Chapter 15 - Goodness Gracious

*Olivia Jillian Hunters' POV*


Feeling all of the confusing sensations a person could feel, Grace and I slowly turned our heads to the girl who owned the laptop, where there are pictures that look so familiar with the people we both knew. And I am having a hard time believing and repudiating the possible reason why there are pictures of Sydney and Harvey on Daisy's computer. Could she be the one who gave me those pictures? Why would she do so?

I noticed that Grace's face is turning red, and she's been taking a deep breath. And I truly know that she is angry, but she's trying to hold it. Instead of confronting our friend, she scrolled something in the computer, then opened a folder named Photoshop XFiles. I tried to see what was in there, yet it was empty. I know what Grace would want to see. The pictures- the edited ones.<

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