Forbidden but true

Forbidden but true

By:  Glory  Ongoing
Language: English
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Linda has the power to burn vampires to a crisp. The problem is, she doesn't know it yet. And unfortunately for her she's in love with one. And not just that she's yet to discover the mystery behind her extistance and who she truly is. When linda mucus moves to South Carolina, she meets Luke, a blond goofball who quickly becomes her best friend, and Evans, a mysterious bad boy who sends shivers down her spine. Linda knows they're keeping secrets, but when she discovers Evans lust for blood and her own dormant mystical powers, and the fact that she's also a demon Linda is forced to fight for her life and make the heartbreaking decision between protecting the congregation and the fiery passion of love.

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6 Chapters
The new student
As Linda waited in line for a parking spot, she studied the sprawling two-story building that took up her entire line of vision. A stone engraving read "Charleston County High School" and Linda sighed at the daunting brick walls before her. Already she could tell it had a layout much different from the private school she had attended in New York, with numerous buildings sandwiched between corporate skyscrapers and spread out over a few city blocks. The students wandered here at a pace much different from the bustle she had grown used to during the past five years spent at the boarding school that she had begged her parents to attend. But last year her father had been laid off, and she knew she would be back home for her senior year.Her family had lived in Charleston for about four years, but linda had never met anyone during her summers home. This would be new for her—a huge school that she would definitely get lost in and tons of people who had probably never even heard of The Met.
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He's rude
The rest of class passed rather quickly as Linda decided she liked Mr. Bell more and more. He was a young teacher who treated them like friends rather than students. Unlike her teachers in New York, she could tell Mr. Bell truly loved teaching, and it wasn’t just a job."Hey Luke," she asked when class ended and the students all dispersed. "What was that at the beginning of class? I thought you said you barely knew anything about those guys.""I don’t, Linda. I don’t know anything but a mutual disgust. Can we just leave it at that?"She nodded okay but it wasn’t sincere. Something had to have caused that much hatred. At first, linda thought maybe Diana and Luke used to date, but it seemed less like jealousy and more like something else, something intense that she couldn’t quite put her finger on.The rest of the day passed uneventfully, and Linda didn’t see Luke again. After finishing her last class, she retreated to her car, totally spent.On her way home, Linda stopped at the superm
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Confront him
When linda arrived at school the next day, Luke was waiting for her outside the entrance. She was happy for the escort but wanted to try walking herself to class to test her memory of the layout. Luke let her lead, which resulted in two miss-turns and a five-minute tardy to class, but she had still gotten them there on her own, which was something.In no time, linda’s morning classes whizzed by, and she was sitting with her newfound friends in the cafeteria, feeling like she had an actual place in the school."Dude, Wonder Woman is definitely hotter than Catwoman," Luke said to Miles. The two had been in a heated debate since their teacher had mentioned comic books in chemistry class."No way man, Catwoman is totally badass and she wears a leather costume. Leather!""Okay, Wonder Woman wears a bathing suit, has super human stamina, and can fly," Luke argued, mouth hanging open in disbelief that they were even still talking about the subject."Catwoman has a whip.""Wonder Woman has an
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The beach
The next morning, linda was jarred awake by a booming alarm, dragging her out of that perfect place between being asleep and being awake, when everything seemed so serene. She flopped her hand on the clock to shut it off, stretched her muscles, and then rolled over to see sunbeams filtering through the yellow sheers on her window.Beautiful, she thought, still trying to hold on to that limbo.After a few minutes, she was finally awake enough to stand and start preparing for the beach. Flinging the curtains aside, linda let the sun warm through her before heading toward the closet to find the perfect bikini and cover-up combo. The white bedazzled two-piece might be too flashy, and her new brown one didn’t really go with her hair, so linda decided on her new kelly green bikini that would definitely flatter her hair and maybe even her eyes. She threw on her favorite beach cover-up, a pink and green polka-dotted strapless dress she picked up last summer, and flip-flops to prevent from see
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Linda saw the set approaching and, like Luke had said, let the first and usually smallest wave go by. She started paddling for the second one and felt the acceleration when the wave latched onto her. Quickly, Linda lifted her upper body, smoothed her foot along the board until it came perpendicular to her knee, flung her left leg to the front of the board and stood as quickly as she could. She waited to lose her footing, to slip off of the edge, but that moment never came. She paid close attention, never letting the board wobble too much and trying to hold her own against the water rushing her toward the shore.This is exhilarating, Linda thought. The excitement mounted with every moment that she didn’t fall and with every increase in her speed. When she finally felt herself slow down and saw the sandy beach through the water, linda threw her hands up in the air, leaped off her board, and jumped up and down, splashing water everywhere.Luke and Dave rolled in on the third wave, only s
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Chapter six
During the car ride home from the hospital, Kira tried to drone out the lectureher parents were offering from the front seat. Surfing is dangerous, blah blahblah. She put her hand to her scalp and felt the five stitches that had been sewnthere to hold her skin together. Truthfully, she was just relieved it had been theback of her head—losing a little hair was nothing compared to having a scar onher face.Beside her, Kira's little sister was starting to nod off. She pulled Chloe'shead over so it rested on her lap and ran her hand through her sister’s silkybrown hair, looking outside at the moss-covered trees passing by.Mildly distracted, she did her best to respond to her mother at thenecessary moments, so she would think Kira was listening. But as the lecturedroned on, Kira reached her hand up to the back of her head a second time andfinally realized how close she had come to drowning—a fact she would nevertell her parents. She didn’t even remember getting out from under t
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