Chapter 16 - Gloom

*Sydney Roswell's POV*


"Hey, Syd! Are you sure that you are not going to ride with us home later?" My cousin asked me while we were eating lunch at the academy's canteen, and I nodded my head in response. 

"Yep. You can go ahead. It might take me an hour tutoring Yasmine at the library." I answered and took a bite of my sandwich, and I saw on the side of my eyes that Vidia was about to get my apple juice box; then, I slapped her arm.

"Ouch! I need just a sip." She retorted and still got the empty thing, and I smirked when she looked disappointed in finding out that it had nothing inside. She already finished hers, yet she can't get enough.

"Alright, I still have to go somewhere, too. And that means I won't be riding with you

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