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--------------- No matter how fast you run away, it’s rare to hide from your destiny.........! Because destiny has its own way to find you.......! ---------------- Rachael Santiago, the most powerful stoicheiódis (the Greek word for elemental) in the history, with her ability to control four elements of the earth, air, water, fire, and lighting. She is known as a lethal weapon, with her special gifts and darkness to kill mercilessly as a mafia queen, nobody dares to challenge her...., until now. What would happen when Xavier meet Rebel? Will he be able to redeem her from the shadows of her past and make her accept him as her significant other? And let go her unknown revenge which she is eager to take? What will happen when she found out real identity of Xavier? Continue reading to finds out the hidden secrets of Supernaturals Secret society, Synx. -------------------

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9 Chapters
Chapter -1 “Rise of Rebel”
--- “No matter how fast you run, you can't hide from your destiny because destiny has its way of finding you.” --- A tiny figure was running in the darkness of the alleyway. A fourteen-year-old girl, huffing, struggling to get enough oxygen for her lungs to function smoothly. Her tiny frame was trembling like a leaf, cheeks stained with tears. She was holding a shiny object in her shaky hands close to her chest, as if her life depended on it. The girl was none other than I, Rachael Santiago, the daughter of Raphael and Vanessa Santiago. My parents were council members of a secret society of supernaturals, Synx, and the owners of Santiago groups of companies. Supernatural, gifted, or part-human, you name it. In short, humans carry magic in their lineage. We could do stuff other people can only dream of or either pulled in movies. Every member of the special families, or as we called clans, has different and unique gifts of their own. We carried our gift from birth. We could feel
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Chapter -2 “Kings”
---------------Sitting in my office, I was trying to reach my contacts for help; I knew I couldn’t stand a chance against them, alone.I called my alliance like a thousand times, but every time whether it was unavailable, switched off, or complete ‘no’ in answer. I should have known that nobody would dare to step against the Kings. I cried out with frustration and threw my phone into the wall facing me to let the useless gadget crash into pieces. Before I ambled to open my weapons vault. I knew what I thought before perpetrating a suicidal plan, but I wouldn’t go to beg for mercy either, no. Never. It stated as the first rule of the underworld: ‘shoot first or be ready to die.’ I’m Ryker Romano, a mafia boss from whom people feared, a dangerous killer, merciless monster until she came into the game.I loaded my gun, ready to end what I started when my office doors burst open to show Liam, my right-hand man. He came rushing by my side, panting heavily. A combination o
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Chapter -3 "New Recruit"
--------------------- After killing Italian’s leader, Ryker Romano. I marched straight to my office, located on the 2nd floor. This floor contained my office and suite. It was Evan’s before. He loathed the idea of someone going through his stuff and gang’s details. I opened the spare door to my suite and hopped into the second door inside my room, which turned out to be the bathroom. Turning on the water, the white glass sink turned red. I washed my bloodied hands and face. I glared at my reflection in the mirror. I flinched when the face looking back from the mirror was not mine but a girl with pale skin, dark brown hair, and grey emotionless eyes. I didn’t know this girl, but I saw her running in a dark alley in my dreams so many times that I lost count. I never recognized her, but the shiny thing in her hands was something I remembered. I could tell she was running from someone to save her life. I shut my eyes and tried to escape from this horrible nightmare, but
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Chapter -4 "Xavier"
Xavier P. O. VLoud cheering and thumping of fists on the metal walls making the surface of the ring tremble with motion. My breathing is heavy, as blood is pouring out of my jaw.With every passing second cheering for my name is continuously increasing, inflicting a sharp pain in my skull. I opened my eyes to look at the crowd gathered in the ring before turning to my opponent who was grinning at his masterwork. He is certain I have no strength left to jump on my feet now, but is it true?Hell no! I gush in a deep breath before getting a firm grip of the metal wires wall and jumping back to my feet. My opponent growled in frustration before coming running towards me with his full speed to knock me out.Seriously? I will be damned if I give him an opening this time. I ca
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Chapter -5 "Entering Her Dan"
<Xavier POV>---------------Curiosity gets the best of me. I came back from the club late at night and went to the gym early in the morning. Today was the day I had been waiting for.I was excited to meet the King's leader. I heard a lot about her. How she doubled the King's power overnight.As instructed I reached the spot on time. Surprisingly King's headquarters were not underground, or some shady place that makes you puke. Nothing you could imagine of a dangerous mob gang trend. It was a quite elite-looking mansion, surrounded by the forest as far as one could see.Nobody could set foot inside this place until they had ordered. The whole mansion was packed with tight security, both high-tech and physical. For the exact location, I wasn't sure either. They blindfolded me before throwing me in the car.They didn't remove my blindfolds until we reached the first check post. I was cramped in the car's back seat between two bulky guys.We got through the big metal gates which were guar
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Chapter -6 “Welcome To The Family”
After settling the Italian business, I was free to get back into my usual life. Yet not that normal. Only a bunch of people knew about my second life. Thanks to Evan, I could get the taste of mundane life without worrying about getting a bullet in my head. Apart from managing dangerous stuff, I lived the life of a 19 years old teenager, studying architecture and chilling out with friends in the evening. After collecting reports for a week and assigning new tasks, I called Kyle to handle from here: I’m going back home. Home? The King Mansion. The only place where I felt at ease. Yes, you heard me right. There was another King Mansion owned by the King family. This was the place where I bought first by Evan after he found me on the roadside. Evan was in the mafia business for so long and knew of the risk involved in it. Not just for the person getting his hands dirty, but also for his loved ones and family. To ensure his family’s safety, Evan planned a car accident tha
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Chapter -7 "Day One"
--------------------What was an epic fate, meeting two well-named gangs in one day? And the fun fact was, I got the job of delivering the dead body of one of the mighty ones by the order of another one. I should have posted it on social media. I bet it would hit a million likes. The person sitting in front of me in the van was another Romano. Brown hair, grey eyes, and fit built what an eighteen years old kid could have but the nerves of this guy, glaring at us as if ready to burn each one of us alive the moment we set him free. The Romano Family ruled the New York black market over the decades. Italians were the most powerful gang before Kings came into existence. Both gangs were known for their hatred for each other. They have been thirsty for each other’s blood for decades. Shit hit the fan when Evan kidnapped Johnson’s daughter (father of Ryker Romano and previous leader of Italians). Eventually, Evan King and Angelina Romano fell in love and married against the Ro
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Chapter -8 "Chocolate Brown Eyes"
I hopped off the yacht and stared at Mr. Karim, the head of the security services, made a silent gesture to leave me alone. Before pulling out my phone from my coat’s pocket and pretending to not pay attention to him. Mom sent him with me to ensure I didn’t run away like hell I could. I knew the consequences I would have to bear if I dared to disrespect her words and did something rash. And believe me, mom turned scary, not a sight you want to witness.“Forgive me, Miss, I received orders to guard you until you enter the college building. And you are not allowed to use your mobile phone either.” Mr. Karim stated in his perfectly professional voice, which irked me off. I gritted my teeth angrily yet nodded curtly while handing my cell to him, no matter how much I wanted to run off, but I knew better. With this man as my bodyguard, it was safer to do as told, at least for now, because Mr. Karim had a sickness of endless loyalty towards his boss.Mr. Karim moved ahead to open
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Chapter- 9 “Terrace”
As we reached the terrace, I shut the door behind me and took a moment to catch my breath.Damn Lisa and her muggers!I never understood why they couldn’t just focus on the task their parents were paying for: studying.Why not just live and let others live?This was the first time I interfered in college bullies' affairs. It wasn’t like it didn’t affect me seeing Lisa and her gang bully innocent people now and then. I just didn’t want to get involved and attract unnecessary attention, especially since my mother made it clear from day one that she didn’t want our family in the headlines.That was precisely why, despite our wealth, the King family avoided socializing. Angelina King despised us for having a social media profile, even.It may sound crazy, yet it didn’t feel weird at all. It was a small cost to live a normal life, so be it.“Are you… Alright?” I raised my head to look at the source of the voice.I was quite struck by the most alluring brown eyes I had ever seen
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