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What Giordana Quinton never expected was to receive a marriage proposal from Philip Forbes; An A-class jerk she met at her best friend's wedding. Giordana and relationships were two words that never got along after getting heartbroken on the first try. All she wants is to achieve her dreams of becoming a world-renowned cardiologist until a certain man pops up from nowhere with a marriage proposal. Mistakes are made, hearts are broken and plans are thwarted. How will she be able to handle the full package that comes with Philip Forbes?

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83 Chapters
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THE WEDDING. Giordana.We arrived at the Trinity Church, New York, where the wedding was being held.
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T H R E E.
THE WEDDING PARTY. Giordana. The wedding ceremony was concluded and we all went back to the hotel to change outfits for the wedding party.Ella suggested a wedding party instead of reception, for young adults that is. She also requested me to perform a song for them at the party.
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F O U R.
THE UNEXPECTED VISIT.Giordana.One month later.Staring out of my office window at the drizzling rain, I felt a sense of peace and calm. Spring had always been my favorite season.
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F I V E.
TOUGH WOMAN. Philip.Striding out of Giordana Quinton's office, anger was the only emotion I felt.The woman is tougher than I expected. Aside from the fact that she's quick-witted, she's also very daring and except for my parents, no one has ever spoken to me that way.
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S I X.
THE PLAN.Philip.As soon as that statement left my lips, my father looked like he had seen a clown; an unamusing one that is.
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S E V E N.
A SHOCKING NEWS.Giordana.Concluding another consultant session with an arrhythmia patient, I leaned back on my chair thanking God that it went well and the patient wa
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E I G H T.
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N I N E.
DEAL WITH THE DEVIL.Giordana.The feeling of the spring sunshine covering my face like a warm blanket awakened me from my deep slumber. It took me a moment to realize
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T E N.
HOME.I smiled in triumph as he passed the paper over to a sulking Philip Forbes who signed it briskly."Alright, goodbye Mr. Forbes, Miss Quinton. I should be on my way going now," Mr. Morton spoke shoving the contract papers into
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