His Arranged marriage

His Arranged marriage

By:  Melly  Ongoing
Language: English
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He needs a wife. NOW. With his hockey season on the line, he can’t afford any distractions. And a dating reality show is one huge distraction. But there's a surefire way to get out of this dating show contract. All he has to do now is get married. Even with a reputation like him–the Scottish bad boy of hockey–I'm confident I can find someone to play Mrs. Taylor Savage for a year. Like Becca Barnes. The one who got away. Too bad she hates me. But that's why she’s perfect for this arrangement. When her contract is dissolved. She gets the bakery of her dreams. Win-Win. She just has to live with me and pretend she loves me in public for a year. No strings. No touching (unless there’s a camera). No messy heartbreak. It’s sure to be a challenge because with the way I crave her, keeping my hands to myself might be harder than I intended. But he can handle the matter. Being married to her will be easy. As long as he doesn't fall in love with her along the way.

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5 Chapters
Savage“Let me in, lass. I need to ask you something.”She sighed. “Fine. I was about to take a coffee break anyway. Follow me.”We walked around the little house until we reached a converted garage, complete with a bakery truck with a logo splashed across the side that read BSB Bakery.The delicious scent of baked goods was stronger over here, and my stomach growled.“How do you stand it?”“Stand what?”“Working in these conditions? I’d eat it all and never sell a single thing.”She shrugged. “I like money.”“Fair.”Music blared from inside the garage-turned-kitchen, and I caught sight of Scarlett working with a piping bag, her brow furrowed in concentration as she decorated a three-tiered cake.“This is where you bake everything? And you sell out of that little truck?” I asked, disbelief coloring my words.“For now, yeah. We’re leasing a space downtown, but our entire kitchen needs to be gutted and redone.”“Sounds expensive.”She took a tight breath, that tension returning to her s
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BECCATaylor’s apartment was right in the city center. Not the top floor, but close, in a skyscraper I’d never even realized people lived in. When we got to the hallway, his eyes were drooping, fatigue clear on his face.He might not want to admit it, but whatever they’d given him at the hospital was doing a number on him now.“Give me your key, Taylor,” I murmured, putting his arm over my shoulders and wrapping mine around his waist.“I’m fine, lass. I promise. You don’t have to help me.”“I’m not helping you. I’m cold, and you’re keeping me warm. Does that make you feel better?”A low rumbled laugh escaped him as he fished in his pocket and finally produced the keys I had returned after parking his car.“Which one is it?”He gestured lazily to the door at the end of the hall.“Of course, it’s down the hall.”“Corner view. I can see the whole city. At least the parts I want to see.”“Athletes. All that money and you don’t know what to do with it aside from showing off.”“I know exact
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BECCAI woke with a heavy arm draped across my waist, the scent of Taylor Savage sending arousal through me. God, the man was sexy as fuck.“Don’t you move, lass? I’m comfortable. If you leave me, I’ll be cold, and you’ll have something else to feel guilty for.”I let out a soft giggle. “That line is getting old.”“You’re right. It’s outlived its usefulness.”“Ah, so you admit you were using it to your advantage. Milking it for all it was worth.”“It worked, didn’t it?” He tightened his hold on me, tugging me into his body.“Looks like it.”“Are you hungry?”“Are you offering to feed me breakfast?”“Of course I am. Coffee too.”I snuggled into him, the deep groan that rumbled from his chest making me shiver with longing. “I’m a lover of coffee.”“Mmm. I’d rather you be my lover.” And then there was the hard ridge of his erection pressed against my ass.Wow. There was potential for significant damage to be done if he knew how to use that thing.His lips trailed over my shoulder, the ro
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TaylorShe continued stroking me slow and steady, her hum of pleasure urging me on as I toyed with her swollen clit.“Does that feel good, lass? Tell me I’m giving you what you want.”“More. Inside me, please.”Her breathy plea had my release on the edge of spilling over. I dipped my fingers inside her heat, the tight clench of her slick muscles around me as my thumb continued working her small button of pleasure.“Fuck, you’re drenched.”“Your cock is so thick.”“Sweet talker.”“It’s never going to fit. I’ve never been with someone so big.”Jesus, I was going to come all over her hand before we could test that theory. “You’ve never been with someone like me.” I stared into her eyes and watched as she came. She fell over the cliff and shuddered, eyes fluttering closed.“God, Taylor.”“Fuck, if you don’t stop...” My words cut off with a groan as I did exactly what I had been worried about. I rocked into her hand, chasing every wave of pleasure as I came.“What was that?” The teasing to
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TAYLORShe walked toward me, her syrupy sweet smile telling me I was in big trouble. “You know what? You’re right. It’s not what this was. You and I had a good time, and that’s all. Thanks for the orgasm, Taylor. I’ll see you around.”I reached for her, needing to pull her into my arms so I could kiss the sass right out of her, but she jerked away.“No. I’m going home. Like I should have done last night.”“Come on, Becca. Give me a chance to prove it to you.”“The only thing you’ve proven was that you’re the player I suspected you were from the start.” Tugging open the door, she shook her head. “I’m not interested in that. I’m not someone you can toy with. Goodbye, Taylor.”She left me standing there, the echoes of her voice ringing in my mind, the sweetness of her perfume lingering in the air.I pressed my palm to the doorframe and let her leave, determined to win her over and show her we’d be good together. One way or another.“Fuck it,” I muttered before running after her.I caught
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