Her Pet

Her Pet

By:  Nee_mo2  Completed
Language: English
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Her Romeo wasn't a character from a Shakespearian play. Her Romeo was an "overgrown husky" with dark fur and yellow eyes that followed her everywhere- crazily, even into her dreams.

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omg, its perfect story! literally one of my favorites! please make a sequel!
2021-12-15 20:39:42
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Cassandra van Loon
i love it so far ...
2021-09-22 01:30:10
user avatar
Julia Nora
good story overall. by the way, do you have any social media to keep up with your readers?
2021-07-19 12:22:36
user avatar
Amy Shoemaker
great book
2021-04-02 01:16:39
user avatar
Sweet, soft, and short. If you are looking for simple and feel good this is the right one for you. Unconventional plot line that dosent have the usual milestones for this genre. It felt like the author changed their mind about the plot, but it did not have holes leftover so that’s good.
2022-01-06 23:10:23
user avatar
enjoyed the plot, could use some more storyline to drama. the ending was abrupt, and didnt really give me closure on the story. maybe add an epilogue?
2021-02-22 14:30:46
user avatar
Annie 75
Easy reading. Romantic and fun
2021-07-04 08:54:20
32 Chapters
Chapter 1
Pandora Williams is a small town girl who's in love with music and the road. She never stays in one place for too long because it may hold her captive and away from her freedom. She enjoys the feel of the wind as she drives down abandoned roads filled with dried grass and the horizon behind her as she heads towards the unknown. 
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Chapter 2
All my life, the only person that I had was my grandmother. We didn't live a glamorous life but we lived a moderately happy one. It was just she and I, ever since I was a kid. I have no knowledge of who my mother is, and honestly, I’m glad that a woman that selfish is not a part of my life. After leaving me with my grandmother since I was a baby, my mother was as good as dead because my grandmother become my mother.  
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Chapter 3
I don't know why I was here, at first I was driving around until I saw this cute little shack, with the words The Best Pet Store and I thought, "what the hell, let me go check it out". "Hey,
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Chapter 4
~~ Dream ~~ I took in a deep breath, enjoying the feel of the warm sun on my face as I sat on the balcony of a beautiful hotel in Paris. The Eiffel tower was literally just a full arms stret
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Chapter 5
"Is this your dog?" a lady asked me with an unbelievable laugh as she was walking past me. I stopped my singing, nodding and smiling at her. "Yes, he is," I looked at Romeo who was sitting r
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Chapter 6
I was lying in bed with Romeo curled up next to me. Or more like Romeo's body surrounding my body in a protective stance. It made me feel all safe and soft inside as I breathed in his smell. I had washed him with my strawberry shampoo and even though he had put up a bit of a fight, he calmed down when I kept telling him that he could smell like me because I loved the smell of strawberries. 
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Chapter 7
~~Dream~~ I could hear the sound of waves crashing, and I could feel the wet sand in between my feet. Humid air hit against my skin and I could feel the heat of the sun as though it were burning just above my head. I could hear the singing of the birds and the sound of breathing next to me.
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Chapter 8
Amelia was sitting on the floor with Romeo just a few feet away from her. She looked interestingly at him as though she was trying to figure something out about him. Her bright yellow hair was a mess and it was clear that she had just gotten out of bed. Even though it was 15:00, she rarely got any rest so I was glad that she was taking the time to sit with Lexy and I. 
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Chapter 9
"Wow, this is a pretty big dog you have," the male vet commented as he walked into the office but Romeo growled threateningly at him, "not very kind either." "I know," I sighed apologetically as I patted Romeo to calm him down, "he gets like this around some people sometimes. I'
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Chapter 10
~~Dream~~My senses were heightened and I could feel what was around me before I could even see. That's what was so truly amazing about these dreams, was how I was first made to sense before my eyesight was restored.
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