"Get off me!" screamed Caramel. She struggled while hitting Kenzo's back, when this man led her to the secret room, in Kenzo's office.

Caramel had wanted to escape through Kenzo's window. She intends to break the window glass. But failed, because Caramel became silent for a few seconds, when she realized the height below.

Then before Caramel dodged any further, Kenzo had already lifted her body.

"Ounch ..." moaned Caramel, when Kenzo threw her body on the bed.

Caramel's body slammed there and her head felt dizzy. As Caramel gathered his consciousness for a moment, Kenzo suddenly grabbed her leg, causing her to slide downwards.

"What are you doing?!" shrieked Caramel hysterically.

Kenzo began to crawl over Caramel's body. Kenzo caught both of her hands, he tied Caramel's hands with the tie previously taken over the nightstand.

"Do you thin

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