Chapter 17 - My Hero, Where Are You?

*Olivia Jillian Hunters' POV*


I sat on my bed, wondering where did everyone else go as I arrived home and found that no one was around. All who are left here are Mimi, and Mr. Gubbels, our gateman. Dad and Candice must have taken Jonas with them back to New York City earlier tonight.

My father mentioned that they would be spending time with my unconscious body back there before I totally depart from the world of the living— my remaining time is coming shorter and shorter.

Ugh, this just sucks so much. Why do I have to experience this kind of situation? Maybe I am just unlucky naturally.

Though I don't want to die yet, I guess I have no other choice but to accept it maybe. What else can I do, right? I have been trying to go back i

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