Hasty Feisty

Hasty Feisty

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❝ CHECKMATE, NO ESCAPE. ❞ Despite the struggles of life and disappointment after the process, a waitress working in a well-known nightclub in the city opted to live a normal life with her stepmother after the mysterious disappearance of her parents without a trace. Growing older, hurdles and hassles have only been a speck of dust for her, and now, the curiosity of knowing more about the past she may not or may have forgotten starts to inflame like a fire in a wood, but what if between her searching, a criminal organisation became the hurdle in her life. Small pieces of puzzles come together, knowing she has another future to start, a different future ahead of her. A future she isn't expecting. Wagering her life for the forbidden knowledge, would she continue?

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100 Chapters
"I'm home!"I shouted as I opened the door, and there, sitting in the living room was my intoxicated stepmother, her head lazily hanging on the couch headrest while bottles of beer were scattered on the floor.The rain started to fall, luckily I was home in time."Mom Eri?" I sighed as I flopped down into the couch beside her, she then groggily woke up, she wiped her mouth as she drooled in her sleep, and I couldn't help but laugh."Tired from your previous customer?" I asked as I grabbed one of the beers at the table and flicked it open, gulping as Eri held her forehead and stood up, but her legs wobbled, making her sit back.My stepmother works as a stripper at the city's largest nightclub, and a huge amount of money was on the way, but my stepmother and I chose to stay in this apartment for a while. I started working as a waiter at the same nightclub when I graduated from college and came to the city to live with my stepmother and work a part-time job that is now my main source of
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"Hello?"I answered a customer's phone call. I was at the nightclub, working another shift, just the usual day, drunk customers, people stomping and dancing to the music, some probably making out at the corner of the club, and music pounding through my chest as there was a mix of red and purple lights everywhere."Yes, I'll inform the manager," I said nonchalantly and hung up. Another customer requested the reserved ordered beverages, which I was already used to, so I just did what I always did, informed my manager, delivered the right drinks, and returned to my shift, serving customers. It's almost like a cycle.Placing the drinks on the tray, I walked to the tables as I was serving some customers. My typical uniform consisted of a black plain t-shirt and a pleated skirt, but an apron that reached above my knees covered it all."Here's your order, sir," I said as I placed the drinks on their table."Allura," a feminine voice called me. I turned around and went back to the counter. It
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ch. 3 | FIRST STEP
"Mom!"I kept running along the hospital hallway, looking for my stepmother's hospital room, checking every room number while holding a phone to my ear and dialing a number."I-I don't know what to do... P-Please, I'm at a loss for what to do...!" Stuttering between breaths, I finally reached the room and opened the door to find my stepmother unconsciously laying in the hospital bed with many tubes stuck into her body and intubation in her mouth."I'll go there, just send me the location of the hospital." The man said. I hung up as I put my phone in my pocket and sighed, walking closer to the hospital bed.My nose scrunched as my eyes showed melancholy. It's indeed difficult to look at my stepmother there, laying on the hospital bed, her body bruised, her life on the line. I don't know what accidents caused these fatal injuries."You!" A woman in her mid-30s approached me and slapped me across the face with a hard slap. I was stunned for a moment in shock. I didn't even notice that so
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The aroma of citrus with coffee continued to permeate the room.Darkened gaze fixed at one of the photos on the wall.A smirk formed on one of the men's faces.Throwing a dart at the photo, it perfectly landed in the center."Hm. Not bad." Dominic hummed as the side of his mouth lifted, his mullet, wolf cut hair perfectly glistening from the moonlight.The men were at their own casino in their mansion, killing some time.The room was dim, with only the small casino lights at the corners and the city skyscraper providing light. Their mansion is at least several floors. It's large and modern looking, just enough for their needs.Each man has their own property, and they would leave the base at least once a week to spend time on their own homes and property. There was no doubt that each of these men was capable of owning such luxurious things, and their wealth could impress anyone.Just like how the Takahashi brothers are leading Roppongi, in full control."Her again? How long will you b
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"Mother...?"I mumbled weakly when I saw two shadowed figures in front of me."Dad! Mom!"Reaching for them, I could only move my other hand; it was as if my body was paralyzed, and I felt cold shivers on my skin as you desperately called out their names.In the spur of a moment, a light appeared behind them, the two figures you saw were slowly fading away, succumbing to the dark red light.Not just that they were shadows, but their faces were far more than visible.Attempting to scream, but nothing came out of my mouth, no sounds, nothing."Save us."You jolted awake, feeling a pang of ache in your head.Gasping for air, you just had a nightmare.I couldn't remember anything about it, and when I tried to close my eyes again to sleep, it didn't work, and I banged my head in frustration.Still, it was no more use now.Looking around, the place is different.It's not the usual plain white walls, popcorn ceiling, lanky ass apartment with paper scratched thin walls.This appeared to be mo
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The Regio. Japan's most sinister criminal organization. An organization where every crime was committed, passed through every member. One word that everyone fears in every felonious alliance in every area of Japan, maybe even far beyond the country. Wreaking havoc, as if they had lived through this line, which basically depicts them. They are more than inflicting mayhem. They were capable of everything, doing the impossible with a single flick of their finger, as long as it was under their command. Gangs, crimes, murders, and whatever else comes to mind, the so-called titles and images in a society that has an influence on everyone, one single action can easily induce anyone to commit these things. Nonetheless, none of them cared. They couldn't care less about how they were perceived. They couldn't care less about what other people think of them. They didn't give a damn what they were destroying. Even doing the impossible? Of course. Say, they are wealthy, with a variety o
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I can almost hear a pin drop.Every day for a week, the same thing; wake up, wait for the night, and sleep.The same view in the large glass window was displayed, with the sun rising, setting, and darkness creeping in as night fell.I'm almost suffocated by the room's boredom and silence.It was morning now, the sun rising as rays of sun gazed at my face from the large window beside my bed. The room is decent, it's large and spacious, but it doesn't matter, whatever place this is, I know damn well that it was surely owned by them.Yes, I haven't slept, or rather, I haven't been able to sleep. My thoughts have been devouring me since last night, and my eyes have been wide open as I look into thin air.Waiting for something, at least an update for who knows what I'm here for.Suddenly, a knock was heard on the door.The door then opened, then there, Lorenzo showed up, bringing a tray of food.Still ignoring him and avoiding his presence, as if he didn't just enter the room."Good mornin
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I'm currently in my room, dressing up as today is the day when I'll finally visit my stepmother in the hospital after a week."I accepted the offer..." I thought. "Meaning I'll get to visit my stepmother and maybe step outside for a while."The credibility is low, but Allura still has a glimmer of hope, like a little flame burning brightly in her heart, filling the void left by the past."Where is she? Why is she taking so long?" Leo groaned as he looked at his wristwatch. The men are waiting downstairs, except for Zacharias who handled some business."She's probably still changing. They always take longer. Get used to it." Lorenzo answered as he lit up a cigarette."I don't have time for this," Leo said."Neither do I," Toshiro said in ennui. "I better not see some minions in that damn hospital." "Security. Twenty-four seven." Lorenzo answered while making gestures after taking his cigarette out."I'll check her," Leo grunted as he went upstairs.Leo knocked on her door, but there
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I threw the paper on the wall, finding it useless."Gosh! Where did I put that?" I groaned as I looked back and saw that my room was a mess, clothes scattered everywhere with papers, pillows, and more.I threw a pillow recklessly, not knowing where it would land, then the door suddenly opened and the pillow flew straight to him. "The fuck-- Allura?" Lorenzo said, dodging as he caught the pillow."Oh," panic rose in my eyes. "Damn, didn't know you can do a headshot with a pillow." He bantered. I felt a slight relief from his tone, but then continued with my business.I just faced my back on him, walking away."Is it this one?" Lorenzo said while leaning on the door frame, lazily raising the photo in his hand."Thanks," I muttered as I walked back to him.I reached for the photo but I only grasped air as he immediately took it back, putting it in his pocket."What?""Come to my room first, I'll show you something and give it to you," Lorenzo said."I don't have time— You know what? Wh
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I entered the office-looking room, and everyone's attention turn to me as I entered."Ah, is she the new girl, something?" One man asked."Hi," I mumbled.I entered the area, which appeared to be an office, huge and spacious, with each cubicle containing at least five to seven people.But what stands out the most is that they were all wearing a mask. No, not a medical mask, but a mask that covered their entire faces for a reason that I don't know.Weird. I thought.The mask was black, with just their eyes visible, yet it was still difficult to see due to the thickness of the mask, which covered their entire faces."Yeah, that's what the boss told us." One man said as he motioned me to come near him. "Come here, we'll be guiding you.""Okay...""So, we'll first start on how you do this. Our bosses love this specific drink and serve—""Yeah, I already know how to do it. I've been doing this before." I said as I grabbed the items from the table.I poured the drink mixtures swiftly, skill
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