His Heartless Love

His Heartless Love

By:  R Soha  Ongoing
Language: English
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~Ved ~ I am Ved Singh Arora, the CEO of Arora Group of Industries They call me arrogant, ruthless and proud womaniser. But I don't care because it is true. Women adore me and men wish they were me. The words 'sweet' and 'gentleman' are not even in my dictionary. I am a devil and I have no plans to change........................................... ~Ella ~ I am Ella, an ordinary girl with a beautiful family and a sweet boyfriend who is a perfect gentleman. What more could a girl wish for? My life is perfect! ********** What would happen when the arrogant billionaire Ved Singh Arora sets his eyes on Ella, a sweet beautiful girl who was content with her life? Ved always got what he wanted and what he desires now is the beautiful Ella. Would Ved destroy her perfect world or would the heartless billionaire learn the meaning of love? Follow the journey of Ved and Ella filled with hatred, obsession, romance and love.

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33 Chapters
I trembled and every muscle in my body clenched. Heat, sweet exploded through my veins and I screamed as I tightened breathing out a series of moans as he kept thrusting his monster cock in and out of my pussy. I wanted to tell him there, right there I need him. And don’t stop, please don’t stop. Just keep it harder but all that came out was a cry of pleasure.I should hate all of this. I should feel disgusted about all things he is doing to me. Bending down me on his bed, arching my hips to him and fucking me like a damn poor animal. But no, my body is liking all these dirty things he is doing. At this moment nothing coming to my mind other than the pleasure he’s giving.His hand connected on my ass with a hard slap, dragging me out of my thoughts. I felt a slight sensation of pain there, where he just hit on my ass but a sweet pleasure kind of pain which made me hotter, wetter and more need for the end.He pulled me back to him and drove into
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ONE - First date
Ella POV - " Ella!!! Ohhh my my...myyy God!!! Did you finally say yes to Simon? Like seriously! Wait...tell me first, when? Where? and how? " Here I'm getting late on my first date and there my best friend Lucy has been excitedly yelling the same line for the last fifteen minutes over the phone. She is totally flip out of the fact that I'm finally in a relationship. By the way, it's actually a strange thing that I have accepted Simon's proposal. It's been two weeks since I said yes to him. He is two years senior of me and we are good friends since childhood...umm more than good friends. From the first day of my school, we were very good friends until today. Now maybe our relationship has changed a bit from a good friendship to another level. But I'm still not sure if I did the right thing accepting his proposal. I mean we are good friends… It's like very much okay, but to be in a
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TWO - An unspoken feeling
Ella POVHeaving a deep sigh I headed towards the living room with my little sister Lily. There Simon was sitting and having fun chats with my uncle. My aunt was first who noticed me and came to me having her loving smile on her face. " Awww... My daughter. You are looking like a most beautiful angel. My god save you from all evil eyes." All I can only give her a nervousness filled smile nodding my head. As soon as my aunt finished speaking uncle got up from his seat and said with a laugh. " Here our princess came. Now hurry up you both young birds. Enjoy your date. And Simon you have to take good care of my daughter, otherwise, I'll break your legs"All people in the leaving room started laughing including Simon. My uncle and aunt were very happy when they got to know that I and Simon are in a relationship, which I had never expected from my family, at least not that easily as they did. I know, they are long known fo
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THREE - Never forget Angel !
Ved POV – I captured those pairs of tempting lips with mine. The sweetness of those lips spread in all over my mouth making my mini member twitch in my pants. Fuck! She is as sexy as hell. I had never lost my control as I did today in the first glance of her. Now at this time, I should have been in a meeting with my multinational project partners but this girl seduced me with her most charming simple yet most sexy looks. Which looks were not for me but for that boy. When I was almost about to go for my meeting there she was holding a kid's arm came out of the front elevator. Yes, he is a kid in front of me. In that sleeveless white short knee-length dress, she was Looking like a sexy angel who has just landed on earth from heaven.A perfect brunette, having waist-length deep brown hair and large blue eyes, having a tendency to open up a person’s face and often giving the feeling of warmth and passion of her while
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FOUR - Devil wants the Angel
Ved POV -As soon as I came back, found that Sid was waiting for me on the same spot where I left. “You just kicked out the biggest deal of our company! Have you lost your mind? Ved! It was a great opportunity for us to make those dealers on our side. They have waited for you for the whole two hours and you were after that chick!! What's wrong with you, have you got bitten by a dog!“Rubbish! I know what next he was going to say, not listening to him I ordered as I walked past on him towards my presidential room."Watch your fucking tongue Sid and go find out about that girl.”"Are you kidding! You're not still over of your playing? You were with that chick for the last half hour. Don't tell me you both did nothing, and I know how quick fucker you are so I'm not going to believe you either. Half hour for a slutty chick is more than sufficient for you." He barked rolling his eyes on me.Only he has that fucking capabil
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FIVE - His kiss was fascinating
Ella POV -“Never forget!! You are mine Angel, from this moment. You are marked as mine. Only mine.“ it was the last sentence as he left me alone, puzzled and shocked. What the fuck was all that. That asshole forcefully took my first ever kiss and I’m as a deaf, let him do what he wanted to. Now it all feels disgusting thinking of How I gave him my wilful access. Kissing him back. I wanted to resist him. I wanted to be exceptionable. But at the same time, I was caged in his claws of dominance. Bounded by his horrible still luscious and enthralling lust. His kiss was fascinating, which made me lose all my self-protection only to get lost in his passionate kiss. The fragrance of his body was like fire to my arousal making me feel dazed, making my body hot all-overs… it’s all seems like a fucking joke, that how I was feeling for an evil bastard, who was humiliating me in a lonely dark corridor. And I hate him
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SIX - Horrible nightmare
Ella POV -As soon as Leely went out of my room, I put on my panty and shorts and jumped into my bed and closing my eyes I waited for sleep to come over me. It was really a bad day for me, how can such horrible things happen to me. Wish it was a dream when I woke up in the morning. God knows when and how I fall asleep after this disgusting incidents but not long after I  have slept, I felt a pair of lips was being pressed on mine trying to insert his tongue in my mouth. I opened my eyes to see a Greek god-like figure of a man in front of my eyes, he was staring like he is going to swallow me whole. It’s all deep dark in the room but still, I can feel his haughty expression and his dark looks. He was dissatisfied with my protests, he again bends down to my face and kissed my lips and tried to put his tongue in my mouth. When I didn’t respond to the kiss those lips started to kiss all over my face, including eyes nose tips
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SEVEN - Swollen lips
Ella POV - “ You are becoming insane Ella you are, seriously acting like a fucking crazy slut. How could you dream of something so erotic and wet dream that someone, even whom face you never had seen and who is actually a crazy beast who stole your first fucking kiss, that psycho was having sex with you. Damn it! Enough Ella, you are really getting horrible thoughts from the last evening. Your mind has been freaking captured by him and also it’s the effect of not being in a relationship. “ I shouted to myself. “ But something suddenly came to my mind and I felt hysterical again. Wait… Why those feelings we’re like so much real? I could still remember the warmth of his body and his lips. What he did to me and to my body with those lips and his tongue. I am getting goosebumps all over my body recalling of what he had done with those nasty lips, tongue and fingers. And figu
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EIGHT - Surprise from Lucy
Ella POV -Traffic is a bitch in Delhi city, to begin with. Even at this early morning, everyone in a rush to get out of the city and home to the suburbs, it was gridlocked for hours. My college is just a kilometre away but I have already missed my first class. “Sir please stop the taxi here, my college is not too far from the stops, I’d like to make the trip on foot.” As soon as the taxi sir stopped I got off the taxi and left after paying him his amount. I made fast steps to reach for my destination early. I have to attend my second class on time. Now I’m regretting not accepting the ride from Simon. He never makes me late. He is also the punctual boy of his class, no matter how much rush on the Mumbai trafficking, he'd the shortcuts and cleanest roads to not get stuck on the traffics. Which is not possible in taxis. Shit, the slight pain of my abdomen. I reached at college within fifteen minutes breathing hard. 
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NINE - They gonna get engaged
Ella POV -I was totally flipped out of my mind as I took the rose from him. I didn’t know my eyes were moist until Simon put the ring on my left ring finger and rubbed his thumb lightly on my cheeks to wipe away those tears. And the next moment his lips were on me kissing softly. “Oh…God, Ella. I love you… I wanted It for on our first date.” Simon whispered on my lips kissing smoothly and slowly so much different from that forced kiss of that psycho stranger. But why it’s not feeling right to me. He is my boyfriend, his touch should melt me as that stranger did. Then why I’m not feeling that passion which I should. Why kissing him making me uncomfortable to extend. For God sakes, Ella stop thinking this nonsense.  Simon stopped kissing as the crowd started making noises louder than before otherwise for sure I was going to push him away. As he parted from me, my uneasy feeling vanished somehow and I ga
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