Forbidden Desires

Forbidden Desires

By:  lingchenxi  Ongoing
Language: English
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Eighteen-year-old and naive, Winter admires her parents' relationship and wishes to have a sweet love story of her own, but of all people, she is in love with her future brother-in-law, Hans. On the night after her sister's engagement with Hans, Winter spends the night with him, believing they would go on their respective paths the next day. However, one thing leads to another, and Winter devises a plan to elope with her now brother-in-law. But what happens when Winter's plans go awry and she is sent into the future by accident? Will Winter ever find her true love?

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Another banging book. I appreciate your work and creativity. bring it on author. ...
2022-09-20 14:25:09
8 Chapters
Chapter 1 The Beginning
Outside the cavern, the sky thundered. Yet, I took no notice of what was happening. My eyes sting from how I had been crying. All because of him, Hans. He was the man of my heart, yet he could never be mine.He was the orphan that my parents took in when I was no more than a child of six. Apart from the fact that he is the lost child of my mother’s senior, I do not know much about his past, because he rarely speaks. Over the years, I followed him wherever he went, not letting him out of my sight. I discovered that when Hans was lonely, he loved to hide in a cavern in the woods away from Tyi or on the soft grasslands of the neighbouring meadow. Tyi was the village we lived in.Eventually, one day, he began opening up to me. When I was fifteen, we shared a kiss. We began meeting alone in the cavern, starting a forbidden relationship. Though we kept to our boundaries, I knew one day that it would all change. I planned to have it happen, that when I reached eighteen, we would reveal the
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Chapter 2 Used Again
After that night with Hans when I lost my virginity, I locked myself in my bedroom for three days and three nights, bawling to the monsoon rain that continued to afflict the village with their agriculture.On the morning of the fourth day, my mother and I had an abrupt quarrel.“I told you that I loved Hans, mother!” I almost raised my voice at her. “Why did you arrange for him and Autumn to be married?”My mother remained indifferent. I felt that she had always treated me as the black sheep of the family, because of my lack of powers. Both my father and mother had powers of their own. Their powers revolved around fighting evils and protecting Tyi from the probable forces that threatened it.My mother was a renowned Hunter. My father, who was from the future, possessed guarding powers and hence became a protector of the village. They were both emblems of good. I never felt that I could ever surpass them, due to my lack of powers.While my brother had slain uncountable evils and gained
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Chapter 3 Punishment
After Hans left, I lay in my bed in a daze. I had been lying there for goodness knows how long when I looked up and then saw Autumn in the room. While I lacked a good relationship with either of my siblings, Autumn was more of a neutral type and for some reason, I had wanted to sympathize with her in whatever she did. However, after sleeping with Hans, a pang of guilt engulfed my heart instead, and I refused to face her, instead turning towards the wall.Autumn lay down beside me on the bed in her attempts to coax me. As she came closer, I realised I was still naked under the sheets and pulled the blanket around me more tightly. She stared at me with a strange look in her eyes. I knew instantly it had something to do with my nakedness, obvious from my bare shoulder blades. Her words confirm my suspicion. My sister, despite being older than me by four years, could be rather daft in her words.“Winter, how did you ever become so provocative? As far as I recall, you never slept in the
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Chapter 4 Decision
Soon, I realised something was amiss as his rough kisses bruised my lips. He pressed me as hard as he could on the cold rock that I was sitting on earlier, sending chills through me. Every landmark in Tyi, including this rock was magical, and the cold froze me from inside my body.What had happened to the weak and shy man that night in the cave when I professed my feelings and asked him to take my first time? I shuddered as I realised how monstrous he was right now. With a single stroke, he ripped apart my robe and tore off my undergarments, throwing the tattered strips of clothing aside in the darkness of the woods. How savage.I pulled myself from his lips forcefully. “Hans, what is this violence? Is that needed?”“You deserve to be punished, Winter,” he laughed evilly and pulled my feet apart without asking. His savage actions make me weak and exposed before him and in contrast to the previous love sessions we had, I feel like a victim instead of a willing party. Yet, I wanted to e
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Chapter 5 Indecency
I woke up with his robe covering my bare body, shivering in the coldness of the night. Fortunately, my parents never bothered to check up on me if I was at home. Otherwise, they would have suspected me of sneaking out late at night to indulge in indecent behaviour. Such actions were highly condoned in Tuyi, as maidens were expected to keep themselves pure for marriage. But my mother was different since she was raised with sword-fighting training and born with innate powers. She didn’t meet the definition of “maiden”, so why should I? Hans was still asleep, with his arm lodged deep in my bosom. Silently, I disconnected him from my body and crept towards the lake to watch my reflection under the bright moon. Removing Hans' robe slowly, I observed the marks he had left on my naked body.I had very fair skin, snow-white by definition, which went very well with my name, Winter. My skin got bruised easily, which Hans knew. I didn’t understand what he stood to gain by leaving these marks. D
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Chapter 6 Rejecting Charley
--A few days later--My mother has sent me on an errand. But unlike any other day, it is the pesky fly Charley who is following me. He takes his position at guarding my back like a docile pet. I know it is useless to say anything to my mother, who has her eyes on him as her future son-in-law, so I pretend he is invisible. Charley's father Gerald was once a human, cursed with demonism. His mother, Jane, was my mother’s best friend. My mother had run into Gerald during her travels in the futuristic world. There, Gerald had vowed to protect her all his life. When my parents time-travelled back to Tyi, he had joined them to spend the remnants of his long lifespan in Tyi. As Gerald had earned many merits helping my mother, she regarded him as her benefactor.Although Charley is half-demon and half-human, the old shaman of Tyi made a sacrifice during Aunt Jane's pregnancy. He parted with more than hundreds of years of cultivation to ensure that demonism did not manifest in her unborn child
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Chapter 7 Truly His
Before Charley could say anything more, I slammed the door in his face.“What was that?” my mother asked. “The wind,” I snickered. She shook me off as if I was crazy. I walked to the kitchen and dropped off her five packs of herbs. Then I climbed up the steps with the remaining two packs, entering my room. My mother doesn’t notice as she was engrossed with knitting a scarf for my father, who has gone out with Uncle Gerald.If I stayed a moment longer to speak to my mother, she would try to bring up the engagement with Charley, which I was uninterested in at all. I was already hopelessly in love with Hans, and nothing could ever change that. Once I have made up my mind, nothing can change my decision. Thinking about Hans and my sister just drove me nuts. I pushed open the door of my room and searched for more porcelain items to smash, but there were none. Then I let out a scream, one after another, until I felt exhausted. After goodness knows how many hours have passed, I put away
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Chapter 8 Their Happiness, My Regret
A few more days before the wedding, Hans doesn’t visit, leaving me to my own devices. Although I often felt used and under his control when he lured me to do his bidding, I genuinely enjoyed the pleasure of his touching and groping. For me to sink into the depths of an unexplainable sin was genuinely beyond me. Hans called me lusty, but nobody could talk to who would understand how I felt.Tonight, he was busy preparing as a member of the Yang family rather than a son-in-law. Half an hour ago, I slunk away as I saw how excited Autumn was about their impending wedding. But after I saw how Hans had her sash days ago, it made me wonder if she cannot perform the duties of a wife. After all, how would Han smell of her fragrance and possess the sash she wears over her clothes?That night, my whole body burned. I knew that I desired to fill the gap between my legs, and by no doubt, I was embarrassed that I want him so desperately inside me. I had thrown away the contraceptive herbs that I ha
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