Fixing Hearts Request

Fixing Hearts Request

By:  Eon Rowe  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ella Taron met Neil Wilson who is a College Professor that taught her about dating and relationships. She also partnered with him in his solo little club called "Fixing Hearts Request". Ella soon realizes that she has a lot of things to take into her mind especially with friendships and love.

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39 Chapters
Chapter 1
 "Ella, hurry up! Cristabel is looking for you!" I heard my aunt calling me from downstairs. I have no time to choose the clothes from my dresser. Of all the colors required for the event, why does it have to be white? "Just  a second! I'm still looking for a white dress!" I shouted as I slid the
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Chapter 2
  Because of what happened last night, Cristabel was not returning my calls to her. She didn't even give me the details where to send them at least. I know even if that guy bribed me to not take the photos anymore, Cristabel would still take the pictures and give it to the couple. Just like what she told me last night, that we were there to take the happy moments in the event, not because of money. So waiting for her without her giving me at least the details was kinda odd.
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Chapter 3
  I was eating junk food while watching House MD when my phone rang. I picked it up and it was Cristabel calling.  
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Chapter 4
  "Cristabel!" I roared as soon as she answered the phone call. I was still at school, walking like a mad gi
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Chapter 5
We stepped into his office and checked the social media feed of the couple. Neil was the one who was scrolling through the couple's feed, and some of their friends and other connections. I stood right behind him and watched him look at every feed that we could see. The couple looked happy and they have friends who were supportive of their relationship.  
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Chapter 6
  I looked into my camera and stared at every photo that I took at that wedding. I stared at the newly wed couple and they looked really beautiful and happy together. The woman has brunette locks of hair with a huge smile on her face while the man is skinny, has tanned skin and has a chiseled face structure. They both looked good together with all of these pictures. Then a picture of Neil who was standing at the buffet, looking sad among the crowd. And I wonder what are those reaso
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Chapter 7
  I was busy watching tv and eating some snacks when I received a text message. I glanced at it and saw it was a message from an unknown recipient. 
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Chapter 8
  I went to the campus wearing a red tee and mom jeans that were paired with white rubber shoes. It was three in the afternoon and the hallway that I ran through was almost empty, probably because the students have ongoing classes around this time. 
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Chapter 9
 When I got home, I immediately searched those people on a social media platform. I searched Sarah and Alex first since they were going to the same school. Then I looked up their mutual friends. I tried looking for them based on their looks and their first names that we eavesdropped earlier. Also, if they were tagged on a post that was related to the annual event of the campus. And there, I found Sera and Paulo. They have a picture together with smiles on their faces. They really looked cute together and very close. The man is really good looking, compared to that guy that Sera was with earlier. Sera looks happy in all these pictures. But sometimes, you really can’t
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Chapter 10
 Reaching to Paulo, I tapped on his shoulder after being hesitant for a while. He turned around and his brows turned into a quizzical frown. He must be wondering who I am to tap his shoulder like we're close friends. "Hi! Um... so," I paused, thinking how I should ask about Sera. Damn! I should've tho
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