Little Miss Black is scared

“Luna, what's the matter, why're you crying?,”my mom asked coming into my room.

When I got home from the mall, my mom had tried starting a conversation with me but my mind was too blank to listen to whatever she was saying and when she had asked what was wrong, I quickly ran up to my room as more tears were threatening to spill.

“Uhm----listen dear, whatever it is, you have to find a way to deal with it because you're starting school tomorrow ” my mum added

Oh shit! I completely forgot I'm going back to that hell hole. Can't life get any better?

“I'll leave you now to deal with whatever you have to deal with ” she said.

How I wish you knew it was your oh-so lovely dad that started this mess am going through.

“The hell I will” I exclaimed. I'll definitely deal with grandad. My mum looked shocked before shrugging and leaving the room.


My alarm sounded so loud and interrupted my sleep.

The screaming banshee!

I slept late thinking of you-know-who. I quickly got up and got ready for school with all the will power I had left because trust me, even though I had good grades, I hated school. One of my dreams was to go to school and see it on fire.

Mom dropped me off after the usual‘stay out of trouble, don't trust the male species too much’ pep talks. I waved goodbye to her as she drove away and I stood in front of the tall buildings of ‘PRESTIGE HIGH. ’ This is where I spend the worse five hours of my life. I had AP calculus this morning, what a great way to start a first day. Note the sarcasm!

I heard the sound of a camera click and I turned around knowing who would do that.

“Luna!!! ” she screeched giving me a tight hug

“Uh-----lily, could you maybe move backwards? I can't breathe ” I said almost in a whisper as I was choking.

“Sorry” she chuckled “I missed you. How was your holidays? ” she asked.

“Spectacular ”

“You're being sarcastic again. C'mon tell me, what's wrong? ” she asked.

“I made new friends and I miss them. ” I said

“Oh” was her reply before we got our books and went to class.

I didn't really care if she was angry that I had new friends, I wasn't really ready for her drama and she didn't give me a call through-out the holidays, we didn't keep in touch. And she wasn't my problem right now, my problem was this hell hole I found myself in and you-know-who.


"Miss Black, what's the next step we're using?”

“Professor snape I swear on Voldemort's nipple, it was Ron's idea” I blurted out as I looked up at the professor.

“Uh......last time I checked, my last name was filch and you're really not concentrating, you've been zoning out. You better concentrate” he said while the rest of the class laughed at my statement.

“Now, can you all turn to page 287 of your textbooks?,” he asked.

I got out my text book and turned to page 287 and I saw a hand print on the page. I was shaken. When I looked back up, I was the only one in class, no students, no other chairs, just me and my chair and I heard scribbling. That's when I saw who else was there. Writing with both energy and speed on the board with his back turned to me was a guy writing just one word over and over again ‘Run.

“H--hee--llo---” my voice came out croaked and with this, he stopped writing and turned to me. It was prof. Filch but half his face was covered in blood and he had three slashes across the face like something really sharp nails would do. He tilted his head as he smiled and walked towards me.

“Little miss Black is scared” his voice was croaky and he had an evil grin on his face.

“W---what---d--do y--ou w--wa-nt? ” I stuttered. At this, his eyes went shades darker as he said

“Your life” and he ran towards me and I let out a high pitched scream closing my eyes....

“Miss Black? ” prof. Filch said and I opened my eyes to look around. Everyone's eyes were on me and their gazes were burning through me. What the hell just happened??

“Sorry” I mumbled quickly getting my things and hurrying out of class. I went out the school building and just kept running. I didn't know what was happening but I wasn't even feeling anything, I just kept running.

Moments later, I was in front of my house and I regretted my decision as no one was home and the front door was wide open. I dropped my back pack at the doorway and walked in slowly when the lights went out. Oh Great!!

I got out my phone and turned on the flashlight before climbing up the stairs, trying my possible best to be quiet.

I opened my room door slowly and it creaked, peering inside, I was startled when I heard a voice:

“It's about time you arrived”

My phone fell from my hands as I looked, she was there staring intensely at me standing in my room.

Did she really have to be creepy? I mean she left the front door wide open, what if a creature enters? Anything would have happened! Besides, what was she doing in my room?

“Aunt J--je--n--nny? ” I stuttered walking backwards and when I saw the evil smirk on her face, I knew she was amused at my fear for her so I planted my foot firmly on the ground and spoke, well confidently this time

“Why are you here? What do you want? ” I asked.

“We both know why I'm here ” she said walking towards me but I didn't allow her intimidate me as I rolled my eyes and remained still so she doesn't see the effect she has on me.

“You're next” she said and left the room.

Merlin's beard! She's back and it's not going to be good because she's going to remind me of my past.

This is BAD!!

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