His Menace Alpha

His Menace Alpha

By:  Grace Vine   Ongoing
Language: English
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No one expects their Alpha to be a woman but Sophia White won't tolerate even the slightest disrespect.. she had been nicknamed the menace Alpha for her strictness and other clans won't dare come near.. After being rejected by her first love years ago, she has sworn off men and is ready to show them hell.. especially the lone wolf who claims to be her mate.

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9 Chapters
Sophia pov.I watch Alex smile at Mira...genuinely smile. He whispers something in her ear and the both of them laugh. He never looks at me that way. He even called me sister. He gently takes one baby from her, letting her hold the other. He rocks her gently as If she'd break if he added any more effort. I want to hate Mira, I really do. But I can't. After everything, Alex asked for my head, and he was going to have it, but Mira stepped in a pleaded, for a lesser sentence.Alex decides that rejecting and banishing me would be the best. Mira did infact, invite me to the ceremony, but I can't show my face in front of all these people, who know what I did. It would be too shameful. Alex never saw me as anything more than a sister. One time, I even tried to seduce him and he avoided me for the next two weeks.. I thought that maybe, one day, he'd eventually give in and marry me. I'm the only woman that was ever at his side. I was there for him through his darkest times. Here he is,
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Sophia pov.“The wolves were really big. I didn't think I'd be able to right them off, but it seemed like the more the cane, the stronger I became. I had been taking a walk when I heard a scream of a young child. She was being attacked by wolves and they looked really hungry. I sprung into action, taking my wold form and standing in front of her. I felt really alive while fighting. When I had dealt with them, I turned back to make sure the little girl was okay.I started walking away, thinking she would be afraid of my wolf form, but she stretched out a hand and I brought my head down. She used her little arms to wrap me as far as they could go and she said,“Thank you, my Alpha."I wake up with a jolt and squint my eyes at the sunlight. A sudden knock on my door, frightens me further. “Come in." Sam and Sunny walk through the door.“You idiot, I told you we should have waited a while longer. You woke her up!" Sam whisper yells at Sunny. “No you didn't. Stop acting so smart. Yo
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Sophia pov.A large crash woke me up again, and I sat upright on my bed.I looked up to see Sam and Sunny at my door, with Sunny holding a tray with food, and Sam just standing there. It seemed he was the one who dropped the tray.“Forgive this clown. My mum said since you'd be too weak to come down for dinner, we should bring dinner to you." Sunny said and placed the tray down on the bed before me.I loved the way Aunt Kathy made her chicken. My cousins left me to eat, fortunately, and soon enough, I was done eating. I took the tray downstairs and met Aunt Kathy clearing the dining table.“Has dad eaten?" I asked her.“No" she said sadly, “He barely eats. Ever since he got sick." That wasn't right. He had to eat to make sure he sustained himself. “Aunt Kathy, are there any leftovers?" I asked her. She handed the tray to me and I walked into dad's room, placing the tray at the side of the bed. My dad turned his head, and smiled when he saw me. “I smell Kathy's chicken." I kne
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Sophia pov.Life went on as usual, and things settled down in the house. My dad was still trying to stay alive for as long as he could. It was quite obvious that he was using all his strength to push his life further, but he was getting weaker. I was outside with Sam and Sunny, weeding our garden when Aunt Kathy ran up to us, and even without her saying anything, I knew what her facial expression meant. “Your dad is calling everyone. It's time." I immediately dropped everything I was doing and ran into my house to see my father. I rushed to his room and held his hand. He smiled when he saw it was me and my brothers. Aunt Kathy, Uncle Tim and Uncle Fred were already there. He pulled me down and whispered in my ear.“Its up to you now. I believe in you. Watch out for your brothers. I and your mum will always be there for you."“Dad, what's your last wish?” I wanted to give this chance to him.My dad smiled and said, “I wish I could transform into my wolf, one last time. I would
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Hugh’s pov.“C'mon Adele looks like Alex. She has his brown eyes." I had been arguing with my sister for the past 15 minutes, trying to convince her that Alex didn't have the power to change her baby's eye color, just so she'd look like him. “No! I'm her mother. She should look more like me."“Anita has your looks though.” I tried to console her. “But it's not enough." She whined. I was about to say something to her, when we heard a knock on the door. I went to the open the door and I saw one of the Alpha's escorts.“The Alpha would like to see you." He said Amy walked away. I told my sister I would be back soon, and I walked to Alex's office. I knocked on the door and went in. He was focused on whatever he was reading, I don't think he even noticed me walk in. “Alex, you asked for me."This seemed to snap him out of his trance, as he looked up sharply at me and then sighed. “Yes, I did. Take a seat." He gestured to one of the chairs. I took a seat across him and he continue
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Sophia“I will take over my from my father. That was his dying wish! If you old men have an issue with it, you're free to leave the kingdom." I screamed at the elders who had decided to call me out here to talk crap.“You're not of age yet. We understand your father wished that. He was on his dying bed after all, he may have been talking out of the urgency of the situation." One of them said. The fact that the others agreed to it, just angered me the most. But I had to call down. Any rash decision or word I made or said, could be used against me. I took a deep breath and placed both my hands on the table.“I don't know what you people think of me, and as a matter of fact, I don't care. But I'll tell you this. I will succeed my father. And that is the end of that."I walked out of the the room angrily. Still feeling down over the death of her father, she wasn't ready to face opposition from the people. I walked right into her house, flinging the door open. I was so angry that I igno
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Sophia.I was walking to my Aunt's room. She had told me earlier, to see her after breakfast.I knocked on her door and walked in.“Aunt, what's up?" She looked up from her phone and patted the spot beside her.I sat down and waited for her to talk. “I want to tell you something. Something that I hope will change your way of thinking, and will help you understand what I've been trying to say . When I was your age, I was so in love. Well, mostly in love with the idea of being in love. But my mate wasn't coming forth, so I fell victim to a guy who I thought genuinely loved me. He was always there for me, always available, caring, loving, defensive. He was everything I wanted in a man. The only flaw in him was the fact that he wanted sex. I didn't. I wanted us to be married first, because I felt it was more honorable that way. One day, he had his friends over, and he knew I didn't drink, but he forced me to have a glass. A while after I drank, I felt really dizzy. The last thing I r
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Sophia pov.“I wonder who could have done this to her." I heard Aunt Kathy's voice say. Someone held my hand and kissed it. “Thank you, Hugh. If you hadn't been there, what would have happened to my baby?" The pain in my shoulder was getting worse. I stirred and opened my eyes, squinting as much as possible.“She's awake." Aunt Kathy stood over me, letting her hair fall close to my face. “Sophie?"I opened my mouth to talk, but my throat was so dry that all that came out was a cough. Aunt Kathy passed me water, so I drank from it.Sam and Sunny came to my side and helped me sit up straight on the bed.“What happened? I feel like I've been hit by a truck. " I was finally able to say “You were attacked. Some men tried to kill you on your way to the Elder's house. But Hugh found you. He saved you." I knew what Aunt Kathy was trying to do, I just didn't like it. I looked at her and she nodded with hopeful eyes, obviously hoping that just this act of Hugh will make me agree to thei
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Mira's povI sat outside, with the twins in my hand.We had been inside all day, so I brought them out for some fresh air and sunlight.Then I saw Alex, speaking…shouting rather, at Gray, his Gamma.“Why hasn't Hugh reported back anything yet? He's been gone for two weeks already! What's he doing over there?!"He was shouting so loudly, I could see the veins in his neck.Ever since this whole Sophia issue began, Alex had been behaving strangely.He no longer gives me attention, barely takes care of the kids, barely speaks to me, he's not my Alex anymore.He walked out on Gray, and stormed past me like I wasn't there.“Alex?" I called his name when he got to the back door.He sighed loudly, and walked back to me.“What? I'm busy, Mira." He said, looking down at his phone. “You're always busy for me, but you're never busy for Sophia." I said softly.He looked up from his phone and frowned at me.“What's that supposed to mean?"“Ever since you sent Hugh over to Sophia, you've been restl
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