Chapter 7 - Blame On Me

*Sydney Roswell's POV*


"Why the f*ck would they blame it on me? Was I the one driving the freaking car? Don't they know the meaning of the word accident? They should blame the truck driver! Or OJ herself." I contented trying to sound fine, but I'm very far from being one. This sh*t is insane.

"That's what I have been desperately trying to tell them the whole damn night," Vidia replied in a bit of frustration.

And I turned my head to Kevin when he said, "But some others are insisting that if you didn't snatch her boyfriend, she couldn't have broken up with him yesterday and went home so early that then lead her to an accident because she could have driven while out of her mind because of madness and a broken heart. And it was all because of you, Syd. Some said that if they cou

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