowledge him. "What!?" I demanded. "Calm down." 
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Doubts And Driving
"Dante? How could it possibly be Dante?" I demanded. Ben began pacing in front of us, "It makes sense Carrie. Dante wasn't born into the Gliddian pack. His original pack kicked him out, and he was a rouge until my mother took him in." Ben looked away, his eyes dull as his memory played out in his head. "We were twelve at the time." My eyes widened as listened, but thinking back to the fight. It made sense. Dante had been respectful of Ben, but he was far more comfortable around him than the others. Like a brother. "As far as I know they kicked him out after his father died. But, but the name of his original pack,"
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