Flying high

Flying high

By:  ROOH  Ongoing
Language: English
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Scarlett rose Williams is 21 year old girl who is leaving her family and home town behind to fulfil her dreams to become a writer at a publishing company in newyork and become sucessful and to make her parents proud. Scarlett has demons which haunts her everyday and she is running away from the past which she is hiding From everyone. How will Scarlett cope up with a new city, New friends, New challenges. What if her past catches up to her in her new life? Will she need a knight in shinning armour? Will she be able to fight her own demons? Follow Scarlett to know her journey.

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the storyline is very refreshing, love independent women a lot. i realy enjoyed reading it..
2021-09-06 21:02:47
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Hello everyone, Author here. I appreciate your feedback please let me know what you think about the story. thank you💜😊
2021-07-17 01:09:37
45 Chapters
1 moving away
I don't know what to think or feel about the situation I am currently in. I am standing in my room feeling excited and nervous too. I am feeling sad for leaving behind everything for my dreams and I am longing for a future that is bright and successful. my mind is in a conflict battling what to choose and how to feel.Sighing I roam my eyes around my room which has a lot of memories some are sweet, some are bitter but this room is like a haven to me saving me from the situations and things that I am running from. Memories with family and friends. This room has seen my tears and smiles, sobs, and laughs.After the memory lane, I resumed packing my stuff and making sure everything is packed in the bags I left my
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2 New beginnings
It took me three hours to reach New York. from green port new York is two and a half hour route but due to my snail-like driving, it took me an extra half an hour to reach.I sat in my car looking around my surroundings deep in thoughts. thoughts that didn't give any positivity to me. thoughts that are slowly destroying my confidence and making me insecure. Thoughts of my survival in New York City alone without my home and my family, thoughts which are gonna give me doubts like, what if I fail to survive and fail to adopt a new environment.what if this is not a new beginning but a disaster?Sighing I get down from the car and unloaded my bags. I am standing in front of my apartment. I have seen the ad online t
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3 First day in many days
I woke up to the sound of my alarm blaring."shut up" I rolled to the side to stop that devil which is my alarm and went back to sleep.The second time I woke up feeling something heavy on me and it crushes me."Ahhhhhhhhh! I yelled my lungs out."Stop yelling scar". Zay said laughing out loud.I opened my eyes to see that the weight crushing me is none other than zay and she is laughing her ass off."Get off of me, you hippo! What the bloody hell zay, you look skinny but you are crushing me into the bed and I feel like someone is crushing me with a stone" I said while trying to get her off of me.She gasps and said dramatically"take that back scar"" What if I don't take it back," I said sassily." I am gonna count 1 to 3 if you won't take it back then see what will happen," she said threatening me."Stop being a drama queen Zay," I said while gettin
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4 Upcoming storm
It's been weeks since our first day to uni. I am loving it so far. I have been laughing and smiling genuinely no more faking. And the credit goes to my two best friends who have become sisters to me. Zayreen has become a mama bear to lilly and me. Lilliana became a strict but lovely elder sister to me and Zay. Life with them I have never expected to be this. I miss my family too but I am being contented here. I have talked to my parents regularly and face timing too.The main thing I have done is gotten a job in a cafe and I am earning my own money which I am spending on my necessities. The cafe is my second safe place other than my room. I am managing both uni and cafe pretty much well. People here in New York don't have time to judge people and that is the good thing that happened to me.My daily routine is to wake up in the morning breakfast with Lilly and Zay then to university and from there to the cafe. my shift ends at 6 in the evening. by ev
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Knight in shining armour
I am dreading this day and it's already noon. I just have 2 to 3 hours left for the party. I don't know why but iam feeling like something is going to happen and these past few days are my best days. I have been living in a shell for the last year but here in New York with lilly and Zay, it feels like there had been nothing bad that happened in the past. I have been miserable for the past year and this one month in New York with lilly and Zay shows me I can be happy again, I can laugh wholeheartedly again. I can survive a a day without a panic attack and I can breathe without feeling like someone is judging me. It took 2 hours to get ready. Zayreen gave me a red dress which comes to my knees and has thin straps on my shoulders and it fits like a glove. She did my hair and makeup which consists of smokey eyes and curls.zay added some volume to my brown hair by curling. My grey eyes are looking alive with smokey color and at last with a Scarlett red lipstick.She is
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6. Waking up to the Brown eyes
Darkness is what Iam seeing and feeling. iam in a dark alley surrounded by dark shadows. there is no escaping from them. the dark figures are coming towards me confining between them making me hard to breathe. I don't know how but one minute I am surrounded by the dark figures and the next minute I am running from them and they are chasing me.iam running for my life but where I don't know .there is nothing around me but darkness. I can hear my heartbeats which is beating rapidly and I feel breath on my neck of the dark figures and I am having goosebumps all over my body. Suddenly I stumbled upon something and I fell. iam on the ground and I am hearing footsteps nearing me. like a magnet, the ground is sucking me down and my body is glued to the ground, and Iam unable to move forward. my heart is in my mouth due to fear of getting caught by the dark figures and my breathing is coming rapidly and I am sweating all over. I
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7. Hot Chocolate and Brown eyes
It's been two weeks since that night and iam able to forget that something had happened that night. if I would have that old Scarlett I would have been still in that trance crying every night to sleep and the nightmares would have become frequent but no, I am having nightmares just two or three times but every time the dark figures chase me I am being pulled by something precisely someone with brown eyes. Sighing for the nth time I started working on my assignments. I have been doing my assignments for two hours and still didn't reach a certain would have completed one hour before but with all the distractions I am not able to concentrate on it. After trying to concentrate and continue the assignment I gave it up. Without putting your 100% you can't complete anything. I left my room to check up on lilly and zayreen. It's Sunday and after breakfast, I went to my room to finish my project and I don't know what they are up to.&
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8. Match Makers?
Two fudging hours? Iam waiting for lilly and Zay for two hours and still there is no sign of them. I have been on my third drink. I don't know how to start a conversation and neither is he starting anything. He has his head in his phone from the past two hours and other than that once in a while he glances my way at the same time I lift my head. It is so hard to sit in front of him not talking anything just stealing glances. Yeah! I don't like to talk much and iam an extrovert but stil
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9. Stranger Danger!?
  Iam currently sitting in university's library preparing for the test which is going to be on Friday and today is wednesday.i know I have one more day to prepare but iam not the kind of student who wastes one second of their time for their tests and that's what Iam doing currently preparing notes.
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10. When Two Drama Queens Met
  I left library after taking important points for my topic for the test and taking some more books on feminism and women empowerment from the library.It's five in the evening when I entered our apartment. I opened the door and met
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