Enslaved By Apocalypse

Enslaved By Apocalypse

By:  Alexis Moon  Ongoing
Language: English
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Humanity is on the verge of extinction. "I am willing to sacrifice myself, my love, and re-establish Earth as a safe haven for human beings in order to save mankind," a group of five gifted young scientists pledged. Kavya's life is turned upside down when she discovers her planet is being controlled by Xenomorphs from another planet. What's worse, they've been ruling over them for 50 years and are extremely powerful supernatural beings. She decides to form an underground Human Armies Organization with her team members to fight them, but the chances of victory is 1%, and a lot of courage is required to do so secretly in their world system. "How will KAVYA and her team members deal with the impending disaster of war?"

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Good story
2022-10-27 19:33:53
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I should say, this is amazing. This is not my first time reading science fiction, but this one is interesting and romantic ... hehehe looking forward for more
2021-11-24 22:33:54
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Ink Shadow
Omg I got sofa?! It's a great book with a very exciting opening! Don't miss out! Looking forward to more chapters pleaseeee!
2021-11-24 15:34:33
159 Chapters
Choose to read : New World System
 "Set up space Astronauts to fight the war, and appoint everyone from all over the world. I believe we should appoint every man who knows how to fly a plane because we need more manpower. We have no idea why we are facing such calamity." "Excuse me, sir, our two spaceships have been reduced to ashes by them." "What are you talking about? How is that possible? It just launched into space, and before they could do anything, they attacked our spaceships! What is going on?" The head of NASA growled at the workers who were reporting every single moment of the spaceships and rockets that were sent to fight with xenophorm warships but were burned to ashes in a matter of seconds. Every country's space organisation was busy modifying their technologies to avoid becoming prey to the Xenomorphs, but the attack of extraterrestrial beings was powerful. They soon arrived in the Earth's atmosphere, acc
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The old diary
  "They're coming... What have you done, Cavalli? Do you have any idea what's going to happen in the next few years? They are approaching the Earth at an unknown speed, and we have no idea what technologies they possess!! We've messed up..."   I said to Roberto Cavalli, who didn't seem too concerned. I was irritated and anxious because of his emotionless face, but I controlled my rage and asked him again, "What are your plans right now? How are you going to stop them?" But he remained silent, with no response, no emotions, no sense of remorse for what he had done.   His mysterious and silent personality has always pissed me. But this time he's gone too far.   "Roberto Cavalli was my student, but he has far superior thinking abilities than I do."He was far more imaginative than others, which is exactly what NASA requires: "someone who can imagine more creatively and bring them to an unimaginable world
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Innocent girl
She dashes downstairs, where the entire family is chatting and laughing in the large living room. The room was furnished with various pieces of modern furniture, and it had large glass windows that were covered with light-colored curtains to allow sunlight to shine through. "Hello, uncle."She smiled at Ivaan's Dad, who was sitting next to her.Everyone's attention is drawn to her.  "Hello there, sweetheart. How are you?"David Watson returned her greeting with a warm smile. He was a man in his forties dressed in an Army uniform. His short army cut hair complemented his strong facial features, which described his responsibilities as Army general. He appears to be more lively than young people. "I'm fine, uncle. Where is Ivaan?" "Umm..he said... he'll wait in your room." "Hello there, girl. Is this how you're supposed to commu
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Sudden meeting
"All right, let's get started."She climbs onto the back seat of his motorcycle. "Can you stop acting like a child? In this manner, you will cause my bike to suffer." *PUNCH RECEIVED* "Concentrate on your flight. If I fall, I'll drag you down with me." "All right, but your punch was really strong." "I know that," she admitted shamelessly. After all, she had met him after three years and wanted to spend more time with him because he had been too busy with his studies at Traskya Orga 1's top university. And he'll be going back in a month. They were about to reach the PlayStation when Kavya's gaze was drawn to the ground, where young boys were boarding a plane. "Hello there, Ivaan. Where are they going in such large groups?" "Who? I don't believe I can see any large groups in the sky!"
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Deserted island
 "What? Why?" Kavya casts another narrow glare at him, reminding him of what she would do if he didn't do as she said. Ivaan frowned and gave a disapproving glance at the young man who was choking on his laughter. "I know you're enjoying our fight, but if I don't listen to her, she'll let my dad scold me when I get home."He murmured, copying the data into his watch by exchanging the share laser beam option. Which was one of Trasykian's many inventions. This technology allows you to share data by simply exchanging laser beam lights with the other person.Any armour, such as a wrist watch, covered head armour, chest armour, and so on, can be laser copied. The only stipulation was that it should contain a laser beam. He turned off his laser light flashing after finishing the copying process, which took less than 10 seconds. "All right
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Sudden encounter
"Blood," Kavya exclaimed in shock.. "Where the hell is the switchboard? I'm not getting why this place is so dated." He screamed in frustration, his hands searching for the switchboard on the wall. "Wait, I'll open the windows."She slid open the window, allowing the sun's rays to flood the room with light. They were both taken aback by what they had just witnessed after the light had illuminated the previously dark room. The floor was splattered with blood, and the furniture was drenched in it. "What happened here?"Her inquisitive question, full of concern for Harry's mother reflected in her voice. "I believe a killing occurred here; otherwise, why would this place be so bloody?"He muttered something. "What the hell are you saying, I can't even hear yo..." Before she could
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Special forces of space military
"Isn't that official who's kicking Traskyian, and that guy who's taking his brutal kicks one of us?" That is, this is a place where ordinary people live, but why are they treated so poorly in comparison to city dwellers? "I'm still wondering who killed Harry's mother so brutally." "Hey, where are you busy?"Ivaan's voice jolted her out of her reverie. "Ahh Yes." "Run. Someone is on their way, I believe."He whispered, pointing to the downstairs, where she could hear footsteps. "However, I need to get some answers here..."Before she could say anything, Ivaan scooped her into his arms and tiptoed up the stairs without making a sound. She remained silent, her mind preoccupied with her own thoughts. Her grandfather's written text was revolving inside her head, but then her eyes matched Ivaan's. His f
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He is out of your league
Ivaan was taken aback when he heard the words "military academy." Is Kavya insane? Doesn't she know it's illegal to enter any security organisation without permission? It's also a high risk factor to attend a military academy where you could be shot dead if they don't find you one of them. "Hey, girl, we're not going there. Simply abandon your plan to give the diary to Harry, or whoever he is. We'll parcel him later. Are you listening...?" Ivaan was acting like a fool to her, she had already walked towards the plane to get inside, leaving him babbling by himself. "I'm going to die today with her. Dad, I'm sorry I won't be able to see you last time."He murmured as he walked behind her, wearing his helmet. Kavya turned back to see him, removed her helmet's glass and smirked at him as he approached from behind her. He can't leave her alone and she was well aware of this. "He
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Supernatural powered armour
Ivaan's astute response to the officer astounded Kavya. She smiled awkwardly because she was afraid he wouldn't be able to handle the situation.The officer who questioned them was pleased with his response as well. It was, indeed, a good one. "Ah! I am so sorry young gentlemen. Let us open the door for everyone; otherwise, going one by one will take a long time." The other officers who were with him agreed with his suggestion.When one of them inserted his identity card, the gate detector swung open. "Come on gentlemen, get inside." The officers ordered the candidates to enter before the door closed. Well, let me explain. The I'd of officers has the authority to open the entrance for 5 minutes. So, in just a few minutes, thousands of candidates entered hurriedly but in line. The candidates were led through a lighted corridor where their physica
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Lightsaber Fight
"The engines have started; you are ready to use me, master."Both of their powered armours were activated by this electronic voice. Ivaan and Kavya exchanged glances before taking off at breakneck speeds. The academy went on alert after only 5 seconds of their activation. "Alert! We have two foreign passcode servers using our armour." This announcement was made in every corner of the academy, alerting all candidates, officers, and employees.The security guards were assigned to different corridors throughout the academy. They had detectors that could detect foreign passcodes.  The main issue for them was that they couldn't stop or disconnect the civilian server in the academy because it was all connected by satellite. If they disconnect the civilian server, the public will be in complete chaos. They were both running like bullets to avoid being det
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