The Last Saint

The Last Saint

By:  JAQY  Ongoing
Language: English
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This is a story set in a much advanced technology era where the machines and specifically robots have taken over the city.

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The Last Saint is a sci-fi novel by JAQY that involves the themes of crime, reincarnation, alternate universe, and cyberpunk. It is set in a more advanced technology era where machines, and particularly robots, ended up taking over the city, seizing control of everything. Follow the journey of Chester as he tries to challenge the machines and win against them to return things to normal. Will he be able to succeed? Read the novel to find the answer you are looking for.

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25 Chapters
Chapter One
Mr. Smith walked in, from the look on his face you could tell that something was a mess. Chester who was sitting next to his mother, stole a glance at her in amazement.Without uttering a word, she walked out of the room towards their master bedroom where her husband had headed to."What is the meaning of that!" Miss Lindsey confroted him as he stepped in the room.Mr. Smith didn't reply but just gave her a scornful glance which made Lindsey to step back. He removed his court and hunged it on a hunger and left again hurriedly towards sitting room where they had left their son in a world of thoughts.He stepped in like an angry lion, Chester in a frightful state, squized himself in one of the corners. Mrs. Lindsey had arrived and stood at the door in amazement looking at her husband, she had studied him in  a few seconds and noticed that he was boiling intensely with anger within which he was trying to hide from his wife and son."Hi dad," Chester starte
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Chapter Two
     Chester walked in majestically and handed an envelope branded with Havard badge, with much enthusiasm, Mr. Smith opened it as if not believing that his son has handed him an envelope from Harvard, the University which was of his own dreams. "Congratulations my son," Mr. Smith congratulated him, he could not hide joy that had spread over his face and covered up his pale face. The atmosphere in the room changed instantly, they started to plan on how their son will be moving to United States for his studies in one of the most prominent universities. "I envy you Chester," his sister said to him while moving to his place, "I wish it could be me.""You don't have to be jealousy because of your brother's success," Mrs. Smith intervened with a smile on her beautiful face, "life is not a bed of roses Chelsea, you have to work hard, I had always seen him work more, spending sleepless nights.""Yes mum, talk to her, she's ever slee
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Chapter Three
One of the teenage girls seemed to have noticed his presence, she reached out her hand but he was pushed back by so much force that she fell with a thud on the ground. "Help me pleeease," the girl screamed to him at the top of her voice. He advanced again towards the dome-shaped glass, to his surprise he made it through. When he entered the dome, the very first thing he saw was  billboard shinning in different colours with a female picture on it, the billboard displayed  a message 'WELCOME TO GORDON CITY, CHELSEA MYSTERIOUS LABS' He walked towards the billboard to have a clear look at the feminine figure, the name sounded familiar to him. "Chelsea! How is it that Chelsea has advanced in years so quickly," he sounded in mesmerized voice as he had a closer look at the lady on the billboard, she was a lady in her mid-forties having lab glasses and holding in her left hand and weaker smile on her beautiful face. 
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Chapter Four
 Before Chester could utter anything, they found themselves in a four glass walled building with all sorts of scientific equipment for carrying out experiments and tests of various types. It was all surrounded with cameras. Chester noticed a feminine who was was busy doing something, in incubators which were in that room, had humans who seemed dead from look of things. "There she is," Karen whispered to him, "miss Chelsea, your sister.""I don't have such kind of sister," Chester objected instantly."I have been waiting for you Chester, it's such a long time," the technician talked back at them without even looking at them.    Chester looked at Karen biwildered, he seemed confused by the statement of their companion. He looked all around and noticed that the building was guided by four huge robots which stood at the glass walls. "Who are you!" Chester asked, "and how did you know my name.""I am your younger sister Chels
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Chapter Five
     "Don't attack back," Chelsea retorted back, "but emit the hazardous gas at tank four to scatter them away.""Yes my lady," the speaker responded and them in no time Chester saw fumes brown in colour which was released at the center of the city. Chester saw people running away from the scene to save their lives, he saw some of them starting to collapse due to oxygen which had become scarce due to the emited fumes. "What do you think you are doing Chelsea!" Chester asked him in amazement as he strode towards her, "you cannot be doing this to the fellow humans."Before he could advance any further towards her, red ray lit the room into two which separated them, then all the four machines in the room their eyes turned red suddenly and before he could know what was going on he found himself floating in the air with four gigantic robots coming towards him. "Karen...," the name escaped his mouth as he gasped for the air. 
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Chapter Six
     When Chelsea heard that her parents were approaching, she pressed a certain button that made her machines invisible, this made his brother to be mesmerized after knowing that she was hiding something from them. She immediately cleared the mess which had been caused by the commotions when the robots were attacking Chester. Karen left immediately she had informed Chelsea of the coming parents, Chester went after her but he was stopped by his sister. "I think the old couples would like to see you brother," Chelsea informed him making him hesitate in his motions. "I think I will be back soon, let me have a word with Karen, I am not in the right mood because I have to get informed about something," Chester opposed her idea."Stop it brother!" Chelsea thundered in a commanding voice which made the whole room shake, this made Chester to cover his ears because of an echo caused by her voice and their parents who had reached the
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Chapter Seven
    "We had arrived to check on you our daughter in this city which is full of chaos, but it is good that your brother has arrived and he will protect you from this dangerous environment with big machines which roam around the city 24 hours doing harm to whom they term as inferior species of human," their dad notified them and then stood up from his seat ready to leave the premise. "What so you mean father!" Chester questioned in a dissatisfied manner. "It's ok son," Mrs. Lindsey intervened, "you have to take care of your sibling sister in this hazardous city or we will loss her to those machines.""But...""Yes dad, it's ok he is here right now. He will do what you have assigned him to do," Chelsea cut him short of words with a smile brightening her face, "or don't you love me anymore like you used to?!" "Of course he does my little queen," Mrs. Lindsey responded as she hugged him, "your presence in this room have just remi
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Chapter Eight
    Before even Chelsea who was busy working on one of her projects could answer, Karen stepped in speedly while panting like a horse in the matching race. "Johnson...Johnson...""Will you speak up or remain silent Karen," Chester alarmed in a dangerous tone while looking straight in her grey eyes. "Johnson street is on fire," Karen finaly found her words, "your machines are causing confusion the whole place.""What do you mean the whole street is on fire and my machines have caused whole havoc," Chelsea asked in a confused manner while looking at her brother whose attention have been caught by what Karen was explaining. "One of the robots had just taken a lad across the road when it stopped still in the middle of the railway line, an oncoming train passed over it making the other robots around to retaliate to the incident, to me it seems it had developed some mechanical problem.""You can see for yourself," Chester final spo
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Chapter Nine
   In no wasting of time, Chelsea removed her labcoat and they left the lab in a hurry, when they reached downstairs, they entered in a car and left at a terrific speed. When they reached the spot, it was still silence, she alighted and when to investigate on one of the machines which had been destroyed, she reached for it's head which seemed to hung off it's should using one of the cables to fix it but she was her attention was destructed by a missile that passed nearby and hit an overhead vehicle, this sparked anothe war which had been silence. She reached for her trouser pocket and removed a remote, she pressed a certain button and then a something which looked like a crystal covered them to act as a guard against the missiles which were being fired uncontrollably. Karen stepped forward to go and save one of the little children who was crying in the middle of the chaos, she seemed to have been abandoned by her parents or they were dead. "They are g
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Chapter Ten
     They got into their car ready to depart for the lab, but they were disrupted by an image of a masked man which stood right infront of them. Karen seemed alarmed and frightened at the same time, this made Chester to stare at her with a scary look. Karen moved and hid at Chester's back not wanting to have an eye contact with the image which had just emerged. "What happened miss Chelsea?!" The image asked in an angry and commanding voice. "I't know mr. President," Chelsea responded to his question in stermur, maybe because of the fear that had worn her like a gown which was written all over her face. "Is subject 79 ok?!" The image inquired. "Yes mr. President," Chelsea confirmed to him while bending down to inspect the robot which she was being asked about.      Chester looked all round and saw that all the screens in Johnson street were showing the image of the man whom C
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