Her Story

Her Story

By:  Aleka  Ongoing
Language: English
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“Do you understand that you'll ruin my mission? You claim to care about me! Well, this isn't the best way to show it!" I spit the words through gritted teeth.“First, I don't give a fuck about you. Secondly, you did the exact opposite of what I told you to do. Oh, and there is more, I can destroy your life in a split of a second, and make it a living hell. So think about your attitude before opening your dirty mouth.” His rumbling voice affecting my confidence.

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Julia Nora
can't wait for more chapter~ by the way, is there any social media that I can follow?
2021-07-17 11:08:21
25 Chapters
Chapter 1
The grip was strong enough for the intricate handle of the old, silver dagger to dig into my flesh, reflecting its model onto my palm.  Peeking from my spot around the corner of the shabby building, into the dark and filthy alley, I saw it. A creepy creature. His massive body hard to miss, yet somehow it took me almost two weeks and a path of eleven bodies to find him.  Knelling before his victim, he took down his stiff from layers cap and dipped it into the spilled blood of the poor human, whose throat was completely ripped out.
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Chapter 2
In the corner, furthest away from us, was a small trembling figure. I used the glamour at first but seeing her cowering even more I just dropped it. It seemed Tamor was right, and her vision was cleared a bit because she only slightly whimpered. Guess she saw some creepy fairies. I shut the door in Jade’s face and sat on the floor almost 5 meters away. The girl braced herself with slender, shaking hands, as if ready to be beaten. But her eyes never left mine. Brave of her. 
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Chapter 3
In less than a minute a high-pitched scream could be heard in half of the house.   Stupid pup.  Grumbling to myself I followed him.  Meanwhile, the entrance to her room was already crowded. Sure thing.
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Chapter 4
Sky POV  I wasn’t an early fairy. Never. My time was midnight, not evening nor dusk.  Nonetheless, I was awakened by a loud banging at my door, while it was still light outside.  Gods, just let me sleep!
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Chapter 5
  Unknown POV  Sweetheart, this isn’t a game for you to play.  Now the question is- Can I keep you away?&nbs
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Chapter 6
I saw the sun rays fading. It was almost time to wake up. Though I barely slept all day. My mind swirling with thoughts, questions, and speculations.  What can bind them?  Was Vadas indeed for this war? Or he’s just trying to answer Allaway’s expectations to get closer?  Or maybe&nb
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Chapter 7
“Nice to see you, dear uncle,” I exclaimed happily, throwing myself in his arms like a little girl.  “Well, it’s been a while,” Tamor replied, inspecting my expression for any hidden signs.  He took the role of Lylia’s uncle; thus, it was easier to infiltrate her in upper circles. 
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Chapter 8
With my thoughts about a hot bath, I headed to my room. The house was quiet, Jade must be still at the reception and Jocelyn asleep.  When I almost reached my room- a feeling of unease hit me. My heart hammered against my ribcage. Retrieving the dagger from my corset and slowly opening the door- I willed the lights on but it didn’t work. For a fae, my powers were miserably low but at least enough to turn on the light. As I thought about what to do-  “Come in already” thundered a deep male voice, s
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Chapter 9
    I went outside, luckily Ciel was still there. I decided to take him for a ride, we haven’t been together for a long time. It was almost noon, so the streets were mostly empty. Still, we took it off to the forest. Daytime was the safest for a walk there.    We climbed one of the mountains surrounding Celirium from the North. Up her
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Chapter 10
    I sit in that chair for a while. Why I’m feeling guilty after all? He is the one who broke into my house, threatened and insulted, and moreover kidnapped me.     I’m really an idiot after all. To let him manipulate with me in such an obvious way. I stormed after him.    When I passed through the entrance on the roof, which was large and well decorated as it was the main one, there was a large gallery before me. The walls were a black-blue color. And they were adorned with masterpieces. I gaped at all the beauty gathered th
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