The Blackwater Wolves: The Reluctant Luna

The Blackwater Wolves: The Reluctant Luna

By:  Violet Angel  Ongoing
Language: English
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Willow Howard had a tough life— growing up as the only human in a town full of Wolf Shifters wasn’t easy. Good thing she always had her best friend and crush, Owen around to protect her when things got rough. When she got the chance to leave town for college, she left and didn’t look back—until she got a call that changed her life forever. Now Willow is back in Blackwater, back to being surrounded by shifters, and there’s an unsettling murmur around town. There’s a competition for the next Alpha, and resident bad boy Rune White is top contender. He’s cocky, rude, and downright gorgeous, but being back has ignited feelings Willow forgot she even had. Now it’s Owen against Rune in more ways than one and Willow is thrust into a life she forgot she even had and named as the new Luna of the pack. Pack law is different and Willow finds herself unable to resist the pull of her new mate as secrets about her past start unraveling. Where are her parents? How can she have a mate if she’s not a wolf? Who is Willow really?

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7 Chapters
Chapter One: Back to Blackwater
Willow My heart dropped to the floor when I got the phone call. In an instant, everything came rushing back, memories I’ve somehow forgotten over the years. My heart began to race as visions of a small town in Pennsylvania flashed before my eyes. Forgotten stories played in my mind and I had to steady myself on the counter with one hand when my knees buckled. My other hand gripped the phone so tightly I was afraid it might break. “Willie? Willie are you there, sweetheart?” Artie’s deep voice snapped me back to reality. Had it really been seven years? “Yeah... yeah.. I’m here.” I bit my lip as tears began to fall from my blue eyes so suddenly I didn’t notice them until they were streaming down my cheeks. There was a pause on the other line and then a sigh. “Sweetheart, I think you should come back to Blackwater.” When I didn’t respond he added “it’s what he would’ve wanted.” I stared out the window of my small New York City apartment on to the busy streets below. He was right. I k
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Chapter Two: A stranger
Willow“Hey! Knock it off you two!” I pushed harder, but they both grew stronger than me. Back then, I could easily keep the two young boys apart, now they were too strong. Owen and Rune were always at each other’s throats and I was always there to step between them. It’s shocking that they both didn’t kill each other after I left. This is really not good. “When I am Alpha, you’ll never be able to touch her again,” Owen’s nails grew longer and sharper as they dug into the bar. “She’ll be under my claim and my protection.” That made me stop pushing them away. “Wait.. what?” They ignored my shocked exclamation. “Not likely. I will beat you, like I always do and like I always will.” Rune was no longer angry, he was calm and collected. He turned to me and smirked. “And when I am Alpha, she will be under my claim.” I turned to Rune. “What the hell are you talking about?” He smiled and it looked almost genuine. If I didn’t know any better I would say there was warmth in his eyes. But
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Chapter Three: Mr. Green
WillowI don’t remember making it upstairs into my bed, but that’s where I woke up. I groggily woke up and wiped my eyes. My first thought was that this wasn’t my New York City studio apartment but then the memories all came crashing back. Papa. The bar. Rune. Owen. I quickly rose from bed and opened my suitcase, rummaging around for something to wear. I changed into a pair of skinny jeans and a black blouse and headed down the stairs, not bothering to zip it up. I heard footsteps and froze in the hallway. Oh my god. There’s someone in the house! I frantically searched around for something I could use as a weapon and settled on an old candlestick that Papa bought one day at a yard-sale. I walked into the kitchen with my candlestick above me head ready to strike. Owen was there, holding a spatula and dancing to some popular song playing on his phone. He turned to me and raised a brow. “What is this, clue? Miss Scarlet in the kitchen with a candlestick?” I laughed and dropped the
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Chapter Four: Layla
Willow“Willie! Oh my, you are so beautiful!” Landon cooed as he enveloped me into his strong arms. His embrace reminded me of what occurred outside between Owen and I just a few minutes ago and I felt my face heat up. “Papa would be so proud! You’ve grown up!” He released me and I was able to get a good look at his face. Landon aged in the seven years that I was gone. His dark brown hair was specked with grey and there was slight wrinkling around the crow’s feet of his deep green eyes. He was handsome even in his older age and his sharp jawline was still pronounced, even as it was covered in dark stubble. Landon White reminded me too much of his arrogant son that I had to take a step back and remind myself that I was staring into the kind eyes of the older Alpha and not Rune White. “Thank you.” Landon White was kind man in his early fifties. He always took a shine to me and often let me get away with kicking his son’s ass when he was being a real prick. I admired him. He was a str
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Chapter Five: Rune
RuneWillie Howard. Damn. She grew up. I smirk to myself as I bring a glass of aged whiskey to my lips. I savor the amber liquid as is burns it’s way down my throat and settles warmly in my stomach. I never thought I would see that blue eyed spitfire again. She grew out of her baby fat and into the face and body of a woman. Fuck. I could feel my jeans tightening at the mere thought of her body. Her perfect breasts. Her round ass. Her pouty lips. Oh the things I can imagine those lips doing... After the full moon, she will be mine. Mine to tease. Mine to hold. Mine to fuck. After the full moon, Willie Howard will belong to me completely and I can’t fucking wait. Willie is a piece of forbidden fruit and I can’t wait to take a bite. I frown. Of course, there’s still the matter of her little puppy dog. He’s going to be a problem. He is challenging me for Alpha but that isn’t what worries me. No. What worries me is that clearly, Willie is in love with him. I slam my empty glass down o
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Chapter Six: Saving You
Rune“Open your eyes, coward!”My head snapped to the sound of Layla’s voice. She was pissed off. I haven’t heard Layla that angry since he last fought with Willie in high school. My blood turned to ice in my veins. Fuck. The only person that ever managed to anger Layla that much was Willie. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I began to sprint down the sidewalk. I dodged other Pack members as I weaved toward Layla’s voice. My blood rushed in my ears and I felt my heartbeat quicken. Adrenaline surged through my veins as I ran. “Not so tough now, are you bitch?” “Shit,” I cursed under my breath. She’s really angry. I have to make it. I have to be faster. I turned the corner and stopped dead in my tracks. There was Layla, standing next to Owen’s truck, staring at me with wide eyes. She was mid-transformation and her hands were wrapped around Willie’s slender neck as she dangled in the air and clawed to Layla’s grip.
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Chapter Seven: Strange Happenings
WilllowI am absolutely mortified as Rune carries me down the street. Other Pack members snicker and gossip as we pass. They avert their eyes and begin to speak quietly. A group of younger teenage boys whistle at Rune who shoots them a glare. I am completely confused and embarrassed as to why people are acting this way. I look up at Rune and there is an unrecognizable expression on his face. Is it pain? It sure as hell isnt embarrassment. “What’s going on?” I ask, motioning with my hand to all the snickering bystanders. I’ve never seen the Pack act this way. Something flashes in his eyes, another emotion I can’t place and he purses his lips as he stares down at me. In a moment, his expression is replaced with another cocky smirk. “Nothing doll, they’re just excited for the Alpha contest. I’m sure you’ve heard about it?” I hesitate to answer. It seems like he’s lying. This would make sense, since it’s not surprising coming from him, but lately it feels
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