Hidden Truth

Hidden Truth

By:  Kristian Cavalier  Ongoing
Language: English
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"So who would have a motive to kill Hailee?"". . .Me"~~~Vanessa Hawthorne. The one who always loves a good mystery. The one who eats sleeps and breathes a good thriller. The one who never thought her life would turn out this. . . Deadly.

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15 Chapters
Chapter 1
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a horror movie? Me neither, until the death of my best friend. My life was perfect until it all came crashing down. . .  I looked in the
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Chapter 2
 "Hey, Vanessa," Tyler says.I wave at him and quickly walk away from my friends. I head to my Physics class and take my seat. The bell rings, and a substantial amount of students walk in the room, including Tyler. He sits next to me, and I freeze. I scooted my desk away from his slightly.  
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Chapter 3
I hated that Tyler had this effect on me. I slipped my hand out his grasp, and I opened the door to leave. I stood outside pacing around Tyler's porch, I decided to call an Uber to take me home, for I couldn't stand being around Hailee or Tyler anymore. I heard the door open, and it was Derek, he glared at me angrily, his eyes piercing through mine.
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Chapter 4
We took our shoes off and dug our feet into the sand."This feels nice, doesn't it?" Tyler asked.
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Chapter 5
"He needs space that's all," "I've been
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Chapter 6
{Vanessa's POV} Perfect.
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Chapter 7
"Hailee's how old again?" "Eighteen," Derek said wistfully.
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Chapter 8
“That was Hailee, right?” she asked. “Yeah,” I sighed.
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Chapter 9
“Oh come on, don’t act so hurt now, we all know you have feelings for that bitch right there, so this all works out perfectly,” Hailee said while rolling her eyes.“Excuse me?!” I shouted.
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Chapter 10
“You were talking about how Hailee ‘wasn’t going to be my problem anymore’”“I’m sorry, I don’t remember that.”
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