Chapter 7

Nerezza's Point of View

3 Months Later

Priamos had been right and my wishes had been dashed. The baby I had been carrying for five months now had turned out a boy. Just like his father, he was already strong-willed and hated almost any food I consumed. Made me throw up morning, noon, and night. Women had always complained about morning sickness but what they failed to tell you about was that it happened any time of the day.

I had lost nearly twenty kilograms just from throwing up. From barely being able to eat anything. Priamos had become a brooding mother hen who refused that I do anything. For fear of the baby, of course. But it was irritating being confined to one space all the time. 

The outside world carried on as if nothing was missing. Because nothing was. I had never been part of the world around me, hence, the world did not realize my absence. 

At least our shopping trip with Farren was today. During the school holidays, the girls were allowed outside to shop and mingle. But only once a week. Never more and never less. Priamos had sent her to the school in hopes of her gaining a better future than he had. Paid for it without question. He had yet to mention his mother but I never pried. He would tell me when the time was right. When he was comfortable enough around me.

My brooding mate had taken the day off to go out with Farren. The few times he had spoken to her about the baby, she seemed overjoyed at becoming an aunt. Gushed about how she would spoil the young thing rotten. I had a feeling I would like this girl. Enjoy her company more than staying indoors all the time. 

We were waiting in the car outside the mall when I laid eyes on the most angelique girl I had ever seen. Fine near bone-white hair. Stark blue eyes. The body of a pixie. Small and delicate. I let my jaw drop as she passed, her school uniform gripping her perfectly. One day, she would be seen as nothing short of a fairy. For now, she was just another child passing us.

"Farren is here!" Priamso exclaimed and gripped the door handle. I frowned at him and scanned the nearby crowd. There were no other girls in uniform. No girls at all, except for the one who had passed.

"Where? I don't see anyone." I said and Priamos chuckled.

"Are you looking for someone resembling me?" He asked with amusement. I furrowed my brow and nodded slowly. Another chuckle had me close to fuming. Pregnancy hormones were also a thing that I had never heard of. "She just passed us. Short. Petite. White hair." He explained. My eyes grew wide as saucers. 

"Are you sure you two are related?" I asked. Priamos only chuckled and climbed out of the car. He rounded to my side and I happily slipped out. My belly was growing and even getting out took a lot of energy.

"She is the fairer one in the family," When I gave Priamos a strange look, he shook his head and added. "It isn't my story to tell, Nerezza. Let us just catch up with her. Maybe the two of you hit it off greatly and she tells you about her life." I huffed at his reply but did pry deeper. Once he was ready, he would tell me everything. Just because we were having a child together didn't mean that he had to keep me in the loop constantly. 

"Alright. But the first whiff of the food court and I am bolting." I told him honestly. Priamos smiled and held out his arm for me to take. I graciously hooked my arm in his.

Farren wasn't far into the building when we caught up to her. Up close, she looked even more like a fairytale creature. Her hair was fine but thick and whipped around her every time she moved. Unlike Priamos, her hair was also straight. Even her skin was white. Much whiter than my own.

"Big brother!' Farren exclaimed and rushed towards Priamos. He unhooked his arm from mine. The two embraced for a long moment, Priamos lifting her slightly. 

"Little sister. You have grown a lot since your last semester. They are clearly feeding you well up there." Priamos commented. Farren rolled her eyes at him and looked toward me. Sparkling ocean floors, that's what I saw in her eyes. A blissful blue that would quiet anyone around her. 

"You must be the famous Nerezza. My brother has told me all about you," Farren gushed and took my hands into hers. "I hope this is the start of a wonderful friendship." She added and let go. I smiled back at her.

"From what Priamos tells me, which is very little, it sounds like we will get along splendidly," I replied. Farren giggled.

"Trust my brother to keep you in the dark about most things. He has always been a private person but I am afraid that it has gotten worst since we left Mexico." Farren mused and slapped her brother on the arm. Priamos winced, staring at the floor. 

Mexico. I had wondered endlessly where he had come from but he had never answered when I asked. Thank goodness for little sisters who loved disobeying their big brothers. It was clear that we were going to get on very well. Especially if we ganged up on Priamos together.

"You are a lot younger than I had thought, I must say," I commented and started walking to the closest baby store. We had yet to get anything for the baby. No clothes. No cribs or bottles. Farren gave a tinkling laugh and glanced at her brother to reply.

"She was the unplanned child. I am not the oldest but Farren is the youngest. She is thirteen, turning fourteen next year. Whilst I am-" Farren cut him off.

"Really fucking old!"

"Farren! Language! What would mother say if she heard you?" Priamos scolded. Farren stuck her tongue out at him. I laughed at the interaction. The exchange of happy siblings.

I never had any siblings. Wanted some my entire life. Growing up as an only child was lonely. Being an only child with rogue parents who moved around a lot, now that was much worse. Despite my constant begging, my parents had always refused. Which I now understood. Having more children would cost too much. Hell, just having one had already been a burden to them.

"So, what is the gender of the baby?" Farren asked as we entered our first shop. Priamos eyed Farren up and down. I hid my smile. He had wanted a baby boy desperately and now he had gotten his wish. But something told me that Farren had asked for a girl. Now that I thought back on the last ultrasound, I was just happy that I had a healthy baby.

"A boy," Priamos muttered and automatically started rubbing his temples. Farren's face went from excited to let down in a matter of moments. Then she whipped her head to him in fury.

"Just like your father. Only boys. Mother was lucky when that bastard passed away so she could finally have me. Now, you curse this amazing woman with more boys. As if the world needs more men." Farren huffed. I giggled at her antics. Priamos shrunk into himself.

Then her words struck me. His father, not hers. His father had passed away and their mother had moved on. Priamos looked less than thrilled about what she had said. "You don't share the same father?" I asked Farren, cutting Priamos out of the conversation completely. He frowned at me but I ignored him. He might still need time to open up to me but Farren was clearly more than willing to tell me whatever I wanted to know.

Fareen smiled up at me. "No, we don't, his father got killed in some gang violence and-"

"And my mother got knocked up by some gringo deadbeat who left our pregnant mother alone whilst he traveled back to his family in the United States. Now can we please let this talk go and actually find some things for the baby?" Priamos asked, an edge to his voice. I caressed his arm slowly and smiled at him.

His face was hard until he looked at me. Glanced down at my belly and smiled. "We don't have to talk about it. Not here and not now. But I want to know more about your life before you came to Makatza. I would appreciate it." I pleaded. Priamos nodded and smiled down at my belly.

"I will tell you everything one day but only if you tell me about your past as well."

"Then it is sorted. Let us get to our shopping then." Farren exclaimed excitedly.

She bounced deeper into the store. Her hair trailed behind her as she stopped by various stands. Examined the most expensive clothes and furniture. Priamos groaned once he realized Farren was going to choose the most expensive items. Just the best for her coming nephew. The thought that this child would grow up in such a loving environment made me smile.

After a few hours of passing into and out of various stores, Priamos' arms were loaded with goodies. Farren just piled on and Priamos happily paid. As if the two had done this several times before. I never interrupted them. Never told them what I would rather want for the baby. I was just happy to be this blessed. To have them by my side at this time.

"Have you thought of a name yet for the baby?" Farren asked from in front of me. She craned her neck around but kept walking to a different store. She wanted to get the baby some clothes.

"Conan," I said honestly. Priamos looked at me from the corner of his eye but remained silent. They chose the baby things and I chose the name. The compromise felt fitting. Farren smiled broadly at me.

"It sounds beautiful. Just like his mother."

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