Chapter 12 - Ghostly Hours

*Olivia Jillian Hunters' POV*


Staring at my unconscious self makes me feel a bit hopeless. Why can't I go back inside? What is the matter? What is the right thing to do to make it work?

I sighed and decided just to leave the room. I will get back here after I hear anything from my father about my condition. I want to know his reason for agreeing just to let me die if ever I won't show obvious signs of getting better after fourteen days. I am just wondering why I am a ghost. Maybe I'm really dead. But no, I believe I can go back, that I am still alive. Perhaps a little longer is all I need to get better. But fourteen days is like... Shit. Especially if I really did not show any improvements since the time I got into that accident.

Maybe I just need to sleep here, and perhaps i

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